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  1. Yeonex added a post in a topic Ranger Question   

    If you mean the umbrella of arrows the damage increases when you level since auto attack is now level based you will automatically get them free every time you level up untill level 50. If i miss understood, i am sorry.
    I would recommend joining the official ranger discord -> https://discord.gg/z8TCXjD , there you can find me and other rangers and we can try helping you more
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  2. Yeonex added a post in a topic Underpayed Goblin Vendor   

    I reported this on saturday   and the GM's are aware of this problem, dont worry it should be fixed this patch :D. There is also a rude gaint next to him that also says this strange code  .

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  3. Yeonex added a post in a topic Can we please fix the golden chest bug?   

    Can confirm this.
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  4. Yeonex added a post in a topic having huge problems   

    Hey guys, 
    Please try the following fix.
    Click "start", click "Control  Panel", click "Network and Internet", click "Internet Options", click the "Connections" tab, click "LAN Settings", turn off all Options. This should make it stop "Crashing" on start up.
    If the problem is still there please create a ticket as GM will repsond 2x as fast as any community member with a possible solution. 
    Hope this helps
    Solution Source:http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/30456-launcherexe-keeps-crashing/

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  5. Yeonex added a post in a topic Cant Roll my Dice   

    Have you tried restarting the client? 
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  6. Yeonex added a post in a topic Stuck near Pirates!   

    Like i said it's a sink hole, to avoid it stay close to the islands or autopath there. If you get stuck you can remote collect your boat at kuit Island.
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  7. Yeonex added a post in a topic Buy game for friend   

    Make sure your account is older than 30 days old and not a trail account at that too. 
    More information can be found here 
    If it's still unavailable contact support and they would sort it out.
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  8. Yeonex added a post in a topic Stuck near Pirates!   

    It's a sink hole, to get to pirate island you need to autopath or stick close to the islands, you cant do anything but swin to shore and remote collect your boat.
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  9. Yeonex added a post in a topic Super weird fps bug(I think)   

    Have you tried the following.
    Press escape -> Markplace -> view my items -> close the window by pressing the 'X'. See if this helps.
    The FPS drop is becuase of a bug in CoherentUI.
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  10. Yeonex added a post in a topic please help. alternative download process not working   

    Are you sure the client is trying to download everything from zero? Because it maybe checking for missing filies. 
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  11. Yeonex added a post in a topic Lets talk about new class we might have in game soon   

    PA said in the past there they have no insensitive to use the male ranger. It's still in game files and is marked as 남자엘프(미적용) -> Male elf (unused).
    RAW PAST from that file
    01_PHM  ---  워리어
    02_PHW  --- 소서러  
    03_PEW---  레인저
    04_PGB---  자이언트 야수버전(자이언트와 함께 적용)
    04_PGM---  자이언트
    05_PBW---  금수랑
    06_PKM---  무사
    07_PVW---  발키리
    08_PWM---  위자드
    08_PWW---  위치
    09_PEM---  남자엘프(미적용)
    10_PJW---  구 쿠노이치(미적용)
    12_PKW---  매화(미적용)
    13_PNM---  닌자(남자닌자)
    13_PNW---  여자닌자(쿠노이치)
    14_PLW---  (미적용)
    15_PDW---   다크엘프(미적용)
    22_PKWW---  매화 리-??
    (file updated last 24/10/16) - a little out of date but still.
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  12. Yeonex added a post in a topic Valentines Day Events [Update]   

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  13. Yeonex added a post in a topic A wild GM appears!   

    you can kill them if they are not wearing the operator rings (each ring is 300ap and gives invincibility ), otherwise gms are just warriors with a cool outfit. 
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  14. Yeonex added a post in a topic Margoria ocean doesn't have the escape feature.   

    yep doing that, but for people who dont want wast time, its good to know, because 3 people in my guild are pissed and are asking for a summon atm x). 
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  15. Yeonex added a post in a topic Margoria ocean doesn't have the escape feature.   

    I died in the middle and i dont have a fish costume or a shark costume
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