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  1. hZaer added a post in a topic Anyone know which armor this is? (Dark Knight)   

    Ok. Close, but a different armor, you are right.
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  2. hZaer added a post in a topic Anyone know which armor this is? (Dark Knight)   

    I used yesterday on my DK. I check the correct name ingame, need 10 minutes.
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  3. hZaer added a post in a topic Anyone know which armor this is? (Dark Knight)   

    Roccaba Armor.
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  4. hZaer added a post in a topic Is this game still p2w?   

    Cats and 10% xp, Convenience... End game armor, P2W.
    You are a Sith,
    I guess that we are the traitors. ( And I guess that you have to kill the Apprentice Children, all of them. They ar P2W if alive? You said yourself,   "Its just a matter of time" blah blah blah...)
    I lwill try a better drink. I know, I'm asking for troubles. No more pillages, i ncendies or nude screenshots, I promise. 
    I learned      P2W = endgame armors cashshop.
                    Convenience = some invntory
    Ok. This game is half P2W,  
    And some Pay to convenience. Pack is obviosly a disguised monthly subscription. And I hate particulary the 2 little villages with some of the best bank investments... Artisan memories..  OK, this part clearly P2W if used for money. 
    But you have to know that the strongest players get the best equipment now on event lol, and particulary when they farm 8 hours a day, and when they get part of this with their intelligence (speculation, life skills,) and a lot of things, before trying TET enchants. Not an obligation, but the P2W part of this are the artisan memories if used. 
    And sorry, against them, real money is not enough to change anything.
    Atm BDO is not totally P2W. Your real money can't help you to slay the 5% top players. Mainly your knowledge and your long term investment will help. But I'm agree that the artisan memories are a problem.
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  5. hZaer added a post in a topic Is this even allowed??   

    Funcom responded, and crypted some files on his game Anarchy Online (and maybe on The Secret Word, not sure). But I don't know if this was a good idea or not. 
    Anyway, you are probably right on everything you said in your answer..
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  6. hZaer added a post in a topic Its a hell just to purchase this game   

    I changed my CB data without problem. So, I'm sorry to not have a real answer, I hope you will find a solution.
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  7. hZaer added a post in a topic Perdu au milieu de l'océan   

    Trouve un endroit de pêche inaccessible pour un radeau. (plus évident à dire qu'à faire. Peut être des rochers mais je garantie pas)
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  8. hZaer added a post in a topic achat T8   

    Pour éviter ça, ne faudrait-il pas en jeu des ventes de T7 et T8 rapportant plus d'argent ?
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  9. hZaer added a post in a topic getting 1-2 logs each tree   

    I used between 65 and 75 active workers at max. I hired a lot of green workers (gobelins) mainly Epheria, Calpheon and Heidel.
    Probably 35 or 40 workers would have been enough...  I needed two weeks to build this ship but last days the only real problem :  logs. 
    Don't lose courage. I have never reached the rank of master.
    I got only artisan 1 processing, for the logs to make Standardized Timber Square. ( rank artisan 1 with flax and cotton from AH)
    I used 6 - 10 rerolls with 240 energy. - and some music, trying to not lose my mental health while collecting logs
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  10. hZaer added a post in a topic Voilier - Equipage   

    Un emplacement de disponible.
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  11. hZaer added a post in a topic J'ai besoin de votre aide   

    Rien à ajouter, sauf pour les accessoires de Jarette qui sont bien pour débuter si tu arrive par chance à avoir les 6 donc le  +10 PA en bonus.
    Il y a eu un problème de traduction, mais il semble bien que le +10 soit de la PA et non pas un simple +10 attaque.
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  12. hZaer added a post in a topic Players online [POLL]   

    If less than 4999 players playing BDO on average. World.
    36 channels + 3 fast xp channels = 39 channels
    4. serveurs ? Russia, NA, EU, Korea.
    39 x 4  = 152 
    4999 players / 152 = 32 
    -> Less that 32 players online by channel
    If Less than 4999 players are playing BDO on average. Zone.
    36 channels + 3 fast xp channels = 39 channels
    4999 players / 39 =  128
    -> Less that 128 players online by channel on NA.
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  13. hZaer added a post in a topic Soloing a Guild   

    Think different.
    Not easy to find your place, but It doesn't mean that you are necessary a bad apple.
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  14. hZaer added a post in a topic @Devs, please fix underwater gathering.   

    I trust your cat. 
    (Is this problem with corals everywhere? or more on specific areas?)
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