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  1. Nordsie21 added a post in a topic XignCode error 0xE019101A   

    Seriously, how is there zero communication about this? Do GMs not care?
    I got a new computer just a day ago. Installed BDO and nothing else. Tried to run and get this error. Tried everything posted to try and get around it, I ended up needing to go through the special restart to turn off digital signatures. It worked for one play, now it doesnt work.
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  2. Nordsie21 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    XIGNCODE error 0x0e19101a Cant play
    So I have seen dozen of threads between here, reddit and abroad for BDO regarding this error.  The core issues are AV programs, malware/trojans/virus and a few files that can be deleted (xhunter1.sys which i dont have since the game has never run once), restart your computer and then it should make a new file and work.
    Issue, I got my new computer yesterday and the only thing not core driver installed on it is BDO.  So I installed my bitdefender and scanned the whole system. No issues were found, as expected. Tried rerunning, still get same error. Then I delete and try AVG - run scan, nothing found. Try game, still the same exact error. Disable all AV, still get the same error. Delete all AV programs again and nothing. Delete BDO and reinstall, still same exact error.   i tried disabling every program that starts on the computer in start up, still gives the same error.
    So basically I got a new computer, has nothing on it but BDO on it and is only running core features needed to run windows and it still gives me this error.
    Can someone help? This is really frustrating. For months on my old computer with hundreds of things installed and running, including bitdefender, I never had this issue.
    *** UPDATE** I have a fix that is currently working. By turning off Windows 10 Driver signature requirement I am able to play. I will just have to remember to turn it back on when drivers need changing.
    *********UPDATE 2!!!!********** I turn computer off for the night and today the error is back. Not worth it. Guess this is just another game of the past.
    I'd also like to thank GMs from this game and their tech support for taking more than 24 hours and I still haven't been contacted. Customer service: non-existent. The people that make Xigncode3 - I read they were terrible. Same deal - no contact whatsoever. 
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  3. Nordsie21 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Cant collect attendance reward
    So since the day 21 7-day buff email I haven't been able to collect the daily reward (been 3 days now).  I have deleted the file .xml in the usercache folder several times and tried logging into every channel and no luck. This happened to me at the start of the calendar as well so now I have missed 5 days of collection. I would like to resolve this asap so that i will be able to collect the final 2 black spirit crystals.
    I filled out a technical support ticket as well but I am trying to hedge my bets here as well.
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  4. Nordsie21 added a post in a topic attendance reward claim bug   

    I was able to claim the first day by deleting that XML file, but the second day cant be claimed and deleting the XML file isnt helping. What is going on?
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  5. Nordsie21 added a post in a topic Ninja and Kunoichi Update Events!   

    Im in the same boat. Posted on Tech support and on a general forum. Seems there are several that cant collect.
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  6. Nordsie21 added a post in a topic Cannot claim Daily Reward   

    Didn't get it yet. When I log out it tells me that its tomorrows award still. 3 weapon stones that is, not the 5 armor stones.
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  7. Nordsie21 added a post in a topic Cannot claim Daily Reward   

    I tried changing channels twice (bal u2 -bal u1 - Med u1). Characters twice, logging out completely. Nothing is changing the status. 
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  8. Nordsie21 added a post in a topic Cannot claim Daily Reward   

    Yeah, its pretty frustrating. Everyone in guild is talking to me like I am some idiot. When I tell them its not yellow, I cant click it and its not gray, they talk slower like I dont understand. 
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  9. Nordsie21 added a post in a topic Cannot claim Daily Reward   

    I dont have character on other servers. so I dont think thats the issue.
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  10. Nordsie21 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Can't collect log in reward
    As the title states, its the 21st, well into the day by now and I can't collect the reward. Guild members have been, so it should work. I click the box on the day 1 black stones and it clicks, turns grey if I hold it, but nothing happens, I dont get reward.
    Attaching photo. Day is correct, but no yellow box; when I click nothing happens. When I log out it tells me that its tomorrows reward.

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  11. Nordsie21 added a post in a topic Cannot claim Daily Reward   

    I have. it just clicks and nothing happens. When I log out it tells me its tomorrows reward, just like it did yesterday.
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  12. Nordsie21 added a post in a topic Cannot claim Daily Reward   

    Having the same exact issue. click the box till it busts and it does nothing.
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