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  1. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    If your saying that you can't see whats in the picture... inceptions outpost is inside the tree ontop of the "Dusk" memeber
    When inception spawns, you will see them dropping down from the tree
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  2. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    Since the whole thread has been removed, heres a picture of a siege outpost that was around a month ago
    If I recalled that was inceptions outpost. When have they implemented this on KR?
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  3. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maewha Awakening Hidden Commands / Cancels   

    This is in terms of larger scale pvp. Tip of iceburg puts you at a too long of a vulnerable state which means you wont be using it often in large scale pvp. So the only skill you are able to use in pvp large scale is mostly drill + bloom + moonrise, because using those skills are very safe unless you die from super armor. With decent ap, small scale and 1v1 you are prime at. I am mostly talking about larger scale with a less spread of players like not in valencia sieges.
    Soloing tanky mobs is what plum is strong at such as basi. I had a fun time grinding there compared to my ranger. If you are farming pure silver such as sausins or elrics its pretty bad. From what I have heard from other recommendations is to only play plum when you already have high ap if you are looking at to start a new class. But if you already play plum just stick with it really...
    And it is not matter of gear which is the main reason why I stopped playing plum. I can easily obtain 220 ap within less than a month if I obtain a dandi. I just don't like how the class is played anymore.  And it is difficult for me to play because the skill that is needed to play the class is always the weakness I have had in any other game. I have also have got bored with the play style of the class because it is similar to pre awakening. I have played played plum for over a year including months of awakening plum. Watching other classes makes me want to move on. Specifically the KR sorc named CSN from KR guild temujin. I am always amazed watching sorcs play with very skilled sorcs like him
    It is also difficult to relay information of what plum/blader "is suppose to do in a siege war" on some NA guilds which also made me relieved when I went from my blader to ranger on NA. Many of the siege guilds I been in don't have many plum/bladers before so they really don't know what to do with them which results in making bad decision on the role of the classes. I think one of the biggest issue relaying is that plum/blader can not get caught unless their knockdown. Many inexperienced guilds who organize clearly doesn't know this or see an important role of what plum/blader are for  such as disrupting repairs or scouting (Many of the guilds I been in don't even have scouts...)...
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  4. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maewha Awakening Hidden Commands / Cancels   

    Sorry but I am going to sorc... LOL
    I am not sure what server your playing on. On NA, of end game players will be mostly level 59-60 with min of 250 dp tri muskan.
    You need minimum of 200 ap awakening to kill them with your full combo with same level. If you ask any experienced plum, not NA, players who only played plum since release on KR... people would recommend 220 ap before even pvping at our level  which is why I always push players in any of my guilds to only get muskan+bheg + 220ap before going full boss armor for classes like musa/plum unless the only thing you need is a dandy
    There is obvious reasons that some people will never understand ever because the only class they ever played is plum and doesn't realize how irreverent a low ap plum is. Yes maybe you get some kills there and here, but each time if you land your petal drill and you cant solo kill them, you can be replaced with a different class. Full AP Plum is a burst class, not a utility class. Great you cc 5 people (which rarely happens because you are a linear assassin class, not aoe, unless you use your ult), but if your a full ap build and all you do is cc and don't do damage, other classes can replace you except for the role as a scout. Plum has 2 main skills for team fighting. One is petal drill which is a 8 second cool down. Second is petal bloom which is a 15 second cooldown. When both skills are cooldown you can't engage unless someone peels you to engage / small scale fight with another player. Which means if your low ap and assume you don't kill anyone, you only cc every 15 seconds and then you are useless for the next 15 seconds and do pick up kills here and there. Regardless, the role of the plum is to assassinate the back line. Most of the time you will be in the back line solo.. maybe with another player if coordinated well. How can you "assassinate" the backline if you can't even 1 combo a player? If the enemy doesn't have many witches/wizzards, being a lower ap, not able to kill the backline is fine as long as you can put pressure in their back line. If you only do 50% health to their backline, they can just get up, pot and re join the fight. If they are low as 10% health, they would need to rethink about re joining the fight.
    It is the same concept for other classes such as kuno, which is why all undergeared kuno players on kr builds full dp build and play their class as a utility class. If the kuno can't 1 combo anyone they inefficient full AP builds
    Musa is very similar to plum. They both require a lot of geared to play though musa does a much better job in large scale battles especially with their awakening buff which is why plum is always considered as a 1v1 class or a small scrimmage class. Overall in a siege a musa will always out dps a plum. They also do much more dps to buildings than plum. Plum role is mainly just killing backline/scouting
    Tank/Hybrid plum and musa are different matters. Their role is completely different than a full ap build.
    Also to answer the "other than that just stack a ton of accuracy to counter all the evasion builds ". This is incorrect.
    First 90% of the players on NA you see won't be building full DP/Evasion. You mainly only see tank wizards that is 120 ap/ full dp which they are a support class or tank zerkers. Any other classes you will see very rarely full dp. The rest that are hybrids are completely useless or ridiculously geared that still maintains high ap. Even if the NA meta shifted to KR meta, having stacked accuracy from non exliers/foods such as tet red coral earrings will produce minimal to no change in terms of damage overall in a siege.
    Plum is only strong and very scary to play against if you have the gear which is why even today you still see people re rolling from plum. Majority of the people who complained about the weakness of plum was mainly low geared players on KR. Just because you see a single plum player such as SalGi re roll to ranger, doesn't mean "All of the plums in top guilds re roll to ranger or quit the game". This is a BS assumption. I am 90% sure salgi also mained ranger before plum came out (He now plays Sorc and Musa). Also I think one of the GM in top seige war guild in KR still mains plum, and never re rolled.
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  5. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maewha Awakening Hidden Commands / Cancels   

    Firstly the class requires a lot of gear in order to play. If you don't believe so then I can discuss that with you..
    Secondly I am not liking how the class is so linear. In order to be good at this class, you have to be good at landing each skills including skills such as stigma.. which means you must be good with being precise. I was never so good at landing skills that has a very small width in any game no matter how hard I try. It is just something that I am not good at. Players in KR who were good at Plum/Blader were able to land their hidden command blind thrust majority of the time. I was not able to do this which was why I was a shit plum even though I have PvP with plum since plum release on KR...
    This class is very strong if you are geared and very fun to play in siege war. I am going to be keeping my gear on my plum and using for sacrificial for lord karanda and for siege war.
    Another thing is this class requires the server to be spot on.. If there is position lag...  KD desync, you won't have a fun time mainly because the follow up skills... Moonrise has a very small width. It seems that the frosted pillars  into flow is super weird. It sometimes does so much damage... 40-50% against a full tri boss gear with 215/209 ap, and then sometimes moonrise + frosted pillars + flow does no dmg at all... 20% of health. I have tri witches and do not want to get tet red coral earing because of the price of them currently. I am not sure if it is an accuracy issue which it shouldnt be because frosted pillars give 7% accuracy and iceberg gives 5% accuracy.
    I think I am done playing plum for so long...
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  6. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maewha Awakening Hidden Commands / Cancels   

    Yes for skill add ons you must hit the skills. Stigma is one of the strongest opener and can be compared to blind thrust opening pre awaking. Also I would take burn damage on it. Landing it even not ccing does a lot of damage such as against sorc/blader/valk/warrior.
    The maewha from temujin does not  take stigma, he takes petal bloom. In his PvP he doesn't abuse stigma as often which is why he doesn't take skill add on stigma.
    Also I don't like overlapping skill addons and AP skill add ons
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  7. BarcodeGod added a topic in Maehwa   

    Maewha Awakening Hidden Commands / Cancels
    Since I will be quitting plum here mostly all of the hidden commands / cancels that are used the most. There may be some hidden commands that I did not use in the video because I do not use them at all. The most important hidden command here is the sidestep  stigma cancel. Many of you are not aware of this cancel. You see some plum players use Crit on Stigma skill addon, and it is because sidestep -> stigma is +42% crit and this opener is commonly used.
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  8. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    Yeah, the only thing I know about your guild is "Vertex is a guild founded on the ideal that no one deserves a free pass."
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  9. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Edan has a 3-1 Lead   

    Go Edan!
    -Owren player
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  10. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    "If you are bad, stop reading - don’t waste your time."
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  11. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

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  12. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    The wolf alliance "?" they are alliance. It has been confirmed
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  13. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maehwa..? or?   

    or... Baewha?
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  14. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Iconic dodges to Eastern Border and loses to T2 Guilds   

    This drama is fantastic!!!
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  15. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic red battlefield is horrible after merge   

    Seems like everyone is super undergeared compared to orwen in rbf... I like it... 
    Also there's many rbf channels. Instead of having all 60 people go into same channel start a new one...
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  16. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic So how long will this server war last?   

    Node wars/seiges don't start until the 4th
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  17. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Stuns & Knockdown help!   

    I have it on waltz 
    Walt is spammable, vine not is not. 
    If you want PvE skill add on, mp regen on walt is popular. I have went from using it to not using it and it made a big differece while grinding. I use crit/evasion, I swap evasion with mp regen when I don't do node/seiges 
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  18. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Stuns & Knockdown help!   

    Use grab when extending combo or countering when blocking
    If you utilize weapon swap if a block shows up you are able to grab them... it helps with grave digger timings
    Grab will cancel weapon swap so if you call sky -> weapon swap block -> grab works well against shield classes like warrior
    You can always open with breezy blade into grab as well... Though I rarely use it because it is very difficult for me to pull it off
    If you miss the grab for some reason, you can use wailing wind to created distance between eachother
    If you KD someone you can grab them to extend combo for more dmg
    Main combo is breezy blade - rushing wind - vine not - walz
    Pretty much just learn from watching this video...
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  19. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Will server merge bring actual pvp guilds???   

    Those are the players who don't want to pvp that have lifeskillers/grinders in their guild, never once went to the arena or rbf, free moneyz from territories
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  20. BarcodeGod added a topic in US Guild   

    Will server merge bring actual pvp guilds???
    Do you think that top pvp guilds post server merge will actually be pvp guilds, not guilds with lifeskillers and 24/7 grinders in them? People who will actually pvp???
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  21. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Lvl 58 to 59 Awakened Question   

    Majority of end game players on NA are 59-60 with muskan. So yes you will notice a lot of difference just from level.
    At level 58 with my ap I can kill full tri boss gear with ease against level 58-59. I can't kill full tri boss gear level 60s with full combo at level 60
    You should really get to level 60 with your ap...
    You will 1 shot most players with just petal drill + moonrise
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  22. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic What would you choose? Horn Bows!   

    If you were missing so much dmg it is desync.
    With khutum you want atleast 210ap+. You need ap to play this class or your useless. Khutum makes you hybrid. Hybrid = need good gear
    Many super geared rangers on my server started to copy kr with rosar offhand. They still 1 shot 90% of the players because they maintain 215+ ap
    People who are super geared should take an advantage...
    ~205 awakening vs full tet + rosar offhand does 25% health with a ranger vs ranger full combo
    With new node/siege changes, it is very viable if geared enough
    Also farming hysteria is needed khutum due to new updates
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  23. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Ranger 136/128/177 vs Sorc 200/266   

    Shown at 0:34
    Any experience pvp player can get a general ideal what the gs is judging by the damage from each skills
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  24. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Ranger 136/128/177 vs Sorc 200/266   

    No, you cast it in mid air for block.
    I don't play ranger anymore but you can probably move the direction(not tested yet) of nature tremble after cast using the manual click like warrior ult , musa projection, ect
    Edit: just tested, you can move natures tremble via mouse button after cast
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  25. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic New siege problem   

    I still dont understand..
    I don't thnk 90% of this forum even watch kr seiges. Since the start of the respawn change, all guilds have been using kits to negate respawn time. Usually in an alliance there's set squads to revive allaince players so there won't be confliction when trying to kill anothe player. 
    If this was an exploit the devs would patch this a week after or two after seeing seiges . If this was an exploit they would disable kits. If this was an exploit they would of gave bans. If this was an exploit, no KR player would of abused this "exploit". In KR, if there was an "exploit" widely abused they would of patched it very quickly . No KR player sees this as an "exploit". 
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