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  1. Rootlus added a post in a topic Epheria Sail Boat   

    Confirmed the green prow from the regular warf managers that states it is for Guild galley is actually for the epheria sail boat.  Miss named apparently.  Have test and works on my Epheria sail boat.  
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  2. Rootlus added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 1st   

    Serbianca not giving option to turn in warranty cards.  have 8, shows the item exchange list on right side but no option to exchange in dialog.  
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  3. Rootlus added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 25th   

    Wondering if others have noticed issue with Siege Weapon Workshop?  Shows we can make "Cannon Ball for Ship x10" but is only making one cannon ball per worker cycle and using full amount of Mats for each cannon ball.  Comes out to about 75k per cannon ball yet on the market they sell for 5k and from the vendor they sell for 10k.  If it actually made 10 at a time then this would be more efficient and possibly profitable, but right now the cost is way not worth it.  Guessing this is a bug?
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  4. Rootlus added a post in a topic My RNG is potato   

    People are so focused on fail stacks.  Little secret... There is a possibility that some people will NEVER achieve the enhancement level they want regardless of the fail stacks or time spent playing the game.  The hardcore players praise this mechanic saying that at least the enhancing is not for casual players but what they don't understand is that the person who has attempted to enhance once at max fail stacks has the same chance to succeed as the person who has attempted 100 times.  In this game the most casual player in the world has the same chance as the most hardcore no lifer.  There is no benefit to playing this game 20 hours a day vs. playing for 30 minutes.  That person that has spent 500hrs farming ogres has the same chance of an ogre ring dropping as the person who killed their first ogre.  If you rely on RNG in this game you are relying on a mechanic that is just as friendly to casuals as it is to hardcore.  Some would say more friendly to casuals because they don't try as hard but have the same benefits.  Mind you the hardcore players will more likely have more silver.  But with everyone complaining about P2W mechanics and this game being casual friendly, it amazes me how many people completely overlook that the RNG is the most casual mechanic in the game.  The truth is, someone who barely plays could potentially be running around in tri and tet gear while another person who has put 1500hr+ into this game could be stuck on pri and possibly never enhance higher.  There is actually a greater chance statistically that you will NEVER be able to enhance your gear to the level you want then actually getting it there.  The only way to fix this would be for the game to remove the fail stack cap and also make an eventual/inevitable loot system. This would ensure that people who work 10 times harder than others will be guaranteed to advance and rewarded for their work and effort (Keep in mind though, this would also cause this game to have an actual end rather than players that stop playing because they either give up or get bored).  RNG allows terrible players to walk around with big heads because they feel they are superior to others based on the fact that they got lucky.  This is an mmo truly.  RNG does not reward time played or effort.  Skill does not determine success.  That's just the beast you choose to ride.  Keep your head up, keep trying.  I'm not going to lie to you and say you will eventually get it because statistically there is a chance you won't unless the cap is removed from the fail stacking system.  Something for everyone to consider.  
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