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  1. MarsKiller added a post in a topic What's the reasoning behind not being able to put a horse on an Epheria Sailboat?   

    One of the reason i believe is: Trading.
    Could be more reasons. But Trading is sure 1 of them. 
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  2. MarsKiller added a post in a topic [SOLVED] Lost Karma, not sure what I did   

    You always start at around 0 Karma once you create a new charater so it possible you didn't farm to 300.000 yet. When players flag on you. You won´t lose any karma. You only lose karma once you start flagging and attacking/killing players, but since you arn´t level 50 this not possible. The only way currently to lose karma in your current state if you either: - Failed to steal from NPC's. / Killed the protesters in Calpheon or killing wild horses.
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  3. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Meaning of the icon next to pet?   

    The icon will showup if you have bought "Maids" from the Pearl shop.
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  4. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Bonus xp 50+ capped on Olvia servers ?   

    Possible you enter one of the non XP Channels during the Weekend.
    On the weekend all channels will have a XP bonus starting from somewhere around friday evening till monday morning.
    Only the Oliva channels have 24/7 XP bonus going.
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  5. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Hakoven Island is unreachable???   

    From what i remember going to that island to discover it. Somewhere on the north is a beach from there you can enter the island.
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  6. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Hakoven Island is unreachable???   

    Try to run more in the middle or around the island. Sometimes you need to be on a specific place to unlock it. You should be eable to discover it.
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  7. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Stuttering!!!! HELP   

    No, your pc is fine. BDO is just not good optimized. So far I know they are working on the issue. But while we are waiting for that fix that doesn't mean people didnt look for a fast fix.
    One of the reason you are getting Stutteting is because after you have visit the marketplace. Sometimes I use this little trick what you could use as well to get rid of the stuttering: "Press ESC ingame -> Click Marketplace -> Click on View registerd items - Press ESC". This could work sometimes to fix sometimes the stuttering, but just keep in mind doesn't work always.
    The best way to get rid of it at the moment is just restart your game or pc.
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  8. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Fishing with boat danger   

    Just use a alt below level 50 and use that to fish at night. Problem solved
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  9. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Fishing with boat danger   

    When you go outside of the safezone everyone have the option to attack you. If.. You are level 50 or above. Or if they are level 50 or above.
    So yes they can kill you and destroy your boat if you are outside on the ocean.
    Edit: If you go in the new sea content you can also get attacked by mobs
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  10. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Where do I hire boatmen?   

    You have to do a Amity game (500 Amity) for those.
    You can get a sailor contract from the following 4 NPCS:
    - Bercchio (Found in North Wheat Plantation)
    - Bravant (Found in Trent)
    - Khaora (Found just east outside of Calpheon)
    - Tarte (Found just west outside of Calpheon)
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  11. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Unused content?   

    Not sure but i believe you can get acces to that room with a quest from Valencia. It wil teleport you in that room. Could still be a different room you are talking about.
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  12. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Unused content?   

    Maybe the Devs didn't know yet what for usefull content could be place in here. We have to wait it out to see what they will bring us.
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  13. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Unused content?   

    Some of these locations are know to a few players around here. Could be future content. Just not ready to use for now.
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  14. MarsKiller added a post in a topic Question about the new sailboat   

    You don't need to make new materials specific for you're ship all you need to do once you have alle the matrials needed for the new ship. Just put the matrials in the right warehouse where the workers are located.
    For example:
    If you have workers in Heidel that work on the ship. Put the materials in Heidel.
    If you have workers in Velia that work on the ship: Put the materials in Velia.
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  15. MarsKiller added a post in a topic is pvp activated at level 50 now?   

    Yes, Level 45 - 49 is now pvp protected. Once you are level 50 you can get attacked by players now.
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