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  1. Arahor added a post in a topic No IP block for Steam version?   

    Can we also get a clarification why we who already own the game can't play it through steam once it gets released there? We only got a simple "no", but why can't we log into the client through steam and take advantage of the features steam offers?
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  2. Arahor added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    Will finally go faster to do scrolls now. Hopefully
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  3. Arahor added a topic in Warrior   

    What item to focus on? (Enchanting involved)
    Hello fellow warriors.
    I'm currently halfway to 57, but i'm not really sure what i should focus on. From what i know, I need to focus on increasing my AP and first step to that i guess is to get my weapons to duo-tri. However, my Liverto is at 24 durability and my greatsword is at 19 durability and i got about 30 failstacks on 4 characters by now.
    I'm not filthy rich, i'm making money but not in light speed. I fish for relics to do discos for mem frags. I also feel that i need to get the greatsword and liverto up to atleast pri to grind efficently or so, instead of stacking up on money just to roll the night vendor and pray to rngeous for a Dandelion or a Kzarka.
    What would some of you do in a position like this, what would you focus on first? Liverto? Greatsword?

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  4. Arahor added a post in a topic [Lvl. 55] Combat Level-Up quest has been added.   

    I guess this is not a repeatable quest? Just a normal, one time character quest?
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  5. Arahor added a post in a topic losing enchants to pvp deaths while negative karma ? rofl what the f   

    The hardcore pvpers want to own carebears that has 100ap and 150dp, now there is a reason for those equally geared hardcore pvers to group up and hunt the hardcore pvpers, and when they die they lose enchantments untill they have 100ap and 150dp just to be wreckt by the equally geared carebears.
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  6. Arahor added a post in a topic We need limits for buyers in the cash shop   

    I say that once you buy an outfit for real money it's still able to be put up on marketplace, once it goes through the marketplace and someone buys it then it should become bound to family untill you open/equip it and it should not be able to re-sell the item. This should also be applied for any pearl item out there. Thats my opinion on this matter.
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  7. Arahor added a post in a topic [Question]regards to old&replacement kamasilve from attendance reward   

    I would also like to know this. I had claimed the kamasilve from the 21th day but did not use it since it was reported to be broken. And now i got another one in my mail that i claimed. Now i got two in my inventory, not knowing which one is the old one and which one is the new one.
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  8. Arahor added a post in a topic How do you warriors make your income?   

    Anyone who could PM me with a good route to make money at Chimeras? I would be very grateful if someone could. I tried to make some money there but it was sort of a pain to pull them since they just did not chase and such.
    I'am a level 53 warrior, half way to 54. Currently i'm sitting on 101 AP and 90 DP. I've been struggling hard trying to get my Liverto to +15 (at 26 failstacks atm but only at 25 durability.)
    I'm trying to grind at Sausans. If i go solo, i can manage groups without much struggle but at extremely low speed. If i go in a pug group everyone's pets pick up all loot before my T1 Lvl 10 gets the chance to do it. I feel ashamed when i'm in a pug group, i feel carried so HARD by the party, my damage is like a joke that is not even fun - i feel like i want to apologize to my group for just being a warrior. It's like i can hear my group think "FML a warrior, rip last party spot".
    To the point, I need some advice/guidence to make some silver so i can get money for fragments and get this weapon done so i can focus on my armor, I try will remain strong and stick to warrior, attempt Kzarka as often as possible without getting loot and such.
    I've seen Chimeras been mentioned plently of times in this thread and on reddit, no route given, i explored it a little myself but i just could not get the hang of a good rotation in my mind, hench why i'm asking now.
    Thanks for helping a warrior in need!
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