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  1. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic Returning after very long time. How to gear?   

    Get jewelry.
    upgrade liverto and saiyer and awakening weapon to duo, then tri.
    As banish said, the armor is really not important, if you care i made a video about the choices too, i would recommend u go for 2xheve+2x(1x)boss, getting grunil isnt a waste because u need a set to failstack anyway but not a priority right now (u can failstack on taritas just fine).
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  2. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic Curious   

    What do you expect? You ask who has the most burst and i tell you warrior has it. Berserker has the lowest burst ingame.
    Thinking of it...do u even know what inciteful means and sure that it shouldnt have been insightful?
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  3. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic Lots of questions, returning player(not another return copypaste thread)   

    -Berserker is a good solo grinding class. At lvl59+ i would put it right below the top tier (kuno, wizard, tamer).
    -Same as any class, kzarka, kutum/nouver(sayier is maybe the best of both worlds and cheap), dandi.
    -Olvia servers is for returning players. " To enter these servers you must have a new account (Made on or after Dec. 1st with the Opening of the New World!) or have been absent from the game for 30 days. "
    -U get a small amount of silver daily, more the higher level toon(s) you have, higher lifeskills and higher energy.
    -It isn´t too much p2w. Add it all up and u want to pay for weight, pets ect. of course, it isnt a free game and isnt designed to be played free.They awnna make money.
    -Ghillie is not important. If you buy a costume for $$$ it should be the cooking one it has combat xp and the -2seconds cooking time is truly op.
    -wont tell u waht to do, u would have to give us more information on gear ect. first.
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  4. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic Curious   

    Nothing beats warrior 100%burst. If you want to go in for easy gvg kills, it is warrior.
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  5. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic imperial cooking bugged?   

    The problem is that you are telling it in here to the public. If you are not having a milk problem for whatever reason dont tell people to waste it on crates that aren´t even profitable to make when there is profitable options.
    Anyway, got my points out if anybody reads it he or she can chose what to do, im sure you do what you do so do it.
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  6. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic imperial cooking bugged?   

    Looking at whats sold out i disagree, everybody is doing the same:)
    I don't understand why you like meat croquette. Its using meat which is hard to get, its using milk which is hard to get. If u take market value and divide crafting cost by 2.5 you still end up at around 12k (out of memory, could be wrong) per item and its 40per box..480k cost per box and u get 410k. I really really don't get it.I know the procc can be used in specials but your losing silver on the rest and specials sell like crap you could just preorder blue procc that people sell and make specials of them.
    And for sute vs milk tea i do milk tea because a day has 24h and if i sit there making cream then milk i cannot play the game. Also, sute tea box takes 10more items...its less silver for your materials mate. (even if crafting cost was the same its still 437/50=8,74 per milk tea to break even and 7,85 for a sute to break even).

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  7. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic To be or not to be   

    You have to distinguish pvp and pve damage.
    PVE farm is fine. Actually it is good. It isn't ranger, musa wizard(tamer...list is long but its not a really big difference outside of destroying sausan and pirates) but right after that and as all classes are awakened they all farm well.
    Going full ap is the best option. Going hybrid is well...what can i say...a berserker doing pve with red corals is bad. For 1vs1 or 1vsx PVP i don´t see a use for reducing ap either, yes i know we can wank around anybody and kill but a faster "one shot" is a faster one shot and they are a)not returning if melted fast and b)if its 2or3 you don´t die while killing one.
    Warrior and Valk is better as a "tank", berserker needs to be mobile using skills, pressing block is not an option. So if thats what u expect go warrior.
    Now what about getting DP? If you can afford it, and believe me you can not at your point of progression (After tet weapons is a good point and after tri ogre tet boss tet weapons is when u should consider it over getting pen dandy) DP accessory is a good investment. Note: DP accessory.The exception would be getting a tet weapon core..its cheap and good at tet. You need to get above 400dp to really abuse the fact that dp while not being great does indeed work and for gvg this can be great. You will have 130ap not killing anything but you are tanky and are cc/support. Same goes for a wizard too. 
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  8. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    Just look at it. it is a minor patch. They have to EXTEND maint again for another hour. They do it week in week out, its 50%-----up. Thats not professional.
    It isnt about translation. Yes they SUCK at translation too, so many errors in the release...the kr client translation was BETTER at some points and AMATEURS made it.

    Thats the whole point, if it was a fan mod anything is fair game, but tehy are professionals and they ----- up patch after patch instead of getting a testserver setup to run the stuff and know about problems ealier. Of course thats more time invested more money but its PROFESSIONAL. 
    The speed of updates is fine, its actually very good they are trying hard its why invest money in the game, i also like no bullshit with hackers but if they were professionals they wouldv listened and not gotten the big hacker/botter problem because the big holes were fixed already in the kr version months before EU/NA release...they wanna do it well but they work like bloody 15y old boys.
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  9. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic imperial cooking bugged?   

    It is a guess but imperial trade isn´t locked to the npc u are at but all the npc.
    If you just use the blue procc for sute tea and make boxes from the rest you make the most. 
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  10. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic Final crystals and Foods??   

    I havent tried but if you get attacked while on "pve" mode isn´t it trouble with grab combo? 
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  11. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    Yeah its abouta verage and it is a shame. My client just got -----ed up again by the patch, now it goes into repairing:) This isnt professional anda thats my point month in month out.
    Especially bad is writing its a 2h maint and then making it a 8h that might get extended or at least -----s up your client. 
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  12. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    Game dev?They are not game developers.They aren´t close to being that.They don´t develope.They apply patches. If i apply a patch on a customer software i know how long it takes and unless something bad happens (once a year) i keep that time. 
    This is why they honestly cannot tell you when what gets to the game theey get patches sent and try to fiddle them in.Sadly for us they dont TEST before they WORK so stuff like applying a patch that was on kr earlier to a game that had a later change to imperial trade and forget to change the number in thet patch files to keep the buff.
    PS: Most importantly this morning it was a 2h maint.they start, ----- up, extend. No man, it was liek that early days of mmo when ppl were all amateurs but companys learned and i havent seen a game having either that much or that often extended downtimes in a while:)
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  13. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic Is BDO P2W?   

    Life is p2w. But paying some chinese boy less money is gonna profit u more than bdo p2w:)
    The main point is that after full tet there isnt really a big gap.anybody gets there eventually without spending $$$ on the p2w aspec(only one and its artisans, costumes is not p2w its a nice way for me to collect costumes:D). 
    And hell yes you don´t need to be unemployed but you have to get passive income flowing and lifeskill and be, like real life, consistent. 100boxes a day is 150m a week for maybe 1h of afk cooking a day. Buy cooking costume and it is less, that´s p2convenience but not win(=doing nothing for silver).
    If they dump 150$in the game for costumes i feel really hard for their emplyers because he is overpaying limited people. If they spend 150$on artisan fine good for them but selling costumes...i dunno who they are but i am glad there is stupid ppl:)
    I fully agree on the workers,
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  14. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    8h for a small patch...if it isnt fixing...what am i talking about..just reverting the mess u made with imperial turnin i dunno...ur amateurs and that´s only a good thing in one buisiness, and it isnt yours.
    I like all the banning ppl but as any other week, get professional.
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  15. iloveKuchen added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    Your logic is flawed.
    Firstly, getting 5times xp is a silly and wrong statement. If there was 5times as many mob then yeah, maybe you would get more (not 5times...)xp. Secondly, getting half or less than half silver in a group would be more severe than getting 5times xp (if you would get that).
    About "2-3players who know how to grind pirates": You don´t have to know anything you go and kill the rotation. In a duo you take the 2-3packs behind the main pull in a solo you don´t..or well nowadays maybe wizards can solo it too and beat respawn.
    In a 5-man your too weak to clear a pirate spot solo hence at the wrong spot. You stay weak because you don´t get silver. Thats why you are failing at the game if you group grind pirates. Add in that a group grinding there smells like week ppl, easy saltmining thats what happened to you.
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