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  1. Please post a test with a witchearing +0 or +1 or +2 to see if if it is AP or just the accessories added or even hidden accuracy on enchants. THanks

    Like someone else said, this is nothing new. If you have kzarka, bheg, serendia, alch stone against full boss armor, it is enough accuracy. If you do have more accuracy modifiers from other equipment, it is very minimal difference. You will only notice the difference on high hit skills and notice a loss of damage on low hit skills because you already have enough accuracy. It is obviously different against evasion builders

    You mean with 249 AP as a Sorc, not a Musa, Maehwa, Warrior, Tamer, Giant or Valk.

    A lot of people have already figured out that some classes do not get the same benefits from accuracy that others do. Witch/Wizard for instance don't need much of it, we have seen this, Sorc falls within the same category very clearly and many have seen this, it seems you have just come to this realization that others came to months ago. Nothing to do with "AP having hidden accuracy values" it seems to be dependent upon the actual class you play. A musa for instance will actually see a drastic difference in their damage if they start running more accuracy with 2x RCE than a Sorc would see.

    No this is not a complaint of "well this clearly makes sorc OP" no, it doesn't, it just means they are able to build differently than other classes that pretty much need the accuracy off of sources like RCE or tree spirit belt already on top of having bhegs and a kzarka to do their maximum amount of damage. We have seen witches/wizards with actually less AP than you have still land so much damage on people who even have stacked up evasion whereas we have seen, at least I've seen, a musa actually struggle to land hits on a 260 DP Warrior with only Muskans as their source of Evasion, even while the Warrior was CC'd, when they had 210+ AP but no RCE on top of their bhegs and kzarka.

    Its different for each class. So are people silly for telling a sorc to build accuracy? Yeah. Are they silly for telling a Warrior or Musa to do so? No.


    He is testing on a skill that is a single hit rate. And you clearly arent reading the spread sheet. When he adds witch earings he haves higher hit rate...

    Why would warriors need more accuracy? Do you not know they have 20%+ accuracy modifiers on most skills??? And uh musa doesnt have trouble landing hits on a warrior that just have muskans
    Video of KR musa, he faces many classes and literally 2-3 skills everyone with no red coral earings

  2. No you are wrong and you should write that block of text ;_; I didn't know about that duration of SA on breezy blade and it sounds incredibly useful. I have big issues getting engaged and insta gibbed from shit like musa arrows and tamers moonlight strike, like i need to git gud but the stuff idk is not helping xD

    I often forget about the forums but bits and pieces like this make me so happy I check it out. Thanks for the tips.

    Musa arrow is 15 second cd, if you are in bow mode you just block with frontal block from weapon swap. They cancel from awakening to bow is when they back dash, even weapon swapping when they back dash is fine. 15 seconds is enough time to do damage. Whenever musa casts his bow, that is the time when you can count down. Casting bow will always reset the cd timer. They may use charging arrow which is easy to see that they are casting (They will mostly do a side step move). If you are experience pvp you can grab musa during their dash and whenever they cast below the belt. Musa will engage majority of the time with below the belt which is 11 second cd and will only get a good ranger only by the arrow. You should never loose to any other of his skills but his bow. There are many other skills they can use to engage which is mediocre and easy to counter. Their class has simple patterns and easy to learn how to beat from experience.

    Edit: Example can be shown here for bow mechanic they use. This musa does use different mechanic and uses his sidestep more. In his other video you can see him use both side step and backdash for bow

    Tamers are simple, zone them with bow, whenever they use cloud which is 9 second cd you can counter with frontal block or call of sky. Trade your superarmor/iframe combos against theirs and then keep zoning afterwards. Tamers should be felt very pressured from the bow. Main ranger combo takes roughly 4 seconds to cast which is not enough time for them to get their cloud back. Whenever they block when they are close, you hit your breezy blade + rushing wind to the side of the block like the same with sorcs violation. The youtube channel I have linked he has 1v1 tamer video

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  3. Ranger is not an "assassin" class. If so, explain you rangers who think this is an "assassin" class. Stop trying to replace musa/plum and leave that job to musa/plum/ninja/kuno

    First off Ranger dash is 3 second iframe. So how do you "assassinate" players as the primary role and get out with just a 3 second cd iframe? Call of sky? Your playing off of desync, aoe you will die

     Keeping distance with bow is the safest option with bow especially in very large scale. Then some of you complain no block so when those op sorcs come you just get cced and died. And bow skill can be press q to cancel with frontal block. If they hit your frontal block its an auto grab = kill. Same with super armor skills. You can use breezy blaze as a defensive skill for the super armor + grab when opponent hits you. For those rangers who are not aware, the super armor lasts for a decent amount of time (maybe 3 seconds). You literally can cast breezy blaze and sit there and not get cced. It is similar to many other classes super armor skills such as plum petal drill. You can chain iframe, super armor, evasive, frontal block to pretty much not get cced at all. So what do you usually do? Shotgun/blasting gust when they come close you can use awakening weapon

    So then some of you guys say "bow does no damage" (lol)

    Shotgun is weak? 220 ap can 3-4 shotgun full tri boss armor players standing up. 4 Shotguns that is a lot of time(Some of you guys say). No shit, but is it not free damage ? If a ranger can sit there and shotgun forever, I am sure he is doing the most dps out of all classes. That being said, that would mean if you have 5 rangers just sitting there in a siege, a musa/plum tries to dash in, they all just shotgun the player and would probably kill during their dash. Even if there is misses within the shotgun, the player would most likely be very low health unable to engage. Theres no point of me posting block of text since 90% of you guys would probably not listen and keep complaining how bad ranger is. What happen to those rangers on this forum that thought they knew how to play rangers before awakening coming out and said something likes of "ranger will use bow 80% of the time"? Where are you guys at?

    For those who are unaware, this player from high team on kr server spent his time making great videos explaining how to play ranger (Note his rbf clips)

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  4. It is all preference. Ideally bheg + kzarka is enough accuracy

    So a common misconception some people are having (In some guilds), just to clear this up:

    Accuracy = DPS

    AP = Burst

    The more hits the skill have the higher scaling accuracy gives (Thus said above)

    That being said, some skills such as blooming (3x hits) will scale off of AP and do more damage than accuracy


    If you are facing Rosar offhand ranger, khutum counters just rosar settings

    Any full evasion / dp setting do no damage (120 ap)

    Hybrid evasion builds are only effective mainly on witch/wizzard due to their accuracy they get from their skills and this is still being tested for an optimal build

    The amount of players in both NA and KR running evasion setting or hybrid evasion setting are very minimal. Even with bheg kzarka, you can handle evasion builds/hybrid builds with enough AP. Many players in KR is moving away from evasion and going back to burst settings

    If you are overgeared in AP, you will notice a big difference in damage against evasion settings with more accuracy

    Most players in KR who uses tet red coral earing for accuracy, will only use 1, because 2 is too much accuracy.

    Having either or is fine. You can even see some players who never used red coral earings like that youtuber from temujin (I have followed him when he streamed on afreeca. He used to use 1 witch and 1 blue coral earing) and that twitch plum with the pen. If you ask any of them, they will say its preference (you see them literally 2 skilling most players, if not, they generally kill everyone in 1 combo)

    In terms of siege war/node war, burst is always better (According to myself and most KR players) which is why most people are running full AP

    This is similar even to back in KR for some of you people who used to siege with pre awakening pre CC patch with plum/blader.

    Everyone ran full accuracy  because hitting ccs are also based off of how many hits you lands and you would chain ccs to kill the openent

    Most people in my guild including myself, ran white horn bow during siege war or large scale wars mainly to be able to burst down players instead of chaining cc (you dont really have time to chain cc during siege war).


  5. Do you even play this game? "lower tier guilds" don't Ally because we want PVP, We don't want to sit behind empty walls for 6 weeks not getting anyone to fight against. We don't need a territory to "win" at the game, we don't need to rely on other guilds to compete. For some reason people in NA are fueled by there egos and not just enjoying the game, you all want to be the most popular/want people to think you're sooo amazing omg super 1337, instead of just having fun with whatever group you're playing with, and accomplishing what you set out to accomplish. 



    Do YOU even play this game? YOU are the ones created these "empty walls". This game is revolved around siege war for end game pvp ever since the game was made.

    Your one of those people who are just making assumptions based off of nothing.

    "you all want to be the most popular/want people to think you're sooo amazing omg super 1337"

    No I want to look every Saturday and not loose hope in NA because no guilds are seiging.


    "don't Ally because we want PVP, We don't want to sit behind empty walls for 6 weeks not getting anyone to fight against."

    So I guess if you guys allied with black rose you guys could easily take on man up with no problem. Ok

    And like what I said, people like you are making bullshit excuses about making alliances. Making assumptions that you would rule the server

    Why did you merge with support in the first place? Didn't you know that they siege every week? They are siege guild. And I am sure that they are willing to create competition for the top guilds. Currently players in top guilds are bored af beucase of you. and ill quote this 1 more time cuse i laughed hard

    ""lower tier guilds" don't Ally because we want PVP, We don't want to sit behind empty walls for 6 weeks not getting anyone to fight against."


    Was so happy for server merge, now it was a huge let down. Why? I wonder why


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  6. About the alliance shit,

    first off NA end game pvp is complete shit is because theres no allaince from lower tier guilds

    all these guilds dont ally and take on bigger guilds so they go uncontested

    who gives a ----- if you 2v1

    Grats to critical alliance, first guild to haves the balls to have an actual alliance instead of making bs excuses about alliance

    I am proud of you guys


    And those who talk about not wanting to 2v1 a guild because its "not fair"

    Those not familiar to KR seiges.

    These are the alliances in KR


    NA players assumption "hmmm.... clearly the 6 guild alliance dominates the KR siege war scene"

    KR players response "hmmm... thats why they added in 2 min re spawn timers"

  7. http://www.inven.co.kr/board/powerbbs.php?come_idx=3591&query=view&p=1&l=28435&category=&iskin=&mskin=&sort=&orderby

    "So let me give you some examples of changes in 1v1 pvp.


    Before the awakenig ranger was like fresh meat for the sorc, now is exactly the opposite. A similar situation is with other classes. Assuming that the players have the same gear/lvl/skill sorc is heavily beaten by Warrior, tamer, ranger, berserk. One way to win with over Musa/Maehwa is one kill combo, because otherwise run away and come back with 100% hp. The only class which is aligned/advantage chances to win are wich/wizard and ninja. Did not mention kunoichi/valkiri because I had enough of fighting, to assess their strength"

  8. Sorcs & warriors cant 2shot unless they way outgear you. Rangers on the other hand awakened & non awakened CanWizards with  a bit less ap than you can as well due to there multihit & burst skills awakened + the fact there non awakened skills were buffed to awakened standards a while ago & we got that patch & they never rebalanced them back.

    look at rowlands combo guide 200 AP 3 skills can kill full tet boss gear. That was before airattack rework. Now it's still similar 

    warriors has ~20+ ap

  9. It is designed indirect p2w item for KR

    Ideally p2w players have unlimited silver but they don't have time/recourses/ect to be able to just pay and get what they want. 

    Let's say ogre ring rarity is the same before our event box. Someone who p2w would use cron stones to enchant ogre ring because the rarity of getting the item off the market, time it takes to build failstacks to get back up to the enchanted ogre ring. 

    That is why you may wonder there's a chance of degrade. If there wasn't , cron stones would be imbalanced for p2w players 

  10. Musa has even higher dmg multipliers than Maehwa. Only downside is that Musa has longer cooldowns

    Plum has more crit. 42% crit buff + 30%crit from awakenig buff + most skils are 100% crit

    Plum has longer cd. Plum is burst musa is dps



    As for re rolling

    Plum plays safer than musa

    Musa generally kills with 3 skill - below the belt crosscut and that flow skill

    Plum generally kills with 3 skill - petal drill(flow skill decemeber) petal bloom moonrise 

    The reason why people in KR think musa is up there (huge discussion on wether musa is shit or op) is mainly musa awakening buff and projection ult.

    Really both classes are good. Plum does a better job at killing people than musa does. Musa does a shit ton of AOE dmg. Plum is longer range than musa , musa is close up

    plum got a good patch in KR which makes her play super smooth. you should atleast wait for the patch before deciding. Current plum seems clunky 



  11. Oh my God if they actually change so her awakening chase goes as fast a Musa I will -----ing sacrifice my unborn child to pearl abyss. Does anyone know how long balance changes usually take to get to eu/na and if they always make it here? 

    It would most likely be next patch or the one after that. Currently PA are release class patches very quickly

    Nice buffs, hoped they would change Sleet so i don't get cc'd all the time while using it. 7 seconds cooldown is just way to long to time, and it doesn't give superarmor while off cd. I think they should either make it same cd as chase, 3 seconds, so it's better to time it right OR give it superarmor while it is on cd.

    That would make it too strong compared to blader...

    Matching speed of blader dash is a nerf to blader because plum has a side step and can cancel backwards dash

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  12. i think sorc is still stronger in a more well- rounded aspect... wiz/witch are just like... human nukes and not that fun to play pre-awakening and VERY SP and gear dependent... its much better post awakening but hard to say if they are going to get any nerfs and changes to their class.

    Both classes are not that geared dependent. 

  13. Every class on this forum wants to be the other its hilarious. Anyway regarding the whole "black hole is OP" belief. Um Im not sure where the appeal is honestly. I guess people just want to press one button, see the kill feed with their name and feel good about themselves. But like... if you die to black hole... its probably due to:

    A. So much lag that your inputs are too slow to cause movement

    B. You fell asleep at keyboard.

    In coming rant:

    Hidden Content

    TL: DR- Dont reroll Ranger for sorc, you're just gonna find yourself working harder for the simple shit and over what a black hole thats easy as fk to dodge? Just designate someone to cc them. Sorcs can't deal with layered Ccs/super armors.  

    yup it's funny to see how other strong classes in siege war are so tunnel vision on seeing other classes preforming well that they don't see their own class being viable anymore. Saying ranger isn't viable in siege... Idk what to say anymore...... GITGUD? 

    its not like we're talking about ninja in siege war...

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