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  1. valechore added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   


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  2. valechore added a post in a topic Traiana- [Recruiting - End Game Goals - Discord]   

    Traiana welcomes you! 
    General information for those interested
    We welcome men and women of all ages and sizes (except extra large), pun intended.
    Why the name? Every game the aim is to focus on a guild name that represents something historic, this time it's the legendary armies of the Roman and Alexandrian legions. Traiana is a successful legion from the founder Trajan, who is quite successful in his expertise. I am personally heavily into role-playing.
    Who is the guild leader? Generally I am called 'Valechore'. However with the unique family name system in Black Desert I've changed the common theme into the following
    Family name: Hetairoi (companion cavalry in Alexandrian regime), Elite names intrigue me!
    Main Character name: Legatus (should be known by most to be a favourable position as the general and highest ranking of military tribunes, in the Roman armies)
    Why Join us?
    Simply put, If you are looking for a guild that is focused on all aspects and will capitalize/abuse to the fullest extent everything Black Desert has to offer alongside being entertained (We have strippers), This is the guild for you!
    We offer the rare combination of PK + PvP in every aspect, Death to all! PvE and Casual play from time to time in other aspects.
    We offer training, coaching and strategy towards all guild members! Teamwork is key, I believe knowledge is the most important aspect of anything!
    We get high from time to time and go slightly crazy! These common occasions will result in mass PK groups/raids or diving into the ground, all whilst under the influence of Class A drugs (Sarcasm intended).
    What can you expect from Early Access?
    We will start with parties of 3-5 to focus on grinding. The aim of the game is to get a good start and geared up!
    Bring forth a core structure for the guild and determine leaders + strategies of how to tackle the content to be released.
    PvP Practice with guild every day (You do not need to attend, time to be allocated dependent on the majority).
    NEW DISCORD LINK: http://discord.gg/0qANnovggI80pWp6
    So what will you choose? Friend or foe.
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  3. valechore added a post in a topic Crimson Recruiting   

    Editing permission wont allow me to edit so this recruitment is OLD! and discontinued
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  4. valechore added a post in a topic What is your goal as a guild leader/member?   

    I am a leader.
    Reason why? I love to  be evil! and most guild leaders don't like PK'ing from guild members so i choose to be the leader of my own guild where everything goes!
    The main reason is so that when members log in they feel like they can partake in something that is going on in game pretty much at all times, and if not just talk to other members both which great a nice gaming experience
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  5. valechore added a post in a topic MSI GTX 980 + 4k Display   

    To SLI, the weakest card is the bottleneck mate, even if they could be SLI'd you would only get the performance of 2 GTX 970's
    I suggest you get two GTX 970's for SLI (The performance is roughly 20-30% better than a singular GTX 980 Ti), OC'd and the performance difference is between 35-45% better (roughly 10-15% better than Titan X performance)
    However for future expansion if you are planning to get over 100fps in the top games for the high hz monitors. You might aswell get your GTX 980Ti and SLI that later on.
    SLI is risky however more and more games are being compatible with SLI performance so the future is bright.
    Or... you could just wait it out for the next brand of graphics cards
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  6. valechore added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Error EX0
    Everytime i try to edit my post it has the error message (EX0), I have no clue why this would appear so any help would be appreciated
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  7. valechore added a topic in European Guild   

    Crimson Recruiting
    Brief Introduction
    Guild Name: Crimson
    VOIP: TBD - current best provider seems to be Dolby Axon for sound quality with support for 50 members for a group chat with an insanely easy to use interface (less hassle), seems to be more than enough (open to suggestions, sound-quality and amount of members allowed for group chat as priority). Suggestions are available (I will subscribe/create the VOIP server needed when CBT 2/Game launches)
    Main Focus: PvP - I am a player that puts nearly all his focus into PvP, The guild will mainly be focused on grouped pvp events, sieges, GVG wars etc. you can count on us contributing to everything PvP-based out there.
    Master of All trades: The guild will have other focuses too, being a gamer since 4 years old (19 now as of 2015) I understand what needs to be done to create an amazing gaming experience and being focused on PvP is just not enough, Socially the aim of this guild is to create a close-bond between members which will increase the enjoyment span of the game greatly and also make friends which will follow you through other future games.
    We will also focus on PVE content, WPVP content, Battlegrounds, Arena PVP events within guild (hone and increase skill for individual players) etc. etc. Whatever BDO has to offer.
    Requirements to join: Be active, 3-4 days per week is roughly what I have estimated for each player to log in for for the creation of a closely-bonded Guild, and 4-5 days for a PvP focused guild (them days being focused on the sieges and events mainly)
    Few more requirements are to be active in chat, leave your anger at home, promote conversation between guild members (In-guild fighting is detrimental to the BDO community as a whole and especially our guild community)

    Are You interested? Well go ahead and contact me on forums (message me), add me on Skype (Valechore), add me on steam (Valechore), Dolby Axon (Valechore), League of Legends EUW (Zordos).
    any of the above methods is fine!
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  8. valechore added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: Kayhlen
    Family Name: Reckless

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  9. valechore added a post in a topic Family and Character Name Formatting   

    If they do that, whispering would have to be changed and you would have to type in their family name instead of the characters name. Just an addition to that suggestion 
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  10. valechore added a topic in Suggestions   

    Trading, storage, combat and skills + UI
    Too easy... way too easy. I am not sure if it is possible but a +200% damage boost would be great to all normal monsters.currently  there is no competition and I can kill mobs 5-10 levels higher with ease.
    Co-op bosses are also far too easy. I have not needed a partner to complete a single quest yet. as the monsters attack too slow and each attack takes ages to land (suggest increase in AI skill speed and movement by at least 50%)
    Node Warehouses and trading
    1. Currently if you have nodes connecting between two major cities, you can instantly transport any amount of items to that cities storage, then head over there manually and sell the trading items. I see this as a complete contradiction of the trading and transport system. The transported items should require a horse, or wagon and the weight limit restrictions should still apply. the wagons should physically have to move to the next location, and when that is done they are sent to the storage.
    2. when transporting trade items from one node to another, the bandits are simply stupid and aren't really a nuisance, I suggest more bandits being placed to accommodate for the ''dangerous world'', and the bandits activities increase at night time! This addition would be great, either adding a larger number of bandits (randomly generated) to accommodate for the extra danger at nighttime, here guilds would have to work together to get their trade items transported!
    3. I am not sure if this is currently possible. However destroying players wagons/attacking them whilst they are transporting should drop the loot items, the other player should then beable to either mount them on his/her caravan/horse or pick them up and carry them to any location they wish. This would increase the lifespan of the game and bring about some fun world pvp.It also forces players to join guilds, and work as a team to prevent such ambushes from happening. Also at night-time, the players trying to loot the caravan should have extra damage bonus (dangerous times we live in).
    Descriptions need to be updated, half the skills effects when upgraded are not clear and the damage/effect of upgrading them skills are also not clear. This may be due to it being CBT 1 however just thought I would put it out there.
    1. Buying/Selling (multiple), when buying and selling multiple items, some annoying little window opens with tiny buttons. This window is far too small and the design in my opinion is not too great. For fast selling you right-click - press F (sell all) - press enter - Press enter. When selling multiple stacks of items this gets annoying very quickly. I suggest getting rid of the last (are you sure you want to sell this item) box, as players can always re-purchase their items.
    2. I like seeing how much experience I am gaining, the loot from monsters and gold earned (silver in this case) on a separate chat window. However currently everything is linked into the system option. Can we have more diversity such as (combat - EXP, combat - Loot, Combat - Status) options.
    2.1 When clicking players names in the chat menu, you can not click on a players name which you have whispered to, however you can click their name when they whisper you. This becomes a nuisance as you have to find the instance where they whispered you to invite them to party or add as friend/have access to other options. Can the access to clicking a characters name be GLOBAL, where every name in the chat can be clicked without restrictions for options.
    2.2 Custom chat type colours, I am sure many players would agree the colour for whisper is far too strong compared to the others. and being able to change these colours would be beneficial for players who have a hard time seeing bright colours. Currently some of the contrasts between the colours of chat are either far too bright (whisper) or too dull (general) to be seen properly.
    3. Help menu/Knowledge menu - the text is too small, same for the crafting menu for checking recipes etc. The text is far too small and should be increased by a few pixels.
    That sums up what I have noticed over the past 2 days of CBT 1.
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