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  1. Diyae added a post in a topic Game is crashing   

    The game crashes on me daily.  My friend as well.  Hopefully we can have a solution.
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  2. Diyae added a post in a topic More Lag Than Usual   

    Still a lot of lag no matter what channel I'm in.  Game crashes daily.  I think the lag is worse now with the server merge.  So are the crashes.  How did the merge help?
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  3. Diyae added a post in a topic New Bidding System Lowers Purchasing Power   

    It wasn't a complaint, Sir.  It was a legit request for Duam.  When asking for something, one has to explain the problem that needs attention.  It is "my" problem that I am currently having.  People on the forum were nice enough to offer alternatives.  I believe that is what a forum is for.
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  4. Diyae added a post in a topic New Bidding System Lowers Purchasing Power   

    Okay, that's useful information.  I didn't know that about the Relic Scrolls.  I don't group with people generally.  I just group with my friend.  I wonder if just the two of us could do it.  We do boss scrolls quickly by ourselves.  I'm upgrading Red Nose armor and even though I'm following failstack guides, I'm losing durability.  So, I'm really wanting those memory fragments.  I appreciate the support.  Thanks again!!
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  5. Diyae added a topic in General   

    New Bidding System Lowers Purchasing Power
    Since the maintenance I have been fighting with this new "Bidding" system on the market for things like enhancement stones and memory fragments.  I waste a lot of time trying to out bid someone else.  And then as far as the Pre Order goes....  I have to add 25% to 35% extra to the price to get an item.  Sometimes even more.  This purchasing method is counter productive in so many ways.  I also make my own stones.  But that takes time.  I can't make my own memory fragments.  Please, give us a better way to get these items!!  Random events with puny drops don't really help much.  Free up the market!  Come up with something.  Localized markets.  Something... anything!
    EDIT:  Before someone insults me about my title, it's my "personal experience".  I find it more difficult and time consuming to use.  Perhaps with such a large population it is helping.  I don't really know.  I'm not an economic specialist.  My point, message is what matters.  If I could change the title I would.
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  6. Diyae added a post in a topic More Lag Than Usual   

    More than 2 weeks since my initial post and still have lag every day all day long.  Yet no GM has responded to this post.  I have killed processes on my machine and uninstalled running software that I don't really need.  Yet, still can't fix this lag issue.  I do so wish Duam would respond.  Or see if there is another thread with lag issues.  Cause contacting supporting is a lose lose lose situation.
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  7. Diyae added a post in a topic More Lag Than Usual   

    Logged back in after killing the game, lag again.  Nearly died in an EASY zone.  Then lost the connection to the server.  The game crashed.  This is becoming intolerable.
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  8. Diyae added a topic in Technical Issues   

    More Lag Than Usual
    Since this last update, I've experienced a great deal of lag as I fight in areas like the desert and just now, in the Abandoned Mines.  So bad that my character was bouncing around from one spot to the next hitting targets that weren't there, but quite a distance a way.  I had to just kill the game.  Hope I'm not dead.  And hope BDO staff can do something about all this random lag.
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  9. Diyae added a post in a topic Multiple Crashes Per Day   

    I play with a friend of mine.  We both crash daily.  It's been since the past 4 weeks or so.  Not sure what they've done to the release but something is buggy.  Just crashed now.  I hope BDO staff is working on it.  Would be nice to see a response to this thread.
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  10. Diyae added a topic in General   

    Unable to buy shovels.
    I've restarted my game a couple of times... and I can't buy anymore shovels.  I only have 100.  I'm trying to buy a couple more hundred.  There is "no restriction" on the text.  Yet it tells me its' restricted.  Is this a bug?  Anyone else having problems?
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  11. Diyae added a post in a topic "Stuck on Now Processing" 10/11/16   

    Same for me.
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