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  1. Isty added a post in a topic Killing AFK trainers is impossible   

    Because kids are kids
    And though i certainly do not agree with them, I also dont understand why people dont use level 49 locked alts as their horse trainers and/or fishers, then theyll have to find some other way to be childish and unsociable.  We have 7 to 12 alts (plus a main) each, make good use of them, they can be more than just energy storage.
    Basically you can only be bullied this way if you allow it by using a 50+ character
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  2. Isty added a post in a topic The New Forums   

    OK thanks, so it must be me misremembering my password.
    Hrmm maybe my password was "cake" not "pie"
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  3. Isty added a topic in General   

    The New Forums
    Im a little confused, i visited there for the first time today, it asks me to register but when i click to register it takes me to main website, and of course i have already registered through main website for these forums, yet when i try to login using my current info, it rejects me
    So is it a fresh registration? Or is it the same and im simply getting my password wrong? (which wouldnt surprise me since ive been logged in since i first registered and havent had to type my password except that first time)
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  4. Isty added a post in a topic How much have you spent?   

    Netflix is for people who dont know what torrent sites are.  Having the internet and not using torrents, is like buying a nice car then taking a taxi everywhere
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  5. Isty added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    I wasnt very clear, my apologies.
    My objection isnt to the quality of the screenshots, my objection is to them replacing the map.
    Each day i play at least 5-7 of my characters, and i switch between them even more than just once each, in fact doing a rough calculation in my head right now i would estimate that i switch possibly 50-75 times a day (it can vary of course, sometimes i spend a lot of time combat grinding one char, other times i regularly switch between several - for example last few days ive been doing a circuit of mineral harvesting, then switching to an alt who is tending a farm of crops, then back, another circuit of minerals and back again to the farm, etc.)  There is also the beer and petfood alt who i switch to, to recharge pet health and workers, and many other reasons to switch between my 5 harvester characters, 3 combat characters, then theres building failstacks, yet more switching, so actually could be higher than my estimate.
    And during all this switching i like to see the map because it swows me while im loding in where this particular alt is currently located, and reminds me of other things like quests they havent done yet (because of the yellow squares with the ! in them across the map etc). And frankly this map/loading screen is something i like about this game.   What i really dont want to see is the same 3 or 4 screenshots 75 times a day, even if i only see them for a second or so each time
    All that aside - just so you know i did read your post - i did see the many objections to the watermark, and im still not convinced thats what people are really upset about,  but its just as likely you cant see why i'd be upset about the removal of the map for screenshots, we are all different and have different tastes, but me, ive only taken aobut 5 screenshots in over a year of playing, and that was the 5 i took for the dark knight forum (which i whttled down to 1) "post your dark knight pics here" thread.
    And the problem with "them actually picking the pretty pictures" is that "pretty" is subjective, it varies from you to me, and to everyone else, if you need proof of that just look at any of the forums "post your character here" threads.  Genuinely ive only liked one of the screenshots that ive seen, and that one was so good (imho) that i can still see every detail of it in my minds-eye, that was from the Magoria set, but the other 3 or so were so boring and uninspiring they made me ... hmm not angry exactly, but they certainly annoyed me, specially for the 25th time that day
    Any-who, whether or not i, you or anybody else love or hate the screenshots has no bearing on my request, which is to give us the ability to opt out of seeing them.  Everyone can win, those who want to see them can, and those who dont wish to see them can bypass them and stick with the map.    I just want my map... me wuv Mappy mkay
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  6. Isty added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    I actually dont mind the patch, seems ok to me, i keep re-reading the notes to see what exactly is pissing people off, because it cant simply be the watermarks can it?    To me it seems neither outstandingly great, nor devastatingly bad.
    That being said....
    Thanks once more for saving me money
    You continue releasing those "costumes" (less than 4-piece clothing) instead of releasing "outfits" (4-piece clothing) and i will continue not to buy any.     If i cant mix n match them, then i wont be buying them, so seriously, a big and sincere heartfelt thank you for once again saving my hard earned cash for something other than your company
    You probably dont give a shit about this (and im damn sure no one else does) but ive gone from being a £50 a month player to playing for free, great for my pockets, terrible as a business model.
    Also if youre going to bombard our loading screens with people's shitty screenshots again soon (because youre doing yet another needless screenshot competition) can you PLEASE first implement an on/off thingy in settings so we can keep the default map as our loading screen, thanks!
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  7. Isty added a post in a topic Worker promotion question   

    2 things influence success during promotion, - level of the worker and level of the city node where they live.  Only about 1 in every 10 of my yellow workers actually fail all 3 tests and believe it or not people still buy a lvl 30 yellow with no promotion chance
    I have 5-10 yellow workers at most times and 80-90 orange workers always, and i sell some lvl 30's every month.  I do this not for the money, though an extra few mil a month is a nice little bonus, i do it because it basically costs me nothing, and puts a few workers on the market every month for those who would rather buy them.  
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  8. Isty added a post in a topic How come no one sells craftable costumes in the MP?   

    Im pretty sure its negative profit (though i havent tried to craft every single one) but im fairly certain the mats and the "pattern" (or whatever its called - the plan that you buy from a npc as one of the ingredients) added together comes to about 50% more than the price you can list them for, example its costs 750k to make them but can only sell for 500k  (im going from memory and have pulled those number out of my arse, but you get the point). 
    But i mostly just made the Ruby outfits for each char, partly for the titles, partly so they can all play amity games easier, the other costumes could be way different
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  9. Isty added a post in a topic Skeletons in Mediah?   

    Damn good xp too at SG, i went there sunday because of all the morons fighting for scraps at Sausans.   I found absolutely nobody fighting there and it seemed my xp flowed in far faster than it ever has at Sausans, plus i got all the "boss" mobs to myself too, it made for a great afternoon of xp and loot and best of all i didnt have to waste time pvp-ing to contest the spawn
    I mean no its rubbish, no point even going to have a look there
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  10. Isty added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    Ive always wanted to ask, but held back for fear of trolling americans, but now m going to ask;
    You guys talking about all these "billions" youve spent, do you mean real billions as defined by (almost) the entire world (including american scientists and mathemticians) or do you mean those fake billions as defined by most everyday american speech?
    Clarification for those that need it. 
    Real billions are the result of multiplying 1 million by 1 million (results in 12 noughts aka 1,000,000,000,000, or 10 to the power of 12, or 1 million to the power of 2 (bi), real name 1 billion)Fake billions is what you get when you multiply 1 million by 1 thousand (results in 9 noughts aka 1,000,000,000, or 10 to the power of 9, real name 1 milliard), only a tenth of a billion. 
    I dont usually like derailing a thread but since all this thread is doing is allowing some people to display their engorged hind-quarters while others give them a reacharound, i dont see the harm, and i genuinely want to know.   If i put this question in its own thread, as ive often wanted to people would no doubt tell me "it has nothing to do with BDO, wrong forum", but enough people here are mentioning billions for me to ask.     Its a Korean game run by a European company (both these peoples use real billions), but the forum is also used by Americans who use their own system.  Since americans are (globally speaking) the minority here i assume we all use real billions yes? Or are some of us using one system while some use another?
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  11. Isty added a post in a topic BDO Datamined DP stats - Just show us AP, DP, Evasion and ACC on char sheet   

    When will they get around to data mining the other  armour sets? or other accessory items?
    It can hardly be thought of as conclusive til we cancompare every single item, oh im sure they didnt bother with the one-gem-slot armours because the cool kids dont use them, but isnt it likely that the evil devs gave the 1-slot stuff the best hidden stats?  Likely or not we dont know because the dataminers did a halfassed job and just assumed they werent worth checking
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  12. Isty added a post in a topic Killed 100 Monster still no Knowledge for Monster   

    Move on and get it with the next character you level, or the next, or the next....
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  13. Isty added a post in a topic What does give max Energy?   

    As an addition to the above replies
    You gain +1 Energy when you have half of the knowledge in each section, and the full listed amount when you have them all
    Example: - A section called NPCs of Exampleville 0/4, containing 10 NPCs will give you 1 max energy when youve spoken to 5 of them, and the remaining 3 max energy when youve spoken to all 10, it will then read NPCs of Exampleville 4/4.
    EDIT: Regarding your TL:DR, its a bad example as the knowledge from recipes doesnt actually grant any energy, when you look in knowledge (H) under Lifeskills youll see no 0/2, 0/4 etc, therefore this section (and any like it) grant no energy (no numbers = no energy). 
    The sections that do grant energy are Character, Topography, Ocean, Ecology, Adventure Journal and Academics.  The sections that do not grant energy are Lifeskill, Learning The Ropes Of Black Desert and Trade
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  14. Isty added a post in a topic Is putting PVP behind a PVE grind wall a good idea?   

    Didnt want to derail, but youve had an incomplete answer so heres the full one -
    At 49.999 you will be given a quest to kill a Fat Catfishman (whose name is Quoobe i think, that name is in the quest name), you can do this quest, but once you hand it in you will be a big boy and able to be attacked.   For anyone to attack another person they must flag themselves for pvp (turns their name red, i tihkn you press Alt+C - ive never flagged so not certain) then they can attack players, once flagged anyone can attack them, if a blue name player dies there is no penalty, if a red name player dies there is a penalty, which varies from region to region.  You may choose not to complete this quest in which case youll be 49.999 forever (you may gain skillpoints but not levels).
    I dont have much to add on topic, but to try and not leave the thread in a state of derailment -
    Is putting PVP behind a PVE grind wall a good idea?  Probably not but it is how 99% of MMOs seem to do it, of course they dont also put it behind a RNG wall
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  15. Isty added a post in a topic Lvl 60   

    56 is where im staying until they raise the softcap again.  I'll be fine with this just as i was fine staying 50 until they raised it.
    Chasing 60 with the caps set to hard-grind-mode is a young man's game, you can all run full pelt up the mountain, i prefer to walk.
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  16. Isty added a post in a topic What can happen if energy is removed when Gathering ?   

    From a personal point of view, it will mean i wasted time levelling up 5 Gatherers to Artisan +
    But they already shafted me this way when they removed energy from Processing, Cooking and Alchemy, because i have 5 of those Artisan+ too
    At least now i get Fame rewards for that stuff
    There is a matter of all the hours spent raising knowledge to 370ish (i think)
    And philosphically i already know that just playing these games is a waste of time/life anyway, and if my body wasnt broken forcing me to sit indoors in front of a PC i'd instead be canoeing, rock-climbing, skydiving, or at the very least walking/cycling, and wouldnt even be near a computer (or even a TV), so wasting time isnt a new thing to me
    It would be kind of sad though, because then energy would only be used for NV and Amity Games, i hope they dont do this
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  17. Isty added a post in a topic Remove Facebook link from launcher?   

    Thats right, thats what mobile phones are for
    We (me and my fellow students in Britain during the 80s) had demonstrations to protest the impending idea of everyone carrying ID cards, in the end the idea was scrapped because it was too costly for the government.    Flash forward a few decades, now to use a moble phone you need to register it or you cant get all the "cool" apps and features, and hey presto you are now carrying an ID card that doubles as a tracking device, and best of all they made you buy it yourself.  Some of you really should read 1984, in fact everyone should, even if afterwards you reject it.  It was once a fine piece of fiction concerning  the loss of freedom, lately its become a handbook for facistic politicians.  Its not a big book, it can probably be read during next maintenance
    Sheep that function as their own sheepdogs... makes me glad to know i'll be dead in a few years
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  18. Isty added a post in a topic So.. What Would Happen If the Monster Exp & Profit are Balanced?   

    I like the idea, assuming it was well implemented
    Only problem i can think of is that groups would earn less silver than solo, so the facade of "social" play would disappear altogether - y'know that thing where people claim grouping is sociable, then they spam chat til they get a group and dont speak to any of them for a few hours and just mash buttons.
    Unless im misunderstanding it any group would have to share whatever silver, trash and real loot, but now i come to think of it, isnt it already like this...
    Anything that stops the entire playerbase camping 2 spawns cant be a bad thing.
    Of course its not really us players that need convincing, its the people in charge
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  19. Isty added a post in a topic Idea for new cash shop item.   

    But then I'd have to buy a mobile phone
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  20. Isty added a post in a topic How many 56 needed for the 1mil daily silver   

    Fame Guide
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  21. Isty added a post in a topic Remove Facebook link from launcher?   

    I was under the impression that it is only used by middle-aged (and older) women anyway.  It is in my household, and those of my relatives and in-laws.  I actually cant think of a single male i know that uses it, not just in the family, but also friends
    Im sure the NSA is fascinated that Heather down the road has had her hair permed, and Sarah's Pug had to go to the vets due to incontinence, and what Nancy's recipe for quiche contains.
    BTW, perhaps Filthbook or Failbook work better as humourous derogatory synonyms, even Faecesbook if you dont mind getting a little childish about it
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  22. Isty added a post in a topic rng or bad game?   

    Is it irony that he made pictures probably to make it easily understood or to save himself using words (or embarassed by his illiteracy), and yet no matter how hard i squint at them i cant read his FS numbers?
    I can, however, work out they are high from the other replies, so useless thread is useless
    Also if you quit, can i have your stuff?
    The poll shows amazing literacy and can be said to mean any number of different things;~   1) do we think the system is good or bad? 2) do we think his enhancing "skillz" are good or bad? 3) do we think this thread is good or bad?  The fact he writes "1. good bad" but doesnt write a 2 or any other options. The fact it lacks a question mark therefore isnt a question.  The fact it doesnt have "or", means hes asking (if he is asking) if something (and we arent sure what) is both good and bad, and quite a few other ways such a semantically null non-question might actually be intepreted.   If he had also mixed up "then" and "than" I'd have scored it a perfect negative 10 out of 10.  If people keep this sort of thing up, in a few years humanity will lose the ability to communicate completely... so sad.   I cant vote on that, thats how things like Brexit and Trump happen.
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  23. Isty added a post in a topic Awakened players in Calpheon, why?   

    Funny no one mentioned filling in their gaps in their Knowledge book to raise their energy.
    To the one or two that said they go there to grief newbies, i guess that was you sitting on the Fat Catfish Island already flagged red and waiting for poor newbies to kill the Fat guy and receive their first PKing, saw him when i finally went to do my unlock quest for my DK - I cant say he was Awakened, he couldve been lvl 50 in crap gear, but i thought it was nice of him to initiate the newbies.  Clearly the guy has some inadequacy issues, but even the saddest of sad losers needs to have fun sometimes i guess.
    Interesting thread, ive played almost a year and all this time i thought grey-named mobs didnt drop any loot or give any xp
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  24. Isty added a post in a topic Valencia needs tweaks   

    I hardly ever go to Valencia, its just not worth it
    I dont agree with all theOPs main points, but i do with some of them, and some adjustment to Valencia would be nice to see (but i doubt its going to happen)
    One point i will argue for is the Contribution and Node Cost.   I currently have over 340CP and it has basically become not worthwile to try and raise more.   I usually raise CP by using alchemy and cooking byproducts because this is the fastest way ive found of doing so, i do sometimes run a few CP missions but its basically at least half as fast as using by products.  
    Currently to gain just 1CP will take me something like 3 days with an average of 8-12 hours per day.  It requires turning in about 1500 by products, crafting 1000 items gives me roughly 250 of said byproducts so it requires about 6k of items to be made
       I currently have 0 nodes in Valencia and all my CP is tied up elsewhere, i have no farms currently either, my only real choice in to uninvest some nodes or  stop making things like Calph crates both of which equates to loss of income.  So only choice is to earn more at 24-36 hours per CP, and no one is going to do that solid so we'll also assume for every 3 days working CP we also spend 2 doing regular stuff, so 5 days per CP to avoid insanity
    So to invest in just one Valencia node, lets say the Star Anise at Shakatu, its going to cost me 2 for connection node and 3 more for subnode.  Thats 1 node, and its right next to the city/town so has almost no cost for connection. (15-25 days to earn)Connecting Altinova to Valencia costs 22CP, that could be as much as 5-6 weeks of doing nothing but making byproducts. (This is not something that needs to be done but its another example of expenditure).  (66-110 days to earn)If i want the Vanadium/Titaniumx2/Excavation nodes North-East of Ancado Harbour (which i do) thats going to cost me 25CP for basically 4 worker nodes, and thats connecting from Valencia which is the cheapest way i can get to it.  Using 4 workers from Ancado means spending another 4CP to hire 3 more workers there making that total cost 29CP to work 4 nodes.  (87-145 days to earn)Those numbers are what it takes me, im using +2 Silver Embroidered clothes & Cash shop Cooking outfit & Teff buff.  I am a no lifer thanks to disability i cant work so i can spend a lot of time in front of my PC, someone with similar equipment but also a family, job, social life cold easily take twice as long, even longer if they didnt spend cash shop money.
    Obviously YMMV
    Either the soft cap for CP needs lowering (as it has been in Korea but not here) or those node costs need reducing, until one or both of those things are done my only realy option is to ignore Valencia as far as node investment is concerned, and tbh thats fine with me.  My Gear is lacking, mostly because ive spent so much time cooking and such, so my gear isnt really up to making use of Valencia for experience or for loot, again i may as well ignore Valencia, and again im fine with that because its for people with better gear than me.
    Im going to say it again at risk of over-repeating myself for those who will skim to the last line and will simply accuse me of doing it wrong, or that im missing the point of what Valencia is for - I dont intend to use Valencia for a very long time and i am fine with that, its not for me (yet).   If thats what the devs intended for Valencia then it doesnt need any adjustment at all, however if they expected someone like me to be using it then it does need some adjustment.
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  25. Isty added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Long overdue for posting mine, I wanted to make sure everyone had chosen (or already copied) theirs before i posted mine

    I named her Indigosmoke, which turned out to be quite fitting given our ability Smoky Haze, which at the time i didnt know about
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