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  1. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic New siege problem   

    How would you know? If it was an "exploit" it would of been patched LONG ago on KR, yet they just found that it was too op for having alliances with set groups just to revive each other. If this was an "exploit" they would of disabled med packs 
    Also with the thing of non participating guild's revive another player only happens on NA such as the siege exploit, shovel exploit , and more
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  2. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic New siege problem   

    This isn't an exploit. Everyone in kr has been doing this. A recent patch on KR also came that made it so you can revive only guild members 
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  3. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic So how much money do you think kakao earned in BF   

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  4. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic gravity losing its touch...   

    Where are the hardcore PvP guild's at?!?!? When I mean hardcore PVP I don't mean guild's who haves life skillers in their guild or grinding guild's...
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  5. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic 266 DP sorc gets melted by 136 AP ranger   

    Ranger spikes at mainly 60
    4 main skill gets +30% damage 
    Rangers damage is "op" because of how much the skills scale. To have a noticeable difference in damage to different classes is mainly at level 60. Just compare ranger scaling to any other class
    Also I am using 2x rbf ap gems
    The damage here isn't astounding. With a full combo including a extended grab combo, I can't kill him in a single combo. Extended combos are useless outside of 1v1, it takes too long and no super armor, iframe ect. This isn't a 1v1 game 
    If anyone wants to see how strong rangers are just look for twitch ranger streamers who have 240-260 ap level 61. They will 1 shot everyone with breezy blade + nature's tremble + regeneration(sometimes just with breezy blade and rushing wind lol), which is why you see barley anyone use the combo I been using because it is unnecessary. Sorc is very similar even with post air attack rework, they can pretty much 1 shot with violation+judgement with 240+ ap
    In order for me to kill a full tri boss gear same level I need to have 190-200 awakening ap using my full combo. You can look at my other video here to get a better idea of rangers damage 
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  6. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maehwa sustain and damage?? (Awakening )   

    It is pretty good at places that are tank like Basi
    It is still shit at sausun. Class is burst and very linear. Places that are wide spread weak mobs it will clear shit. Gahaz and pirates is decent clear
    Generally group and then burst. 
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  7. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Maehwa sustain and damage?? (Awakening )   

    No one mentioned but cloud will give +100 hp
    Blocking 4 attacks = full wp
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  8. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Post your awakening builds ~   

    Edit: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/19544
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  9. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Post your awakening builds ~   

    that bug made blader op af
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  10. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Post your awakening builds ~   

    it has been patched on kr. You have confirmed you can do it on NA?
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  11. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Post your awakening builds ~   

    accident. The only thing you don't take is Flo December because it's shit 
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  12. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Musa/Mae awakening quest bugged?   

    It is pretty bugged... Can't even get my weapon from quest. It gave me skills but no weapon so I can't complete the quest
    Edit: if you can't receive weapon from bald dude forgot quest and re do and you will get it
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  13. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 23rd   

    Time to p2w?
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  14. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Sooo..awakenings tomorrow..   

    we will get full plum kr patch 90% or within a coupe patches. Other classes has recieved all their kr patces. 
    I see that plum is top tier in siege node wars because
    1) hardest class to kill or one of the hardest 
    2) burst class
    Because the new changes regarding spawn timing, burst classes play a larger role than before
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  15. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Which class has most outplay potential?   

    Ranger awakening 
    Hardest to play is sorc 
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  16. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Ranger 136/128/177 vs Sorc 200/266   

    i didnt have any of my gear
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  17. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Ranger 136/128/177 vs Sorc 200/266   

    running 8-12 max elixer while open world PvP/node/seiges are standard 
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  18. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Ranger 136/128/177 vs Sorc 200/266   

    i have only ued the alch stone one-time. And it is oly +6 ap+4 acc. You can see that I 1 combo him which is why I took it off. Majority of the time I was running 0 crit and popped shock elixer to get atleast 3 critical... I didn't have any of crit crystals because ranger isn't my main
    I run food buffs 24/7. 
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  19. BarcodeGod added a topic in Ranger   

    Ranger 136/128/177 vs Sorc 200/266
    Clearly he is more geared than me
    He can 1shot me with violation -> Judgement

    Warm up... Haven't played ranger in a while
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  20. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Need more info   

    Responding to this post is a waste of my time 
    If you actually use your brain to respond to anything. If a class doesnt counter any classes and have a single impossible match ups it's considered shit in 1v1. Musa is a team based class. What part of it don't you get 
    If every player player warrior except your musa, you would loose majority of 1v1 thus making your class for 1v1 shit. Consider we only have 1 class to play the only good 1v1 classes are classes that have no hard counter. Logic 
    Having a gap closer and being able to gap close easily are 2 different things 
    It seems that your just not educated and making false assumptions 
    thanks. It seems NA bdo view of being "good" is much different than foreign players 
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  21. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Need more info   

    Musa has shit gap closing compared to other class. The only gap closing it has is arrow. You don't need heavy dp for all classes if your an iframe/evasive clsss such as sorc/ranger. Musa is complete shit in 1v1. You clearly haven't played musa awakened before. 1 class that it is impossible to beat is warrior. If it is impossible to beat 1 class it makes the "1v1" shit
    if you think that awakening ranger is easier to play than musa then go ahead. And yes I have node war with awakened musa
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  22. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Need more info   

    You have to be geared to play musa in pvp.
    You need ap to be able to kill someone in one combo because your gap closing is shit
    You need good dp to survive because you  are based super armor especially when you cast your awakening buff
    Musa awakening is very easy to play
    Musa is fun spin to win
    Musa is shit in 1v1
    For those who think that you don't need dp on a super armor class is bull shit. 90% of the plum forums thinks that you don't need dp at all and then most of them re rolled before any awakening came out because of how shit they are when they said "if you take damage while dashing, your playing the class wrong". Most of your dash is super armor not iframe. If you have no dp, a ranger will shotgun you to death before you can even touch her
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  23. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Kzarka give or not AP for Aweken   

    I don't think you understand what I am talking about
    Kzarka you are able to have double cystals in the kzarka weapon without needing to use any crit/as in mainhand efficiently achieving 5 as 5 crit
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  24. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic New prepaid card same problem   

    Do you have over of what the cost is on your card? For example $30, you can't have $30 on the card, you need to be over $30...
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  25. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Kzarka give or not AP for Aweken   

    In KOREA the test is a ratio which averaged to 50% 
    If you said yourself  crystals transfer then already kzarka is better...
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