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  1. Sycarus added a post in a topic Evasion warrior?   

    Personaly i dont think once you have vangertz an zarka you need the rce and belt shud be centaur just because that dp is full eva. Gues evva builds are good until you come across somebody that has acc stacked then its a nightmare
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  2. Sycarus added a post in a topic Striker - New class   

    Lokk again at the stream they said the striker usses tamer offhand
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  3. Sycarus added a post in a topic Offhand   

    the only thing i see is the warrior killing the other guy when he uses hes kd guard .....war dmg is still hi because of crit ...1 kd and 1 grab to enhance duration of the down time . is all warrior needs.
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  4. Sycarus added a topic in Warrior   

    Any info on centaur belt
    Read on some forums that centaurs belt suposedly has some hiden evassion any info on these?
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  5. Sycarus added a post in a topic Help with accesories   

    These is not KR. Full ap acc with 215 ap was getting ass wooped by a witch with full evasion gear. 200 ap against same witch i ----- his ass 20-0 .....kr or not acc does wonders in pvp
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  6. Sycarus added a post in a topic Help with accesories   

    good luck hitting with that any decent geared player
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  7. Sycarus added a post in a topic Help with accesories   

    Any idea for what ap/dp shud i be ayming for?   Was planning for a 218 ap and 323 dp with full tri acc and full tet weapons and armour.
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  8. Sycarus added a topic in Warrior   

    Help with accesories
    Ok so far i am standing with full tri boss armour/tri kzarka/tri dande/tri kutum/tri red coral/duo crescent/duo basi/duo ogre. My question is if its better to get a tri sicil or get a tri ogre and go for a tri centaut belt so that a have a bit more dp?
    • 15 replies
  9. Sycarus added a post in a topic Divinity [Romania] [Jordine]   

    Zuko akm sa postezi si ca te-ai intors in joc  😎
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  10. Sycarus added a post in a topic Divinity [Romania] [Jordine]   

    Nasol ...rng sks
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  11. Sycarus added a post in a topic Divinity [Romania] [Jordine]   

    Micul mare trompi
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  12. Sycarus added a topic in Warrior   

    Evasion build
    Is vangetz shild viable  beeter than a kutum if i whant to make my char as tanky as possible?
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  13. Sycarus added a post in a topic Divinity [Romania] [Jordine]   

    Inca 3 locuri libere
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  14. Sycarus added a post in a topic Ninja or Warrior? Gear?   

    If you think these game is more than just a grind for gear and lvl you truly live in a fairy tail
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  15. Sycarus added a post in a topic Ninja or Warrior? Gear?   

    Ok to much bshit in these post ...sriosly play what you like if you need others to tell you what you like you have serious problems. all classes are good if you like them and you have the patience to invest the time in them ..because bdo is just that a big time investment. If you liek your class you will be able to grind for hours with them ..get silver ..invets in rng enchant ..get gear get lvl fk the noobs that are below you in gear and lvl ..its just that easy. best class in theseg ame is the class you like. With no class will you ever be able to beat someone that has more gear than you.
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