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  1. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Top Tier Rangers Changing Classes?   

    Your comparing black spirit rage which is burst to dps...
    Black holes and warriors ults wont dps buildings down
    So then your saying Plum is better than ranger in siege war? Plum has one of the best ult in the game and will 1 shot everyone in the ult if geared
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  2. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Top Tier Rangers Changing Classes?   

    I don't think many of you get the idea of ranger in siege war. All they do is shotgun and descendant arrow. They are one of the most safest classes because they are ranged. You rarely use awakening in siege war. Rangers are one of the most important classes in a siege war
    Compare a guild with 20 rangers descending current a base vs a guild 2 rangers. When a guild is turtle, and many rangers rain arrow the base, they must push out because even with 5 rangers (I can even put up a video of it...), the descending current negates current health pots.. Thats not even the point, any class that is full ap/hybrid is unsafe to attack most buildings in a siege war compared to ranger. When many rangers rain arrow, it is pretty scary...
    Not only that, rangers usually get the top kills in a siege
    "Rangers farm extremely fast, but not as fast as sorcs"
    This is incorrect
    Tell me a class that is able to clear the whole jungle at pirates solo (With mobs not respawning fast enough) with only 200 awakening ap. I don't think sorc is able to do that.
    Majority of the players who are rangers that are re rolling because they think rangers are bad, just sucks at ranger.. And yes ranger does take some skill to play...
    Heres demonstration for those who don't know how to play ranger in siege wars... User is rosar offhand (he is not in the video) full tet average ranger gs in kr. And notice the other rangers in the video of what they are doing...
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  3. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maehwa in pila ku?   

    Sorry I did my calculation wrong. I did 1k per 30 min. So I get 2k per hour.
    My sorc is level 57 202 ap and farms slower than my 59 215 ap plum at jungle rotation. A lot slower. I think its mainly the poke skill that makes it so strong. Even on CD I can 2 shot mobs with poke skill. Obviously if the sorc is 215 ap, it would farm slightly faster but it wouldn't be too faster. Right now my judgement 1 shots all little mobs, almost 1 shots the jacks. My violation combo 1 shots all the mobs. Depending on where you farm and the ap your comparing to, plum can farm pretty fast. The grind speed I am getting at jungle rotation is comparable to blader as well. Maybe at main spot.. Or sasuns then you can say plum is shit. Generally stick to the less mobs with stronger mobs rotation
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  4. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maewha Awakening Hidden Commands / Cancels   

    wow thanks, you clearly played plum before 
    If you actually played plum before. Skills that plum has , has very small width like forward blind thrust or dragon bite. Stigma, edge, all those poke skills has small width and are difficult to time. Many of the skills aren't just forward landing. I didn't say I can't aim completely, I would say I land them most of the time but not good enough compared to people I know in KR. 
    Midnight stinger , ect are easy to hit...
    Don't worry I'm going to just spin2win so it doesn't matter Cuse nightmare 2hard 4me
    shhh rbf 60 people = plum cancer 
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  5. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Lots of sorc's re-rolling?   

    "On the other hand, there are people here saying Ranger and other classes can do everything the sorc can do, so they are not feeling as unique. "
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  6. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Lots of sorc's re-rolling?   

    He thinks that because 240 ap you will be 2 shotting 99% of the players right now with regeneration + nature's tremble which both haves frontal block. You can say that for every class. Rangers are generally just rain arrow /shotgun most of the time. That's their job. You rarely use awakening. I see high geared rangers just abusing the shit desync servers we have now by just spamming walz which will never happen once they fix desync issue. That is not how you play ranger. 
    Sorcs has one of the highest DPS next to musa. Many of sorcs in KR build full DP/evasion 120/340+. All they do is hit towers and ult similar to musa full DP build. Sorcs are able to 1 shot most players with violation + judgement with 240 ap
    If people say sorc is "similar" to other classes, I'm sorry I will laugh. I'll give you one example. Sorc has one of the best skills in the game, judgement. There was a leak on dark elf a while ago of the skill sets they had. As you see dark elf has a judgment like skill (the charge one). Everyone got so scared that they would be too op 
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  7. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maehwa in pila ku?   

    Up to you but I wouldn't 
    Even you are farming at sausun with a plum, you get XP on your main which is still XP to your main to the next level. 
    not only that, grinding places like basi is farming for silver. It is just not as consistent as sausun or elric. Also finding a basi spot is much easier and a less potential of being griefed at the high money making spot. Reguardless to make the max money at such places you need t4 pets. Basi doesnt require your pets to be high tier for an increase of income, you just need high ap
    Majority of players in KR I know just farm Basi after level 60 for money. Basi belts (I am sure this was the first item everyone got tri in KR on a yellow accessory) right now on NA market is ~70 mil. They rarely go under 60 mil
    Farming RNG spots are also less stressful 
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  8. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maehwa in pila ku?   

    6 mil hour from junk loot
    Depending on how lucky and how unlucky with scrolls. I average 3-4 an hour. Sometimes 1 sometimes 0 an hour. My highest scrolls I have gotten per hour is 8. I have one time farmed at gahaz and got only 1 scroll for 3 hours
    Most of the money made is through RNG scrolls and RNG drop
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  9. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maehwa in pila ku?   

    Hysteria no one in NA is geared enough for it. I am not geared enough for ackman. Also both dungeons had an accuracy buff both ways. Mobs are harder to hit and they hit harder. You pretty much get 3 shotted with 300 dp and it requires to have khutum or its inefficient farming
    If you are geared enough plum is one of the best class to farm there
    I only farm basi or cresent. I just party pirates for xp
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  10. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maewha Awakening Hidden Commands / Cancels   

    Most likely no more.
    Sorc has many flaws within the class iframe that I don't like. Many of you already know the pros of sorc of how "op" the class is, not many have stated the cons of the class. The constant iframes (Many people are familiar with the teleport) including awakening mode, are timing based and desyncing based. A lot of the sorcs moves (connecting one skill to another) are very vulnerable to cc and actually have many gaps between each skill (An example that most non sorcs know is the foward f into violation. Before violation, you can be actually cc, but it is a very small window). Having that said, on KR its much easier to catch a sorc than NA servers, mainly how terrible desync is compared to KR. Sorcs iframe desync abilities are no different from spamming call of the sky on a ranger (Many KR players did that when the call of the sky had a desync bug which has been now fixed but still people abuse the mechanic a lot. When I used to play ranger that is what I would do sometimes  if you ever see my ranger pvp video).
    This would mean that if pvping at a smaller scale would allow you to keep rotating your abilities and dodge via iframe/blocks. However in larger scale pvp, I have found out you really can't constantly be in the fight (Regarding full ap builds) mainly because there is a higher chance of being cced with more enemies.
    So generally in large scale battles plum is really no different from sorcs in terms of complexity, you aren't going to be keep rotating so many skills in large scale (maybe plum is slightly easier to play at first but once you get sorc down its second nature like plum). It is also great that you can evade so many attacks but I have found out that (imo) evading attacks is as hard as even engaging on the opponent (in terms of both players being skilled). Imo Sorc gap closing/engage is pretty weak if the enemy knows how sorcs work except for the dream of doom cancel(the 20-30 second cd one that cancels the dream of doom). Every time when I pvp with my ranger (even with my plum), both sides its very difficult for one or another to hit the first engage (This is applied to literally all classes in sorc vs X). When I was on my ranger 80-90%% of the enemy catching me is from the dream of doom or desync (IE: My character casts iframe/superarmor/dodge such as call of the sky and sorc hits me in mid air for some reason). Sorcs violation is slow(unless you have the cast time buffs) and you can't turn the direction unless you use mousemovement (which isn't realistic).
    Here is an amazing twitch replay of sorc :
    I am going to be pvping with plum a little more.
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  11. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maehwa in pila ku?   

    i havnt done pila ku with my plum yet. I don't even use poke skill for pvp. What I mean is have 2 PvE skils / add-on when PvE and then swap them when pvp. It would be efficnt if you do it in between long breaks. Also owning a territory will make it a lot more efficent as well. 
    ~1k t3 pets. Jungle rotation haves 2 spots. I can clear the main one on my plum with mobs not respawning fast enough. Ranger can clear whole jungle (2 sides)solo without mobs respawning fast enough only 200 ap t4 pets(you have to have t4 pets or it's way slower)
    It's pretty bad for us but it's not too bad. To farm where there's large packs with shit HP mobs you need to be higher ap than most classes to farm there so your attacks almost 1 shot everyone (like the poke skill)
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  12. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic maehwa is broken   

    like i said desync
    Since you played ranger before you may experienced where you call of the sky and get cced in mid air 
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  13. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic METZEN 1v10 RBF   

    Your 1 violation did 60% of his health. 260 ap you still won't be able to "1 shot" full dp/evasion builds....................................
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  14. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic METZEN 1v10 RBF   

    Your not doing a half spin.. Thats more than 1 skill there...
    Reguardles you said any dp. Show me against a full dp evasion build with 380 dp
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  15. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic METZEN 1v10 RBF   

    With 225 ap you can't kill any 311 dp target with 1 spin. Make a video of you 1 shotting with violation LOL
    With 225 ap you can't even kill a full tri boss gear with 1 violation. What lies are you bringing here\
    In order to kill a full tet with violation + judgement you need 240~ap
    311 DP is a hybrid build not even close to tank build and also you said
    "he's overgeared, 249 ap is more than enough to blow people up with 2 skills no matter how much dp they got"
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  16. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic METZEN 1v10 RBF   

    Do you have any idea what your talking about.
    I don't think so
    "he's overgeared, 249 ap is more than enough to blow people up with 2 skills no matter how much dp they got"
    KR server must be a ERP Server O_o
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  17. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic METZEN 1v10 RBF   

     His gear is pretty average end game gear..
    I am sure that that the blader in Savior has as much gear as him
    "clearing bad players with blackhole"
    Clearly you are the best sorc NA and have better pvp experienced than everyone there
    Regardless I am not astound of his skill, there are many sorcs in KR that I believe that is better than him, I am more astound that he 1v10
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  18. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maehwa in pila ku?   

    If you can't farm there effectively as you want try using some elixer+alchemy stone 
    If you want to have a PvE skill add on try poke skill AS moonrise crit/ap monster. This would allow you to have constant double crit and double as buffs with your main PvE skills(Side step crit, moonrise crit/ poke skill as, royal rage as). This is my favorite addons for grouping mobs like Basi which it will work well at pilaku. 
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  19. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic maehwa is broken   

    Your getting cced before you get into super armor moonrise and or it's just desyncing 
    There's no problem with the skill...
    Mainly desyncing
    Since you played ranger before you may experienced where you call of the sky and get cced in mid air 
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  20. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maewha Awakening Hidden Commands / Cancels   

    Yes I also love my plum and I decided I won't leave her anymore
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  21. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic METZEN 1v10 RBF   

    Heres an example at 39:45 and this is only 1-2 people
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  22. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maewha Awakening Hidden Commands / Cancels   

    I am going to be play sorc. And I am not here telling people that maewha isnt strong or to re roll.
    Maewha is a very strong class and is the SAFEST class of all. Another reason why top kr players think plum is strong is mainly because it is almost impossible to kill a good plum. That is another reason why the damage for those skills that are mainly use, Petal drill + petal bloom, does not do as much damage as many of us would like and got nerfed several times on KR. Pretty much the spawn timers completely buffed plum as well. Having the best ult, if not one of the best ult in the game, that can 1 shot if having enough gear, and a class that rarely dies if played right, makes it very strong in sieges. Just because it doesn't do as much dps as a blader (And actually blader only shines generally in sieges with their awakening buff or their projection 100%), it doesn't mean plum is weaker. Plum is still able to go into fights and get out safer than a blader can. They engage at long range and does a ton of damage SAFELY. As of right now in sieges, the primary goal is taking down buildings and staying alive. Tank plum may not be as strong to be an objective base build, but however they are able to do two things that make them still very viable in a siege at current state: 1) staying alive 2) killing other players which will impact the enemy team much than before the re spawn timer patch
    Also, in RBF, on kr you will see many of the top rbf with the top scores are plums (One of you guys may already know one of them who streams on twitch playing rbf). They won't get as much kills in a siege than other classes, but their usefulness is still there. Some KR players will rank plum very high some others will rank plum as a shitty class. It depends on how you think about it
    Having that said, I am not selling my plum gear mainly because I still like playing the class time to time.
    Here is a video pretty much showcasing end game pvp with musa. As a plum player, you can tell a huge difference on how plums engage vs musa engage
    The reason why I compared musa is because there is no class that can replace musa/plum due to their super armor dash and mobility
    Also note if your VERY low gs plum player playing against highly geared players, it is actually better to be a plum in a sense. With the new changes of respawn time, very low gs playing against high gs players are useless imo and no fun. They should be a scout or on a defensive structure. That being said, as a plum, you are already the best scout class/blader. Not only that, you are able to sometimes cc players without dying unlike musa where if you go in you will just get 1 shot with very low gear. Players with low gear as a plum can impact the siege greatly by relaying good information that can their guild the node/territories
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  23. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic 266 DP sorc gets melted by 136 AP ranger   

    You clearly don't know what your talking about. Majority of the players in that guild are very good with their classes and have been playing the same exact class for over a year and also practice pvp daily. Hitting a grab while a musa is dashing is very difficult. Not only that Rangers counter musa very hard. Musa below the belt is similar to warriors grave digger where in the initial hit will not do damage until the end allowing rangers to grab in the start of the below the belt. Even pulling this off, the ranger needs to be good at timing and knowing when he casts his below the belt.
    An example is 3:12 in your video, where the ranger did not get any damage taken. This is for all grab classes
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  24. BarcodeGod added a topic in Sorceress   

    METZEN 1v10 RBF
    So im not sure if any of you guys watched this before I thought it was crazy... He solo kills 10 people
    Starts at 15:30
    His gear is at 00:38

    Those who don't know him, hes a popular streamer on KR
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  25. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic High end siege guild kicks all TAMERS. The purge has begun.   

    After the update in KR, KR players have said that tamer is pretty strong
    Tamers doesn't excel at large scale pvp. So as other classes like ninja and plum. Are there still ninjas and plums in top siege guilds in kr? Yes. But there aren't many. It is the same as tamer. And actually, the only tamers you see in kr are super geared tamers same as plum
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