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  1. 2Cents added a post in a topic Kashkao how about giving details of golden chest items?   

    Players today don't play for exploration they want to be spoon fed all the info directly via tweet.
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  2. 2Cents added a post in a topic Magoria Epic Fail 2.0 coming?   

    It's a good thing I don't need confirmation of obvious issues.
    Kamal may be the proper update for the land mass, but the point remains valid and accurate.
    The Valencia Update was recognized as a failure for quite some time and remains so even after several attempts to improve it.  The future "creature combat" is very questionable.  The Valencia dungeons pose additional issues, the map, the location, etc, but for the most part they remain unbalanced and unused.
    Anyone in contradiction to these facts is simply in denial.  
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  3. 2Cents added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    It's not just PVP, I would rather compete with mobs vs 2 Warriors than a single Archer/Wizard how BAD IS THAT DESIGN
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  4. 2Cents added a post in a topic Magoria Epic Fail 2.0 coming?   

    I've never heard of "hunting mobs" before.
    What area do you want to hunt?
    We are hunting this area.
    Kids today.  No one used the term Grinding mobs back in the day.
    We didn't "Grind" in Yserbius, we hunted. AOL FTW
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  5. 2Cents added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    I take out a full party, but then they bring a Wiz........oh this sht again.
    I am competing against a full party for kills.......In comes a Wiz......oh this sht again.
    God damnit i need to "play" the class to understand this.  I forgot I need to "play" the class to understand why SO MANY Wizards are running around now.  It all makes sense now THE DEVELOPERS DON'T GET IT BECAUSE THEY DON'T PLAY THE CLASS!
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  6. 2Cents added a post in a topic Magoria Epic Fail 2.0 coming?   

    The term has been used for 20+ Years, BDO isn't that great of a game to have authority to change the definition.
    I spent a few hours in them.  I saw  ZERO players throughout the entire dungeons.
    It's nearly impossible to find no one at Sausans.
    You should follow your own advice, starting with 1.
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  7. 2Cents added a topic in General   

    You where robbed
    Many years ago the Game Engines and PC's didn't support the draw speeds they do today, let alone the graphic details.  There have been major improvements in the technologies every year in one form or another.
    The games also limited the movement speed of players intentionally.  It was to keep the game in balance.
    The developers of BDO had the option to do this, but instead they chose to give excessive movement to players.  This decision has robbed players of any chance to have a realistic PVP system.  It's the core reason why DP means nothing, it's the reason for the massive amount of CC, and chain grabs.
    What they did was ensure the games PVP would be terrible for the entire lifespan of the game.
    In the older games you couldn't instant escape from opponents.
    They built a defect into the game that may never be fixed.
    You got robbed.
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  8. 2Cents added a post in a topic fix DP   

    I agree stop spreading lies and bullshit...........
    Players have the accuracy of a level 80 at 58.
    DP can never work.  If you can survive a few hits all you need to do is run around and heal and become invincible.  It's so obvious and yet so many just don't get it.
    The broken system is the fact you can be next a player and out of range in 1 second.
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  9. 2Cents added a post in a topic Magoria Epic Fail 2.0 coming?   

    Magoria = A new upcoming top end mob hunting area.  However, the current top end hunting areas don't work.  And it's likely they will add all this new content that will not be used for the same reasons the Sulfur Mines are not used.
    The reasons why also stem back to RNG.  In order to hunt the top areas you may need TOP end equipment, and not just a few TET pieces.
    It may also mean Magoria is a total failure, from the Trade routes, to fishing, to quests, to everything.  It may be unfinished, but the real CORE problems are creeping up more and more.
    This may be a bigger issue to NA though than other areas.  They have had more time to acquire equipment and a much easier system.
    Top End equipment wasn't really designed to be earned in game, it's designed to be purchased.  One of the core issues with the system.  The only players doing Magoria/top end areas may be the full hardcore and cash shop players.
    They don't blow up TRI/TET gear to make PEN, THEY BUY THE STACKS.
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  10. 2Cents added a post in a topic Magoria Epic Fail 2.0 coming?   

    A few players at Bandits, Fogan's, Naga, Crescent, Jail etc is not sufficient to support the player base.  Also Magoria looks to be designed for top end equipment only.
    Also despite people "faulty claims" about how much they get there, solo Duo Pirates/Sausan is superior to nearly anything in game.
    BTW: The mines should be crowded by 59+ players. (As it would be if it was designed correctly)
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  11. 2Cents added a post in a topic Magoria Epic Fail 2.0 coming?   

    I generally believe what I see over what others say.  It's commonly known that Sausan/Pirates are farmed more than most of the desert not just because they are easier, but because they are more productive.
    The Mines are just one example of many failed areas that are just dead space.  If you follow anything about BDO you should already know these things.  The reason the mines are such a failure is because you either need a full party or massive AP.  (Ever heard of a thing called RNG? and what it takes to get the AP needed to solo/duo the mines BETTER than other areas.)
    The best farming area in the game is Centaurs!  They are NEVER camped, they look pretty cool and they are not in the heat!  Or maybe they are absolutely terrible and no one hunts there in REALITY.
    You could of course go to Basiliks they drop a GREAT BELT!  Except NOPE REALITY CHECK it's another dead area.  Occasionally players hunt these areas, but overall they are a failure.
    Gatekeepers and channel hoping is not a solution to this.
    Magoria is likely to present more failures because of A: That RNG system everyone LOVES!  B: Unless they overload it with loot/exp it will be an automatic failure.  However, it MIGHT be possible that is actually the case, but given Pearl's track record, you can probably bet on failure.
    PS: WHY!!!!!! Are are top level TET/PEN sitting on the market forever when people are making 25M/hour?  Maybe because BS, that's why.
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  12. 2Cents added a post in a topic Grabs are ruining PVP   

    You don't need "The best" mobility on a ranged class with mass dmg.  The teleport escapes from far to many melee attacks, even during with multi hit.  It's also used to massively improve their overall run speed.
    It also part of the required "instant kill" worthless PVP.  If you can't kill a Witch instantly you never can with their Heal + Pot + Teleport.
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  13. 2Cents added a topic in General   

    Magoria Epic Fail 2.0 coming?
    Lets not get ahead of ourselves and assume Magoria hunting will be a failure.  It hasn't even arrived in NA!
    Except from what's been seen on the Korean version IT'S ALREADY LIVE ON NA.
    It's called the Sulfer Mines and NO ONE HUNTS THERE.
    All this while players are crammed at Sausan/Pirates.
    What makes Magoria any different?  Possibly the drops.
    However, the RNG isn't going to be fixed which will block a lot of players from it anyway.  You can't out level it either, it's equipment or nothing.
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  14. 2Cents added a post in a topic Grabs are ruining PVP   

    I would assume it's a desync display issue, they where still on the ground after teleport.
    The amount of movement/teleport is ridiculous though.  It was pointed out for months the main vulnerability of witches was mobility, now even that is broken.  Being able to teleport every few seconds vs melee class is way to exploitable.  Not to mention nearly every skill they have includes slows along with a completely OP slow that is essentially the same as stun. 
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  15. 2Cents added a post in a topic Grabs are ruining PVP   

    I believe the Witch teleport is broken to the point you can teleport out of Sorc Blackhole.  I have also seen Witches teleport while laying on the ground.
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