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  1. HuggyBear added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Horse stuck on Pirate Island | Shows on Boat | Not There
    This is annoying as hell. I whistle my horse to my boat. Appears fine. I can even MOUNT the horse. I start moving my ship away. Horse is now "too far" and even though it's visually right in front of me, I can no longer mount it (too far) and I have to go back to the docks. I've tried to get my horse on my boat multiple times. It just won't work. A nasty bug, no question. Visually the horse shows fine, but the server keeps thinking it's back on somebody else's boat.
    Yup. Wasted over an hour trying to transport the horse only to find it was back on the island even though it visually showed on my ship and could even be mounted on my ship while it was close to the dock. Had to remove everything and have no choice but to remote collect. Nasty, nasty bug. Surprised this problem exists given the age of the game.
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  2. HuggyBear added a topic in General   

    Comprehensive Black Desert Online Review (August 2016)
    Here's a comprehensive Black Desert Online review from August of 2016.
    • 32 replies
  3. HuggyBear added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Wizard's Altar Tower Jump Bugged
    Done this quest with numerous other characters; on my sorceress - jumping up near the top to get to the 2nd stairway - never makes it (regardless of sprint) and then gets stuck in fall/stand up (circle) mode again and again - have to ESCAPE multiple times to get out of it. Something got broke, that's for sure.

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  4. HuggyBear added a topic in Suggestions   

    What in god's name is wrong with ship autopathing?
    Who in god's name wrote the code for the ship autopathing? I'm at a loss for words. The game constantly has me doing zig zag patterns throughout the ocean for no good reason of any kind. What's up with this? PLEASE FIX!!!!
    • 8 replies
  5. HuggyBear added a post in a topic Steel or Bronze Dagger once you hit TRI Liverto bow?   

    Interesting part here is nobody is talking about their accessories; I would think Steel vs. Bronze would also highly be based on Accessories (Acc vs. AP) prior to Bheg's...
    I run all Accuracy accessories with the Ancient Necklack and belt (for acc) and switching to Steel (from Bronze) I farm quicker. So there seems to be some sort of "cap" or "sweet spot" with accuracy. Not sure what that number is...
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  6. HuggyBear added a post in a topic AP vs. Accuracy?   

    Is there some recommended balance point of accuracy vs. DP though? For example when do you switch to Steel Dagger? Do we want to "cap" our accuracy at a certain value before we focus on AP? My understanding is people switch to Steel when they get Bheg's, but not before. Also, any reason to not use RoGD and go instead with Ogre ring?
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  7. HuggyBear added a post in a topic AP vs. Accuracy?   

    Thanks for the feedback! BTW how many failstacks do i need for PRI->DUO->TRI for my ROGD, and what should I use to build the failstacks? I'm accustomed to doing it for weapons/armor, but not for accessories.
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  8. HuggyBear added a topic in Ranger   

    AP vs. Accuracy?
    I have a 55 Ranger with ~120 AP. The question is do I lose AP to get Accuracy? For example, Red Coral Earrings and Ring of Good Deeds (PRI+) vs the higher AP jewelry? Also is the Ancient belt/necklace set the best we can do prior to boss/end-game gear?
    • 9 replies
  9. HuggyBear added a post in a topic Best area to solo level 54-56?   

    Thanks! It is very quiet back there; granted the density isn't much, there's enough to keep one busy if the other places are taken.
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  10. HuggyBear added a post in a topic Best area to solo level 54-56?   

    Only 104/167. I went to the Elrics and they essentially seemed the same as the Manes (in level, density, etc.). Any reason why Elrics are better than manes?
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  11. HuggyBear added a topic in Berserker   

    Best area to solo level 54-56?
    Any recommendations on the best place(s) to level 54-56 solo? Manes are draining my brain. Any other places that are better exp (not Sausan's -- too hard to solo with the groups and PKers) and $? Thanks!
    • 9 replies
  12. HuggyBear added a post in a topic Best rotation for farming Sausans solo?   

    Besides a Sapphire Necklace, what other gear should I focus on for knockback/knockdown resistance?
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  13. HuggyBear added a post in a topic Best rotation for farming Sausans solo?   

    Well that gives 30% resistance and with gems it's much better, but you get 4 cannoneers on you you'll still have problem. So the question is what's the best farming alt rotation to Raging Thunder?
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  14. HuggyBear added a topic in Berserker   

    Best rotation for farming Sausans solo?
    Due to the Cannonner's constant kickback, I've found Raging Thunder is pretty much useless for farming Sausans. What rotation works best running them solo?
    • 6 replies
  15. HuggyBear added a post in a topic Ultimate Ranger Reference   

    What's the best single-target rotation? (for elites, etc)
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