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  1. Budo added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I believe the sentence Kobatz said on podcast, was something along with "If we had more time, we could've won that siege". 

    Aside from the slander, salt and toxicity coming from individual members (on both sides), I was a big fan of the description that LoneWolf gave of our fight on podcast. He described the epicness of our battle and what it felt like. With the conditions that were set on both sides - Byfrost having the castle advantage, Millennium having the numbers advantage, that including OSEF hitting Calpheon castle gates - we had a really really good fight, and far more equal than you make it out to be. Wipe here, wipe there, Byfrost throwing bodies at you, etc. That was hardly the case. Just put it as it was, regardless of other delusional people. We had a good fight and by the end it could've gone both ways. There's nothing wrong in one side believing they could've won with a little more time, when the situation from their respective perspective gave them a clue of that being the case.

    This was the conquest score by the end provided by Lyaah, who was observing our battle. Byfrost being the upper, Millennium being the lower (Don't ask me why it's all ?????). Numbers and conditions considered, it was a very equal fight. How that siege looked by the end, could easily give hope to both sides of winning. And yeah, it's entirely wrong to slander the opposing guild after we both managed to deliver such a great fight. It was also spammed in Byfrost's guild chat, not to trashtalk Millennium. But you always have some stragglers. The officer who also made an effort in establishing an alliance also acted individually without any other administrative consent. He has since then apologized for that attempt as well.

    Fighting under different conditions would obviously be a very different matter. I agree, fighting Millennium in a node war, where Byfrost faces the same numbers disadvantage, could prove to be a very hard fight.
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  2. Budo added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Still curious. Was this an actual officer?
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  3. Budo added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    That moment when everyone's so PVP starved, and they set up better PVP open world. Had fun with the OWPVP, thanks to all the guilds that showed up spontaneously.
    Edit: It was a good slice of nostalgia from the good ol' Mediah days, now thinking about it.
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  4. Budo added a post in a topic Incentivizing World PVP/Bandit System   

    Haven't seen anyone bring this up on the matter. I like this idea.
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  5. Budo added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I think the idea is great when you have a healthy PVP community. It shares the drama that occurs up to and during siege with the rest of the community, which can work in both ways in terms of attracting more people to the siege scene. 

    It's interesting to hear about the politics that have gone into establishing alliances prior to and during siege. And also to hear about how the battles went down from both perspectives of the battlefield. As a previous contester in Jordine's sieges, it used to be exciting to tune in to hear what the enemy thought about the battles. And for a lot of people, you tune in to hear the salt, or the pouring of salt and toxicities into wounds.
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  6. Budo added a post in a topic Shield Clipping Knee and shoulder   

    I wouldn't count on it, sadly.

    Most people would say that they have more pressing matters to attend to too, but ironically, the past has proven that gameplay matters are prioritized separately from the cosmetical department.
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  7. Budo added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Or... "DON'T BE AFRAID" Lmfao
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  8. Budo added a post in a topic Warrior 100% rage ability damage in pvp   

    If that sentiment helps your conscience, so be it. (-:
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  9. Budo added a post in a topic Warrior 100% rage ability damage in pvp   

    I almost had you on the same page there, but you're still stuck on the word 'balance'. The part where you go "the idea of risk vs reward, like making damage skills risky, and making utility skills not is all fine and dandy" that's where you're finally coming along. This is how I've been using the word, balance. You factor in the category of the skill. Spinning Slash? Yep, meant to do damage! So it should be risky to use it! That is balancing the skill. 

    And here's where you misunderstand the whole point I've been making all along: "i do agree with i liked how the kit worked, but to make it balanced they would have needed to add more damage." You're now looking at the variables that have been attached to the mechanic, which you do not feel sufficient in comparison to other classes' damage at that given time.

    Try abstract away from your albeit unsatisfied experience with competing as a warrior with S&S, and then looking at how the kit is conceptualized, how each skill works and what mechanics have been attached in comparison to our Awakening kit. Maybe it'll help you if I say that this is the same for every class. EVERY class loses its diversity with Awakening. Every Awakening kit is being simplified and evidently makes classes look alike. 

    Now, I'm hoping you see that I actually read very far into what you're writing word for word.
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  10. Budo added a post in a topic Warrior 100% rage ability damage in pvp   

    There's a point to bringing it up, that's what I repeated in other words, in the previous quote. Allow me to repeat it for a third time in a whole other set of words:

    The thing that is important, is not how the kit compares to the other class kits, but what thoughts were put into each skill that added the risk vs. reward.

    What's really pointless, as I also pointed out, is discussing the comparison with other classes, because it has no relevance to the point that I'm making in my initial post.

    In case you also missed the point of the initial post, the tl;dr is that the developers started removing risk vs. reward by making Awakening skills have every skill mechanic within it - high damage, a cc (even two in the example of grave digging), and a cc mitigation in the form of front guard or super armor. This is why I bring up the old kit, because it was remarkably different. So I say again, to underline it: Discussing previous balance is absolutely irrelevant to the point I'm making.

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  11. Budo added a post in a topic Would you rather have a Dungeon or a Raid?   

    I wouldn't mind seeing PVE that challenged the players like PVP does. What I mean by that...

    Is that the game has a lot of standardized skill effects like healing, resurrection, iframing, and even taunt abilities. You don't actually see these skills being used much in PVE in a collaborative manner, and some cases not in PVP either (e.g. Wizard/Witch's Resurrection skill or med-kit).

    What I've seen in TERA, the previous action combat MMORPG I played, where I got a lot of PVE experience, is that typical boss mechanics consist of dodging out of telegraphed area attacks; interrupting crucial instant death mechanics with CC; damage checks in the form of shields followed by a instant death mechanic if not removed; and constantly healing the party up for the mistakes they make, due potions not covering this enough. It also often gets to a point where the healer has to resurrect slain party members during a fight, allowing them to get back up and help, allowing for clutch clears.

    There are some examples of these mechanics in BDO's PVE as well, such as getting out of Bheg's instant death flail swinging, or Karanda's feather rain. Not really any cases of relying on party healing, ressurection, or damage checks. Such mechanics wouldn't work for the world boss fights we have in BDO anyways. Though, I'd love to see dungeons that add more dynamics to PVE and making use of some of the party-centered skills that are in the game. But of course, it can get tricky implementing some of these mechanics, as more instant death mechanics suggests more deaths, whereas in our current system, you are punished heavily from dying, more than in TERA, where you can mitigate crystal loss.

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  12. Budo added a post in a topic Warrior 100% rage ability damage in pvp   

    That is besides the point, and a dried out discussion though. The essence of it, is that the previous kit embodies a balanced kit within itself. That other classes didn't necessarily adhere to this same balance, or that the reward per risk ratio wasn't high enough in the kit itself, is something that has already been discussed endlessly.
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  13. Budo added a post in a topic Warrior 100% rage ability damage in pvp   

    I don't disagree with the notion of 100% being pretty broken with its damage, even as a warrior. Though the problem is fundamentally the AP scaling in the game in general. Awakening skills does outrageous damage in comparison to our previous kits, in simpler combo sequences as well. It gets to the point where the DP scaling gap in different classes doesn't mean anything. A ranger can delete a warrior just as easy as the vice versa. 

    Our game is already looking much like Korea where a single CC determines the fight. It significantly limits the outplay factor, when you can punish a single mistake with a basic response for the win.

    So what I'm trying to get at, is that warrior's 100% Solar Flare is just a small part of the current situation, especially as the average AP increases. The overall implementation of Awakening kits lessen the diversity of each class, making each look very similar - which is also reflected in the new amount of skills that have multiple hits, a CC triggering on each hit, and CC mitigation in the form of front guard or super armor.
    Now of the previous kits, most of my experience lies with the warrior's, which I think had a very good balance of risk & reward. Spinning Slash which was arguably our hardest hitting skill when chained and cancelled properly, had no form of CC mitigation nor application. Our front guard skill, Scars of Dusk had minor damage, but worked well as CC mitigation while applying pressure. Our Deep Thrust and Ground Smash both applied very useful CCs that we could chain upon, but it was always a risk trying to use these skills as they had no CC mitigation. The short end of that, is that there was no jack-of-all-trades skills like Grave Digging which has Knockdown, 30% speed slow, a ton of damage, a lot of accuracy bonus, and super armor. 

    I'm personally more a fan of having to put a bit of effort into comboing people to their death, rather than cutting them in half with Grave Digging + Reckless Blow, when I eventually get enough AP for that. Or 100% one-shotting people. 
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  14. Budo added a post in a topic Help on Alustin   

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  15. Budo added a post in a topic [Urgent] Desync, Lag, Rubber Banding, FPS Drops   

    Prior to wednesday's Ranger Awakening and new server desync, I've been adapting to the general less ideal servers. I've now stopped doing PVP entirely meanwhile I wait for a network fix. The server issues are at their all time worst. 
    Constantly getting CC'd during super armor and iframes. Constantly getting relocated to a spot I was a second ago in PVP. Skills not doing any dmg nor applying CC effects, such as 100% rage Solar Flare.
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