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  1. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Can anyone confirm that breeding 2x t6 lvl 18s (i.e grade 14 in Famme's chart) can still produce t7 females?
    It's now been 15 attempts since I produced a t7 in this manner (and it was a male).
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  2. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic How much crates can u loose if u die?   

    Let us know what happens when you stack 7000 crates next time.
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  3. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic Has anyone found Floating Lost Debris?   

    They were certainly around before the patch but uninteractable. From what I gather, they are RNG, some you can interact with, others you can't.
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  4. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Do we know if they have changed the boundaries required? For example would I need to breed 2xlvl 25 t7s?
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  5. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Has anyone else had insanely poor results while breeding for t7s over the last month?
    I've now made a total of 10 attempts with a variety of horses at tier 6 lvl 18, and have received 3 t5 females, and 7 other t6 horses. The odds of not getting a single t7 after 10 attempts - according to somethinglovely's horse calculator are 3%. 
    The reason I'm asking is because I'm wondering if the boundaries for hitting the t7 offspring have changed.
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  6. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic Valentines Day Events [Update]   

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  7. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic Sorc forum is DEAD?!   

    Sinister Omen fix when?
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  8. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic What does BDO do better than anyone else (In Your Opinion)?   

    Communication with their playerbase
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  9. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic Spreading life skills across alts   

    There's no definitive answer, here's some things to consider.
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  10. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic How P2W / OP / WTF / [fav acronym] are Artisans Memories   

    To be honest, this whole post and the research behind it sounds like your trying to justify your purchases.
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  11. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic Golden Treasure Chest???   

    Was this quest from the message-in-a-bottle harpoon item?
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  12. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic BDO - Margoria Fishing Guide   

    Juur sea does have Tuna with harpooning, keep moving around, certain areas have different rates of yellows.  If youre losing patience you could go all the way back to lema island which has tuna hotspots for normal fishing.
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  13. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic [Guide] Life skills, alts and you   

    These are excellent points, but my guide was specifically to point out whether using an alt is a good idea for each lifeskill.
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  14. yabbadabbadoo added a topic in Guides   

    [Guide] Life skills, alts and you
    Just a brief guide pointing out some + positives, and - negatives to having each lifeskill on an alt.  If you think I haven't considered something important please let me know so I can edit accordingly. [ thanks to Keldorn for contribution]

    Using Alts:
    + can make use of alts' energy,
    + can 'park' alt at gathering location (using wagon) saving travelling time
    - while levelling up to professional gathering you're missing out on a lot of good secondary drops e.g. gold ore, bloody tree knot etc
    - small inventory
    - small weight limit

    Using alt:
    + can 'park' alt in town, saving travelling time of main
    + synergy: since it's in town, you can be near to market for sniping
    - Small weight limit hinders afk cooking/alchemy over periods of 2 hours or more
    Note: very difficult to level-up.
    Using alt:
    + can park at khalk/whale/croc locations
    - small inventory space

    Using alt (under lvl 50)
    + immune to pk or people knocking you off horse
    + can 'park' at your training loop, saving travelling time
    - None?
    Note: Fairly easy to level - possible to have multiple characters with high processing
    Using alt:
    + can park in town and process gathered materials
    - small weight limit hinders afk processing for heavy materials or long afk sessions
    Using alt:
    + Immune to pk
    - small inventory space (this will be very limiting)
    Very difficult/expensive to level
    Using alt:
    + Immune to pk
    + can grind on main while trading to npc
    - if trading items gathered from main (i.e. fish) it can be time consuming to transfer fish between characters

    Difficult to level (but leveling doesn't give many benefits besides reduced energy consumption anyway)
    Using alt:
    + Able to 'park' at your gardens, saving travelling time
    - small inventory space (seeds do not stack, and quickly fill up your inventory)

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  15. yabbadabbadoo added a post in a topic BDO - Margoria Fishing Guide   

    Btw Master II Quest asks you to get "Chinese Mackerel" what they really want is "Greater Amberjack".
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