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  1. punkie added a post in a topic Consistently Getting Disconnected   

    Serendia 5 is reverse proxied, while Serendia 6 is not. 
    If you're reading through this thread, please give the one I've linked a look through to see if it helps.

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  2. punkie added a post in a topic Black Desert, prophetic?   

    Only new players in their first 30 days or returning players that have been logged off for at least 30 days can connect to the 200% EXP Olvia channels. DUring the DK event, weekends are 100%, with weekdays being 20% for all non-Olvia channels.
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  3. punkie added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Possible connection issue fix w reverse proxy channels
    We noticed before merge that sometimes when servers were having issues, connecting to other channels would 'fix' the issue. Doing a bit of research, we found that some channels were reverse proxied. With connection issues still being a thing we compiled a list of channels and their proxy status. The theory is that if you are unable to stay connected on your normal channel, try connecting on one that is the opposite (example: Vel 3 is normal, med 3 is reverse proxied -- can't stay connected on vel 3, try med 3, can't stay connected on med 3, try vel 3).
    Here is our current list of reverse proxied channels - if it is not on the list it is a 'normal' channel going straight into leaseweb.
    B1, S3, S5, C3, C5, M3, M5, VA3, VA5 are reverse proxied channels, if you're having connection issues on other channels, try one of those, or vice versaPlease note none of the Olvia channels are reverse proxied, but have been checked.
    Here's a wiki article that can probably explain a bit better about what a reverse proxy is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_proxy
    We've gotten good feedback from users on BDO NA having connection issues lately with having them switch, so we figured we'd post the information in tech support to try to help more people.
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  4. punkie added a post in a topic Answered... never mind :(   

    I submitted a report about the missing items including screenshots from yesterday and today. Please advise in regards to missing turkey!

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  5. punkie added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Witch and Wizard   

    #2 here, was grouped with 1 and 3, we finished in ~23-24 mins. 
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  6. punkie added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    We did an inactive purge 30 days ago. So I'd assume the majority.
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  7. punkie added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    EWB had near 5500 registered before servers went down for maintenance, with 2500~ active constantly and 3100~ during nightly peaks and throughout weekends. 
    As BDO NA, we are gaining 100 new members per hour. 
    The cards are gonna fall where they fall.  
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  8. punkie added a post in a topic BDO NA World Boss and Community Discord Server   

    Well, I don't mean to toot EWBs horn too hard, but we had more active users than both IHA Uno and Orwen combined. We're planning to stay with our vision of what a boss discord should be, its really up to the community which they prefer. I am biased, so obviously I feel BDO NA will be the hotness main one.
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  9. punkie added a post in a topic BDO NA World Boss and Community Discord Server   

    None at all. Edan World Bosses has always been independently operated. You're more than welcome to use both.
    There are no plans to shut down our discord or merge it with any other, especially IHA. 
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  10. punkie added a topic in General   

    BDO NA World Boss and Community Discord Server
    Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/XrSRRQm
     If you do decide to join us, please look over the #read-first-rules-faq channel, it has a lot of information on how our Discord runs and some great information on bosses.
     Hello BDO players,
     We are the moderation team of Edan World Bosses (EWB). With the coming server merge, that name may change, as we intend to continue operating post-merge for the entirety of the NA region and we want to welcome all players from Uno and Orwen who would like to use the Discord as well.
     Edan has always operated its own independent Discord server for world bosses, hunting, LFG, and chat. It currently has over 5500 members and climbing, currently with around 3100 connected users during prime time. We want everyone to have a place in and benefit from this Discord, so be assured that while we do try to encourage it, participation has always been and will always be completely optional, with boss information always remaining visible to everyone.
     We have a robust bot that has been built to fit our vision and needs which helps with tracking boss information. The bot is actively developed and we are prepared to handle any changes that may come, and are also open to suggested changes by the community.
     Utility Channels:
     #boss-timer - Souffle Bot automatically updates this once per minute with current boss windows. You can also type !w in #general to see that same information.
     #boss-notifications  - Where everyone will be notified when a boss spawns. Permissions to "ping" everyone that a boss has spawned in this channel is based upon participation and reputation.
     #boss-status - Active bosses are fought here. Share boss alive, death, HP information, and channel/train coordination.
     #hunting - Where people interested in whale and Khalk hunting can work together. The bot also helps out in here with some additional hunting target tracking. We may have some more information on this in the comments below from Fam soon.
     #lfg-scrolls - Looking for a group for scrolls or otherwise? This can be handy and save you some loyalty on finding a group or looking for members.
     Chat Channels:
     #general - More or less like the server's global chat where people can discuss whatever they like, but being civil and respectful is the name of the game in there.
     #cancer - This is more of a free speech chat, so it may not be for the faint of heart. It helps keep the discussion in #general civil, and when drama and such is happening, we want there to be a place for it, as a lot of people find that entertaining. It is not, however, "anything-goes", as certain activity does cross the line and Discord has their own Terms of Service that should be reasonably observed: https://discordapp.com/tos
      Being a community focused Discord, we also promote members who are streaming. If you are a streamer, and you'd like your stream to appear at the top of our user list when you go live, hit up a mod to get everything sorted.
     We hope you’ll join us, and some of our moderation team will be in the comments answering questions and hanging out while the merge is underway.
     Once again our invite link is: https://discord.gg/XrSRRQm
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  11. punkie added a post in a topic "Black Friday Deal"   

    IDK why everyone is complaining, if the math is true that 30% off = 20% off ingame IF you've purchased a $100 pearl pack for those extra pearls, it seems like a nice way to give people the bonus of the $100 pearl pack without them having to spend it, especially if they don't want many things (or can't afford them).
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  12. punkie added a post in a topic Trade Advancement Lvl 12 Quest Bugged   

    It isn't that the Reagents were being sold for a lower price, it's that they only counted for 1 silver instead of the 1400+ that was obtained, as shown in the second screenshot.
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  13. punkie added a post in a topic Unable to Build Fort   

    My apologies, I thought you were referencing NA because ours had just started and had some hiccups as well.
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  14. punkie added a post in a topic Unable to Build Fort   

    Building for Thuesday can only happen after server completion time for node wars, even if all have completed before then. Our guild went through this previously.
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  15. punkie added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Trade Advancement Lvl 12 Quest Bugged
    Picked up the Trade Advancement Lvl 12 quest that asks for you to make 15,000 silver profit selling Alchemist's Blue Reagent. Purchased three and took them to Glish to sell, sold them and received 3/15000. See attached

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