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  1. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Breezy Blade Bugged   

    good to know but i usually purposely time it knowing the attack is coming so i would say usually im hit right in the middle of the skill. i suppose a bit of server latency could be more or less why it feels so useless but im not so sure if thats the case. ill test it out again later to see if its possible im just getting hit at the end of the skill.
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  2. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Breezy Blade Bugged   

    just head to the arena or red battlefield u will notice right away
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  3. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Breezy Blade Bugged   

    I first noticed awhile back pvping a wizard in the arena for a bit. I would open with it to get close to him thinking im invulnerable with the skill and he would just aoe himself and stun me just about every single time aside from maybe getting lucky with my resistance kicking in. Basically made what should of been a 50/50 fight wayyy too hard since he would just heal through any long range abilities and getting close wasnt much of an option.
    lol not sure why ur getting sassy. maybe u should google wut "off cooldown" means, as in not ON cooldown as in the skill is up and ready to be used to the full effect. I swear ur not even reading.
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  4. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Breezy Blade Bugged   

    yes i even stated specifically in my post " when off cooldown "
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  5. Breakkuh added a topic in Ranger   

    Breezy Blade Bugged
    So ive noticed for awhile now that Breezy Blade's super armor and invincibility doesnt work at all when off cooldown like it says it does in the skill description. I dont need to tell you how frustrating it is having the skill i lead with just set me up for permastuns followed by death over and over because my class is supposed to be able to rely on this skill as an opener. Not sure if its just Breezy Blade II or all of them but on the rare chance i dont get stunned i just assume its my high amount of resistance. The skill doesnt appear to work at all PLEASE fix.
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  6. Breakkuh added a post in a topic [Notice] Log in / Connectivity Issues - 1/21   

    I still cant login. It says "failed to connect" every time i hit the start button in game.
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  7. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Patch Notes - October 26th   

    if desync issue is fixed then major props to u guys tyvm! but seriously could we get some kind of idea of whats going on with ninja/kuno? its been months in the dark. even a "maybe this" or "around their awakening release" or an "i dunno" would even be nice lol.
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  8. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    what unbelievably 2faced lying bullshitters u guys are. shame on u. u will not see another dime from me. not now, not next game, not ever. i hope everyone that feels the same way sticks to their guns and runs this company's profits down the tube till the person in charge of the decision loses their position. go eat a ----- 
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  9. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Ultimate Ranger Reference   

    well done guide overall for people gearing up their ranger.   great work 
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  10. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Are you guys happy of what ranger has become after 17/06   

    honest apologies if it was just light hearted criticism but when 1st reading it didnt come off that way. prolly more or less because i feel like politics and discrimination get injected into so many conversations these days that they have no relation to the subject and it triggers me lol so sry if i was being an ass  .
    also i think ur 100% right about the class and dont know that ranger does anything that a witch couldnt do but better while also being more versatile at the same time which essentially makes it feel  like ranger has no real place in viability over other classes atm.
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  11. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Are you guys happy of what ranger has become after 17/06   

    TLDR then           no class balance / im too tired to give 2 shits about commas and spelling.  and wtf the trump comment lol. wut a simple minded person u are. (english and punctuation just fer u bb) ;D
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  12. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Are you guys happy of what ranger has become after 17/06   

    seriously the balance in this game tho. i don't mean to be rude but... this is a very pvp-centric game and the pvp balance is laughable at best. ex. witches / wizards lol? really? theyre balanced?! if you actually DID play all these different classes in pvp you would know things haven't felt right since day 1. also it could be just me but it feels like u balance a class in anticipation for an awakening weapon that isnt here yet sooo uhhhhh y not just wait so that the pvp class interactions dont feel horrible and just balance it twice. i feel like the problem is this games pvp has never been one where someone with equal stats could statistically contribute just as much as any other class, which nobody should have to tell you really feels just like my bowel movements on a night of too much ice house, taco bell, and fat chics (seriously ask next posters mum). Also please tell me why certain skills exist in this game other than just to troll someone for picking an absolutely statistically nonsensical utter garbage truck of an ability cuz im pretty sure it serves no actual superior purpose. ive played quite a few classes well past 50+ and i know everyone knows those skills im talking about no matter their class.
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  13. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   

    lol i dont mind spending a bit of money to play a game I enjoy but when does " a bit " turn into too much? for me i draw the line at +$15 a month for any game that isnt free to play. sorry if my opinion differs from yours because i more than likely make less money than you. also its not that my budget wont allow me to spend money on games im doing just fine because i know how to manage my finances (like not spending $15 a month on everything that asks for $15 a month).
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  14. Breakkuh added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   

    For those of you with your head in the sand saying this is not P2W by definition P2W means spending real life money to get a substantial added benefit that you would otherwise not get if you didnt spend extra money. If you dont think its a big deal thats ok its your OPINION. The opinions of many others who dont have as much of a disposable income because they have more important things they need their money on (like paying bills, buying food, and not sinking more money into a game they have already spent $100+ for) think this is utter garbage. Just the fact you will be tax exempt is HUGE! I make about 60mil a week and many others much more than this but lets do the math here real quick. 30% of 60mil is roughly 20mil a week which is 80mil a month. 80 MIL A MONTH EXTRA IS NOT P2W???? That mechanic alone to me is extremely gamebreaking let alone all the other added benefits most of us will not be receiving. This game is extreamly grindy and takes hundreds of hours getting the money for top tier equips so cutting this time by 30% to me seems pretty blatantly P2W. I know i would be much stronger if i had 30% less taxes since the start of the game. Not to mention buying and reselling will now be a possibility so prepare for an inflated marketplace.
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