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  1. KIARRASW added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    Edan: Karawynn
    1. A screenshot of yourself on a mount (horse or donkey)

    2. A screenshot of yourself on a boat

    3. A screenshot of yourself on a wagon

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  2. KIARRASW added a post in a topic [DSG] Dead Strategy Gaming [NA/Edan/Hardcore PvP] Level 52+ | Combined AP/DP 250+   

    It was awesome hanging out with the team last night for the CBT2 grindfest. I really look forward to hitting max level so we can do a little prelaunch PVP. Don't forget to hit us up on the DSG site to obtain server and default channel settings for the guild. Happy grinding everyone
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  3. KIARRASW added a post in a topic [DSG] Dead Strategy Gaming [NA/Edan/Hardcore PvP] Level 52+ | Combined AP/DP 250+   

    Hey fellow DSG members and potential recruits!
    I just wanted to give a shout out and announce to any secret KiarraSW fans out there that I have decided to join forces with the awesome team here at Dead Strategy Gaming. I am really looking forward to some serious PVP time with this group of like minded hooligans. If any of you are on the fence about joining a particular guild for CBT2 and Head Start because you don't know what you might be getting into, I highly recommend giving Thievery and the crew here at DSG a shout. The team is friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. They are easy going and a ton of fun but take their gaming commitments seriously. Their main rule is you need to really want to PVP - easy in a game that has so much potential for meaningful PVP right? 
    Hit me up if you have any questions from a new member perspective and I will be happy to share my experience with you. There are a lot of choices out there for guild membership and a game like BDO is very difficult to enjoy solo. I highly encourage everyone to take the time to do the research before committing to just any guild that posts their recruiting propaganda on the forums. It isn't the end of the world to get in to a bad guild but it is certainly a huge set back in a competitive game such as this. You owe it to yourself to choose wisely. For me the choice was simple... DSG FTW! 
    Whoa whoa @Smiley Where did you get that epic Avatar?! 
    You know there is no competing with the Monkey...
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  4. KIARRASW added a post in a topic Head Start times   

    Drat I was planning to take a 2 day class that runs from the 27th through 28th. Looks like I will have to post pone the class til June now. A girl has to have her priorities in life right?
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  5. KIARRASW added a topic in General   

    Head Start times
    I saw that the official release is set for 3/3/2016 but was unable to find a start time for it. Also I would assume that pushes the Head start to the 28th for Conquerors and the 1st of March for Explorers respectively. I am hoping that someone can confirm these dates and ideally can provide a start time as I have a conflict on the 28th sadly. I can speculate that if CBT2 is set to start at 8:00 UTC that the Release and Head Start may follow suite but don't want to assume anything. Please advise @cm_Jouska or other Daum rep in the know.
    Thanks in advance
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  6. KIARRASW added a post in a topic Looking for a quality guild (tldr warning)   

    I was pretty active on AA Source before the NA Launch. Wow good memory.
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  7. KIARRASW added a post in a topic Looking for a quality guild (tldr warning)   

    I have had this avatar in for quite some time. Maybe I have bumped into you on another game forum. Pretty sure I am the only one who uses it unless someone poached it from me. Also thanks for the bump and luck - I can certainly use it.
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  8. KIARRASW added a post in a topic How can we coexist? Keep on topic plz   

    I will take the position of a carebear for a moment. I want the big meanies to leave me alone. Does giving him a penalty for killing me accomplish that? NOPE.
    I will take the position of a dirty PKer for a moment. I want to kill anything that moves. Does a penalty stop me from doing that? NOPE.
    I think that is why Daum is looking at the proposed bounty system to make it open season on PKers. Please let's help them with some constructive ideas of our own that would fit nicely with the current game mechanics.
    I have suggested some changes to the system here: http://www.google.com/url?q=http%3A%2F%2Fforum.blackdesertonline.com%2Findex.php%3F%2Ftopic%2F7409-bounty-system-to-enhance-karma-system%2F&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AFQjCNGXrVVZ5-E6_QzLzRWaeYRYhUsLvA
    What is your suggestion?
    When I visit the forums all I see is a huge fight that makes me want to rampage PK everyone when I get in game tbh. Let's try to offer constructive suggestions rather than keep turning this thread into another flaming pvp vs pve argument thread.
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  9. KIARRASW added a post in a topic How can we coexist? Keep on topic plz   

    We seem to be stuck in the same old discussion and not coming up with any new solutions. Every other thread has that same issue. I really wanted a thread to brainstorm alternate ideas to this issue.
    I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there about how often an innocent PVE only type player will get mercilessly slaughtered which is making this issue even more heated than it needs to be. It is a massive map and not everyone will be in the same area at once. Most PVE folks who are interested in taking advantage of the economic elements are going to be farming resources with their workers. The only time they will be out in the open world would be to travel from city to city or grind on mobs.
    Below level 50 PVE players are free to roam the world without fear of getting ganked by a PKer. So what can the level 50+ PVE player do to avoid dangerous encounters from hostile players? That is the real question here. Players who want to be able to kill other players will do so to be mean but also to fight over resources and other personal reasons. They want to be competitive so they will grind in the best spots and will defend those spots.
    In another thread someone said that a player was griefing the heck out of him, thus he felt the need to repeatedly PK the griefer. I think all of us have wanted to do that at one point or another and that is one of the many reasons why we must keep the PK system in place. How can we make it better? Flagging alone doesn't solve the issue nor does steep penalties. This is why Daum is looking for suggestions, this is why we need to brainstorm acceptable ideas that can appeal to both sides.
    Why do we need to coexist? The PVE group will craft the gear that the PVP group will purchase in the AH. Both sides will fund the game and populate it which is very important to the success / longevity of the game. Simply saying we should segregate or only be able to PVP with flagged players is not the best answer.
    Perhaps making the most lucrative grind spots designated no karma zones would be a good start. Having areas on the map that are so hostile and vile, that the Karma system does not apply could be a viable solution. PVE only folks would accept the risk if they chose to enter or they can grind at a different spot. I don't see PVE folks needing to grind up as quickly and competitively as the PVP crowd so this may be helpful.
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  10. KIARRASW added a post in a topic How can we coexist? Keep on topic plz   

    I actually want owpvp in this game. I am lousy at pvp but I love the idea of living in a dangerous world where pk exists. If I want to be completely safe I would go play wildstar or <insert cuddly pve only game here>.
    I don't want severe penalties that will make this part of the game nonexistent. That being said, I would like to see some creative players come up with some alternate solutions that both sides can endorse.
    If the penalties are reduced, it increases the risk to the carebears. What can we give them to compensate their increased risk?
    I don't want total immunity all the time, but if an option, even a challenging one existed to allivate some risk for a short time, that could make a difference.
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  11. KIARRASW added a post in a topic Are the class nerfs and buffs carrying over?   

    Play a class that fits your playstyle. If you play one that is incompatible with your natural tendencies or preferences, you won't perform as well.
    Nerfs and buffs will come and go creating a flavor of the month. Players whow want to play the most op class will be constantly chasing after a moving target.
    If you want to enjoy your gaming experience, choose a character that you feel passionate about and get really good at playing it. You may not be op but you will learn how to hold your own and have a blast doing it.
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  12. KIARRASW added a topic in General   

    How can we coexist? Keep on topic plz
    A lot of heated discussions on the forums regarding owpvp pk pvp and pve exist today. Most plans focus on segregation or punishment for killing unflagged players.
    Punishment is only one way to handle behavior in a gaming community. What other options can we come up with to make the system work well for both sides?
    Can we remove the experience loss if a player is killed by another player? Can we grant a buff of protection for pve players upon completing a pve related task so they can safely travel in the world if they choose?
    What are some reasonable alternatives to severe punishments and or segregation? Since pk is a system built into the game, we should be focusing on how we can make it work rather than demanding it go away.
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  13. KIARRASW added a post in a topic Looking for a quality guild (tldr warning)   

    I have no doubt that you are a serious player. I guess I should have phrased that a little bit clearer. I meant that I am looking for a solid group of people to join with established group strategies for launch, guild codes of conduct and other general guild related topics fleshed out already. It sounds like you are working that out but I was looking for something that was a little further into development. I hope I haven't offended you by my response, It is just that I have some OCD tendencies when it comes to guild structure and management.
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  14. KIARRASW added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Seems like there are very few well laid out suggestions that are being discussed here. A lot of players are asking for clones of other games and others are asking to go in a totally different direction. The good constructive ideas are getting buried with all the salty complaints. It would be really great if we focus on the current problems and work to solve them with the direction that Daum would like to take us.
    Here are the current issues to solve:
    PVE players don't want to get killed by other players when they hit level 50. What can we give them in return for a healthy OWPVP game? The Publisher has suggested the Bounty System yet it doesn't solve this completely. What if they are given something that will protect them for a certain period if they do get ganked? How would that work? Would it solve their complaints?
    PK players want the freedom to play how they wish and make choices that will enhance their enjoyment of the game without excruciating restrictions. The bounty system will give them more meaningful consequences along with a way to manage their karma better than they can in the current system. How can we make the proposed system even better / more fleshed out?
    PVP players want lots of meaningful OWPVP. The proposed system would encourage more PVP and add a whole new layer of fun for them. Can we make it even more awesome while still maintaining a good balance?
    All players are concerned about exploits. How can we tighten up the proposed system to make it more resistant to exploits?
    What is in it for me? What will make you want to utilize this system? What are the possible rewards from a non-PK perspective, potential Bounty Hunter, and victims perspective? What would the PK player want from this system? Can we lighten up on some of the karma penalties in exchange for this system?
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  15. KIARRASW added a post in a topic Bounty system to enhance Karma system   

    Someone in another thread mentioned that it would not be fair to use karma to place a hit on someone since those with negative karma couldn't "afford" to participate. I say why not allow them to dip into the negative to use the system as well. As long as they know the consequence of going in the negative and are making an informed decision, there should be no reason they could not use the system. It is all about making choices in BDO and this should be no different. I do think there should be some sort of limit placed on this idea but it is a good starting point imho.
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