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  1. Darchs added a post in a topic Insane RNG   

    Lol, was actually watching that vid last night.
    Dude deserved it though after this happening previous day though 
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  2. Darchs added a post in a topic ORWEN - Node War History   

    I know they've fallen but if this is orwens node history should at least mention laughing coffin
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  3. Darchs added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance September 21st   

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  4. Darchs added a post in a topic Black Desert Salt Thread   

    Can't tell which one is supposed to be the salty one
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  5. Darchs added a post in a topic Strange, nobody pointing that the Equipment Tailoring Coupon is P2W, getting used to being milked already?   

    so what costume is the one people keep talking about?
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  6. Darchs added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance September 14th   

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  7. Darchs added a post in a topic The Awakening Video!   

    here is pvp the pet ai is literally dumb as a rock.
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  8. Darchs added a post in a topic Heilang vs Witch Pet   

    seriously the witch pet AI is a -----ing joke. just skim through this vid. the sorc completely rekts her every time she stops playing brainlessly.
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  9. Darchs added a post in a topic The Awakening Video!   

    Oh yeah, how could I forgot about a limited edition skin. 
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  10. Darchs added a post in a topic The Awakening Video!   

    would most likely only be with the new awakening outfit, and guille if were lucky, similar to how warrior gs only changed with goyen and guille 
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  11. Darchs added a post in a topic The Awakening Video!   

    On one hand i really want wiz to have the snap, so i can weab out like roy mustang BUT i feel i could do much more immersion if he clapped his hands together instead, especially when following up with earthquake
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  12. Darchs added a post in a topic PVP is bad   

    lol the people that want the lvl50 quest like kr don't realize how good na has it. Once you take that quest on ONE char your whole family is able to be pkd regardless of level
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  13. Darchs added a post in a topic How to get better?   

    well if you don't post your class, gs,skillbuild , item loadout or what food/buffs you run not much people can do to help. All i can say is you can practice pvp in the arena.
    edit: also would be nice if you posted what classes you struggle against in owpvp, unless it is all of them?
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  14. Darchs added a post in a topic Just some newbie Wizard questions   

    Posters above me are just regurgitating info they hear,doubt they actually play the class much.
    Wizard can be lethal 1v1, especially with sages memory metor/ ult blizz cheese. People that say wizard will always lose 1v1 either fight outgeared  and/ or just need to get good. 
    I would check out this guy from kr youtube channel (you can skim through the vids, because fights are fairly long) where he does 1v1s against all classes (and they have similar gear or better than him) especially the vids vs awakened warrior and valk because no, he doesn't always win but he shows it IS possible to beat some of the top tier 1v1 classes in pvp.
    edit: forgot to link channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufszy6Gi6PY
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