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  1. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic New player, cant decide between Ranger or Maehwa   

    In seiges ranger is still boring... It's the same as non awakening, most of the time your spamming arrow rain or shotgun. Smaller scale it is pretty fun and 1v1 there is no counter such as musa awakening . 
    I have node war only a couple time on plum awakening and your pretty much a solo assassin. It plays similar to pre awakening. Plum has more difficult matchups in 1v1 but there aren't any impossible ones... I feel that ranger is very boring so I am going to be playing plum after release
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  2. BarcodeGod added a topic in Ranger   

    Ranger Awakening PvP video 2
    Ranger Awakening PvP video
    If you wonder my gear in the video it is 200/192/200 - 210/202/218
    Our guild is also recruiting PvP players for server merge
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  3. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic ★ <[ FML ]> ★   

    1v1 me
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  4. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic New Player Question Gearing Ranger Priority   

    It depends... Ranger awakening clears faster with more compact groups because the awakening has a  faster aoe unless your bow will 1 shot every mob then maybe...
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  5. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Feedback on ranger play {vidoe insite}   

    If you just watch it yourself you can tell..
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  6. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Freeze its the police   

    and they didnt move when i told them to not move
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  7. BarcodeGod added a topic in PVP   

    Freeze its the police
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  8. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic As a Ranger, our awakening frustrates me.   

    1. You can dash cancel out of your ult... "the flow which knocks enemies down is much better than a stun" After activating the flow, you are in a vulnerable state NOT able to dash out. The skill is used is used for spacing, the flow is shit unless you are guaranteed safety
    2. Please tell us the ccs that need to be removed. If any main skill cc is removed, we are not able to do our full combo
    3. You can't blindly do your combo and expect to win
    5. This has already been dealt with on KR with less consumption while dashing.
    6. With 200 ap against a full tri boss gear, it takes a full combo including extended knockdown with regeneration and shotgun to kill them. The AP scaling for ranger is high, but you can't "insta-gib" 260 dp with 150 ap... You are either too good or the players you are facing don't know how to play their class
    He activated his ult many times when he PvP. I guess every person he has beaten should uninstall. But you never PvP him before because you are top level kr pvper and hes just a nobody.
    "I believe that giant, warrior and sorc are too strong too"
    How do you believe they are strong when you say "It's too easy: I can beat players with my accessories removed with a single combo"????
    Shouldn't you never loose to a giant warrior or sorc since ranger is just too easy to play and you 1 shot everyone with 150 ap?
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  9. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Vine Knot   

    it works on human mobs...
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  10. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Ranger Awakening vs Sorc - Ranger 1v2 Sorc Ranger   

    ? What do you mean
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  11. BarcodeGod added a topic in Ranger   

    Ranger Awakening vs Sorc - Ranger 1v2 Sorc Ranger
    If you wonder my AP/DP I blew up all my stuff am 200/192/200
    If you are experienced PvP you can clearly tell sorc are higher gear than me, maybe the ranger...
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  12. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Iconic, Sieges, and You! 10 - 22 - 2016   

    Bridge burners is recruiting members it is PvP guild come join 
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  13. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic shovel exploit abusers   

    players who use macros hadbeen permanent banned beore so let's hope
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  14. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Lets talk about rangers   

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  15. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Lets talk about rangers   

    Any class in this game will seem OP if played by a good player who abuses their kit. Ask any KR player....
    Exactly. I showed you a ranger destroying someone with 400 DP and 5.5k Health"
    Yet your claiming any other classes can't do the same. Show me proof.
    You claim that ranger DOES have 260 ap, show me proof that he has exactly 260 ap. Usually IN KR they will always hide their gear when their gear starts to get over the average gear score for end game pvp.
    Like I said go to kr yourself and go to area
    BTW that is not even his youtube channel.. some random person uploaded that from his stream... Hence why it is in english
    He streams located here: http://afreecatv.com/ksg6006
    His official channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0rwALOMlySV8ce_hHOR6Vg/videos
    Like I said thanks for the false rumors
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  16. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Lets talk about rangers   

    KR this KR that when you pobably never played Kr at all. In KR, "KR" cried about how shitty their awakenings were . The only reason why rangers are considered "op" on KR is because the few that are able to abuse their kit and also those who have 260+ ap who can 1 shot with one skill. There are other clasess who are able to do the same. If you want proof how about you make a video of a non ranger with 260 ap 1 shotting a 400 dp? Instead of hearing false rumours and spreading  false information why don't you go to the arena on KR yourself and see for yourself. And yes on KR people actually practice PvP in the arena all the time unlike NA players
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  17. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic Lets talk about rangers   

    You clearly don't know anything about gearing in this game. With 220 ap you can 1 combo a 280-300 dp. If you only have 300 dp you are full ap not hybrid not tank. Tanks need a minimum of 380 dp. Any class with 220 ap can 1 combo a 280 dp 
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  18. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic merging All servers   

    Please merge. Territories are uncontested 
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  19. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic [Urgent] Desync, Lag, Rubber Banding, FPS Drops   

    Eden pvp video:
    PvP warrior starts at 2:40
    Note the warriors dash at starting at 3:06. No teleportation skill what so ever (Maybe he wasn't high enough level to unlock the teleportation passive?)
    I tried to make it short as possible. Compare my video to Edans pvp video
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  20. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic [Urgent] Desync, Lag, Rubber Banding, FPS Drops   

    The reason why I am putting a hold on pvp is because of this desync. It is actually worse than before the update. They pretty much nerfed ranger. All of my iframes, blocks, superarmor, evades, are working 50% of the time...
    I am in call of the sky and someone ccs me...
    I am in mid dash iframe and someone ccs me....
    I am in breezy blade which has frontal block and someone ccs me...
    It goes goes on ...
    For those who are edan please confirm this. This was happening on orwen for a while where everyone would desync while doing movement/ movement skills... I watched pvp videos on edan and this did not occur on their channel
    Warriors buffed strong right now because they only need to press 4 buttons to win and they got a awakening passive which allows you to teleport on each skill confirmed on Orwen.
    I will be making a video later of what our perspective is facing a warrior and then an Edans player point of video
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  21. BarcodeGod added a topic in Ranger   

    Ranger 1v1 With captions melee
    Ranger 1v1 with caption. Explains the effectiveness of utilizing rangers bow and awakening weapon
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  22. BarcodeGod added a post in a topic [Urgent] Desync, Lag, Rubber Banding, FPS Drops   

    It seems that on orwen server any skills that involves quick movement will teleport the player around such as the warrior opener skill. I am not talking about dashing as it is buggy on kr. I have seen PvP on edan and it doesn't occur there
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