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  1. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic This is how things will end.   

    Did anyone else notice that they have made the outfits like fishing costume Trent ect CLASS SPECIFIC even though there was no way to transfer them from one class to another???
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  2. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Elixirs   

    Accuracy, ap, thorns
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  3. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Korea version of April Fools!
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  4. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Class with high(est) burst?   

    When awakening are out, plum is highest burst. It is even more than sorc
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  5. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic If you think you will be able to just pay to win, you're wong   

    Then the game was p2w without adding being able to sell costumes. Weight increase and maids will increase chance of winning node wars
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  6. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Concern with Maehwa gameplay   

    I have left black desert kr before any cc patch and now on black desert Na. For what I have experience is the lack of variance with openings. Before in my old guild our rule was to stack accuracy like many other guild, to make sure there is complete combo. It did much less damage than being ap, which is why some players who had money used full ap to have more damage, like myself for large war. The cc patch has not only caused the lack of opening or harder openings, but ruin many skills and made our class harder to face other classes for not being able to chain knock down. There are many combos that seemed the developer of class have hinted to be used because of making them flow or canceable but are now unable to be used. What I mean hinting, is similar to how they hint to urge people to use failstack mechanics such as when changing character, there's failstack count or when starting a new character, you start with 0 karma.
    The main skill for both musa and plum that is a let down from the cc patch is both redmoon and rising storm. Because of the knockdown patch, both skills you are not allowed to do a double knockdown anymore. With musa, the idea is to use double rising storm with the last one ascending. Musa does have another double knockdown combo which uses rising storm into tornado. These examples have combos that are still used but completely destroys the mechanics of each skill making it now used for just a little damage. There are also some cases where when I was playing, ascending or backdash blooming makes yourself vulnerable for punishment.
    There are multiple skills that seems to be not used frequently or not used at all due to the patch. One of them which is one of the most I have used in kr is blind slash. For both musa and plum, the skill is very useful for opening especially against warriors and valks. For many that are not aware of the skill, it extends our mix-ups against these shield classes. I still have use it currently because I feel it is crucial against both of these classes and it assures knockdown on skills such as Carver and lunar.
    Gale is a very important skill as a musa, and now in NA is not used frequently or at all for me. Gale was either used to extend combo or a starter combo with the hidden command, forward blind into gale, which created an instant gale. Currently starting off with instant gale will stop your combo.
    Many of the other skills that seems to not be as useful in PvP now than before are divider and lunar. These skills were used to extend chain cc but now is not used as often.
    There may be some other skills I have not mentioned, but these are the ones I have used most when playing in kr compared to now. The cc patch has primarily nerf musa and plum in smaller scale wars but still stay almost the same in larger scale like territories. The main reason musa and plum is hurt is because our class is based off knockdown. It is much easier to open or follow with a knockdown than chaining a standing combo. All matchups are fairly similar playstyle but as musa and plum punishment is not as hard hit.
    As for you, I have no problem facing classes with over 400 gs, except for the damage our class brings and how fragile we are. Our main opener skills don't have long wind up. Many of them are canceable with block or dash. Bheg gloves is almost required gear for later on
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  7. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Castle Siege Terrain Exploit   

    I have no idea why people are still trying to defend. If there was a button that no one knew what it did. Someone pressed it and it kills a random person. The person is guilty or not guilty for murder? How about then a group of people then presses the button after knowing it wold kill someone. Is the group guilty for murder? 
    Or have you not seen the video of the amount of players constantly following eachother into the glitch.
    People should stop defending the exploiters because your making seige wars on NA look like a joke. 
    You clearly don't know how important siege wars is in this game
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  8. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Musa Awakening and Accuracy   

    you have to be blade form to use bow which is why it is not used as often. We use awakening 95% of the time, 5% of the time is for blade form such as faster dash, or for using the bow, though I belive awakening blader dash is still fast unlike maewha
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  9. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Node Wars and the reason..   

    hello, I come from kr server and I have only played on na for less than two month. When valencia has been released I had just made it to full +15 gear. A week after release I had full duo. 9 days after release I had tri mainhand at 50 failstack starting from 30 failstack. Because of the fail safe up to duo, it makes getting duo easy. Guilds who are not geared isn't the reason why they are not taking nodes. On Orwen, many nodes are not contested. Not only that, guilds who take a lower node if they can take a higher node without purpose will be inefficient. People who are lower geared guilds can contest nodes such as level 1.
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  10. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Anyone who joins the Veritas alliance is a coward and should get zero respect   

    Stop it. You make your guild look bad... You haven't played on any top seige guilds on KR...
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  11. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Anyone from KR that can tell us how Ninja Awakening feels like?   

    yes pre awakening warrior is very shit for clear speed
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  12. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Anyone from KR that can tell us how Ninja Awakening feels like?   

    you will always need to be well gear for both ninja and f ninja. When you are good gear you can destroy everyone very quick. I would say it may be most gear dependent. I do not play ninja, it is coming from my old guild member when I played on kr. For awakening warrior, there are many videos you can watch to see how strong it is. Currently, what people rate the "best" class in kr is warrior, sorc, ranger. This doesn't mean other classes are invalid. There are some classes that will exceed those classes in different areas. 
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  13. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Anyone from KR that can tell us how Ninja Awakening feels like?   

    Ninja awakening is strong. Ninja and f ninja are usually to pick off stragglers and disrupt backline. When you get awakening for warrior you may be happy.
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  14. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Unable to fight for a spot   

    From what I know of on NA you only loose if you die. For this I just keep slaughter everyone till they leave. It is fun actually. Also you only loose enchant on pve death 
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  15. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic AP offhand vs accuracy no bheg gloves   

    three class attack front attack back 20 times against full duo or full tri. Different skills. Any other evasion not considered. No boss armor 
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  16. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Accessories Advice   

    yes as someone stated it is not only more expensive but harder to get. Some people in my old guild who whale hunting sells them instead. 
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  17. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Accessories Advice   

    Yes in KR from musa I known, only use mainly witch or blue coral earing. More accuracy is some plums that have so use red coral earing becaus their awakening is combo reliant. Blue coral on my server cost 3-4 times less than witch. It can be debatable which is better not including cost thus making it most optimal
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  18. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Grinding results for the past 3 weeks   

    Then join the fire  
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  19. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic AP offhand vs accuracy no bheg gloves   

    As I have stated, from my tests depending on which skills you would use accuracy offhand would do more damage and consistently than ap. There is a very big difference in damage against full tri gear players. Other skills, ap offhand will do more damage but accuracy offhand does have a higher chance of on hit. It is all preference and depends when will you get bheg gloves
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  20. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic AP offhand vs accuracy no bheg gloves   

    If ap offhand did more damage overall, in larger scale pvp ap offhand would be superior like I have used in kr. Without accuracy offhand, generally you are still able to land a combo that uses minimal skills
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  21. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic AP offhand vs accuracy no bheg gloves   

    20 tests each. There are some skills that scale harder with ap vs accuracy offhand. It is may due critical or accuracy difference for each skill. For example lunar slash accuracy. A better example is comparing rising storm vs blooming. With accuracy offhand there was more consistent results, though on some skills that ap offhand did do more damage, it never once went lower than the accuracy  offhand
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  22. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Please post Accuracy Findings here   

    As someone posted in the comment, it seems that everyone knows that accuracy offhand does more damage even though most person you run threw that is a blader or plum uses ap offhand no bheg gloves. Nice NA! There are specific skills that DO do more damage with Acc vs Ap, however with all the skills, accuracy is MUCH better
    This was different when I play on KR. I have use ap offhand for large scale wars and accuracy for smaller pvp such as 1v1
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