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  1. Rvyne added a post in a topic How to reduce network lag in BDO? (dysnc delays etc) Here's the best answer.   

    From my experience whatever MMO/Online games I always optimized my network.
    1.   change DNS settings to my telco (automatic sometimes not that effective do some googling what DNS IP address your telco using)
    2.  Google this Leatrix Latency Fix then download from their page and install.
    Hope this helps, I'm using WIFI btw so every network optimization is necessary to boost my connectivity.
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  2. Rvyne added a post in a topic Future pets limit increase?   

    I actually have 6 pets... coz you seems cant exchange pet with more than 2 level apart so I got 1 extra T1 cat and free penguin >.<
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  3. Rvyne added a post in a topic Wizard or Witch   

    I never personally tried Wiz but I feel comfortable with Witch I simply go for it coz its girl. As a guy I preferred looking at girls asses and boobs ..  I originally have ninja char but re-roll to witch coz I feel its boring considering its a guy haha
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  4. Rvyne added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    I thought it would actually be a win-win for Kakao coz existing already bought the game and buying them on steam would earn them extra $$$ coz its double paying all people ask is let existing player can play on steam (even though it requires paying for separatetly)
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  5. Rvyne added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    this definitely doesn't make sense. Even you're a whale just want to buy from Steam and play with existing BDO account still an issue so their target audience is actually NON-BDO player.
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  6. Rvyne added a post in a topic Custom quick slot and multiple characters   

    don't customized it... Learn to use skill  key combination instead of using hot key. I normally just customized the 8/9/10 (for mouse)
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  7. Rvyne added a post in a topic NEW PC ?? Any tips for a build?   

    The game is CPU intensive, My i5 7500  uses 60-70% utilization so unless you don't multi-task like using other heavy program get a better CPU probably i7 (I dont have this issue on my older cpu -  i7 6700k)
    As for RAM   8GB   is more than enough but you may upgrade this later (if your on tight budget - 16gb is standard for gaming this days) and GPU GTX 1060 6GB if you're running 1080p (1900x resolution)
    For small-form factor I've bought a Node 202 casing but I wont recommend it if you're not picky with size get a bigger casing (its heat 20-30% higher  coz of ventilation).
    My old rig was using Corsair H100i (liquid cooling) coz I prefered quite rig but the latest  rig was using CRYORIG coz it wont fit on my casing (surprisingly fan is quite and good) + cheaper too
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  8. Rvyne added a post in a topic Afk desert online   

    >.< sometimes if I get lazy around I normally auto-path my Merchant  to train my horses  then watch netflix lol
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  9. Rvyne added a post in a topic Which 4 pets to buy?   

    I have hawk, cat, dog and bunny + 1 free penguin  (it depends on what type of extra skill you want bunny gives +life)
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  10. Rvyne added a post in a topic No IP block for Steam version?   

    take note on this:
    The Steam version of Black Desert Online requires the purchase of the game from Steam as well as the creation of a new Black Desert Online account. Pre-existing Black Desert Online accounts created from methods other than Steam will not be able to play via Steam.
    Anyone  Who  purchase BDO directly from  the publisher site wont be able to download and playing using steam client without paying through steam. lol
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  11. Rvyne added a post in a topic tri or duo?   

    holy sh1t >.< Ship Registration: Epheria Sailboat... how do you get this event token?
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  12. Rvyne added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    My Account was compromise and I was missing 2000+ pearls although its restored after sending  a ticket. I'm not convince with the explanation on this. My rig  is specially design for gaming I only have BDO and steam installed (my steam games been inactive for long) + Firefox (rarely use for FB'ing) never browse other website aside from BDO site.
    When ask for explanation they've send me this link. I  wont be spending a dime again til this have clear on how this could happen and its been fixed.
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  13. Rvyne added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    and I thought the whole BDO is PVE honestly I've only get chance of being murder at Sausan and that chance is like 1:10
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  14. Rvyne added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    I actually ask for poll last other day but seems only 25% wants player-driven economy and preferred the current system both actually has pros and cons so cant really say opening up will also solve issue but something with comes up.
    But if its people like me lazy making things and preferred grinding  and selling for money instead of gathering mats I would open up economy.  Why? What's the use of specializing skill if you end up doing everything on your own. I find it ridiculous wasting time leveling every single profession skills just to make something.
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  15. Rvyne added a post in a topic Making Epheria Sailboat takes that long??   

    Btw sorry for hijacking some question ... I was just wondering if you can assigned a sailor - worker in a completed sailboat?  if yes how? and maximum number you can assigned
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  16. Rvyne added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    This is exactly with system-controlled economy not competitive enough to encourage sellers/buyers.  The prices cant catch up with high demand and low of supply dynamics. 
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  17. Rvyne added a post in a topic Making Epheria Sailboat takes that long??   

    I'm process of making the  last mats "standard timber square". Already took 2 weeks and probably running 3 weeks next week until it can be completed for my case.
    If your issue is only with processing, I recommend hire 25 workers at epheria and process  the rest of mats early while you work for the rest of the mats. Both standard square (rarely at marketplace) and design takes a while to make so I suggest buy the rest of mats  then process  first  (I feel its cheaper and convenient coz you needs lots of logs) coz it will take some times. 
    You also need to have a "Artisan" level processing to process efficiently and professional to start getting a random standard square out of logs (painful experiment for me)
    I also recommend process all extra mats you get that you dont need just to level your processing skills.. it also help by using Life Experience buffs pets + some potion or tickets (to level faster)
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  18. Rvyne added a post in a topic Open up Marketplace / Player Driven Economy   

    wth economy you guys talking... there isn't any everything is fixed by system.  and sorry about "pre-order" I honestly didn't try that on pearl items but on high end gears and weapons. But I made it example coz I always notice it always have high demand you can rarely see this items on marketplace.
    I didn't said to remove restriction of player2player trade coz that's coz gold seller but I'm only asking to open up marketplace.. let the players set prices may it high or low to be competitive.. that's what I mean player-driven economy. right now its fixed and bit annoying.
    have you notice anything? some items is already being controlled by bots..
    some actually making money out of that system..  anyways the purpose of player driven economy is to keep up with inflation in game this days there's more money generated compare to available items for sale.
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  19. Rvyne added a topic in General   

    Open up Marketplace / Player Driven Economy
    I'm bit frustrated on a lot of things available or not in marketplace for example there's quite huge pre-order of pets and value pack the issue is we have huge demand of this on marketplace but not enough seller coz honestly the value in marketplace is quite low or not worth selling. (including tax seems bit huge even with value pack)
    There's also bit issue of game seems restricting user from buying more expensive items but at the same time the system unable to detect bots manipulating the marketplace prices that always buy cheapest and controlled the prices at desired prices makes you frustrated when you just want to buy items 1 or 2  but it always tells you you can't buy the items coz its not the cheapest.
    Not sure also if its bug or not some items on "bid" considered cheapest so you can't just skip it or buy which really annoying.
    Hopefully Daum will request to the Kakao to introduce more "player-driven economy" instead of bit dumb-down marketplace that its bit really annoying from time to time.  We just want to sell-and-buy freely not restrict too much there isn't even a  player 2 player trade system here you guys should at-least fixed the economy
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  20. Rvyne added a post in a topic Ive been kicked out of my spot   

    I encounter people asking for group from time to time.. but some really just pk you without even asking you to leave
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  21. Rvyne added a post in a topic Ive been kicked out of my spot   

    I normally get away asap immediately when someone try pk'ing me while grinding.  Trying to talk out but if I realized they came first I leave immediately without asking.
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  22. Rvyne added a post in a topic +15 Armor & Weapon, where do I go now?   

    For me I regrade it til DUO then stop. TRI --> TET would be harder so you might consider saving enough money to just buy it on Marketplace.
    My Case is reselling my DUO to buy for TET later but I currently stop so I can finish my epheria sail for now so Im focus gathering resources and didn't do any grinding later
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  23. Rvyne added a post in a topic High CPU Utilization Fix   

    This might be my issue. I was complaining the other day of my CPU resource utilization on this game spiking to 70-80% even though my processor is bit new i5-7500 i thought it was normal but this might be a fixed for me.. I'll this later.
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  24. Rvyne added a post in a topic How much have you spent?   

    I already feeling bad top-up again for 100 USD 2 days ago and you are good spending that much in your first day in MMORPG games lol... Even during first few months on Archeage days I waited til I feel liking the games and committed in wasting time on it before spending bucks although I that time too i been spending average of 50-100 USD on every other month too
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  25. Rvyne added a post in a topic How much have you spent?   

    are you serious?
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