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  1. pineapplelover added a post in a topic Help me with my gear.   

    If you have a value pack, try selling the ogre and tungrade and going for a duo/tri blue coral or duo/tri red coral earring and duo Schultz. If you manage the get all those, pri tree belt~
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  2. pineapplelover added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    Sounds like a way to back out of an argument you've no information about heh. Regardless, I was merely responding to people crying. 
    I was hardly attempting to start an argument, I was merely, as aforementioned, responding to crying. If my opinion is one regarded as fact by the rest of the bdo community (except you guys for some reason?) is not accepted or welcomed here, that sounds like you problem. Doesn't make it any less valid 
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  3. pineapplelover added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    To barge in for a moment~ Saying you've spent enough time in the arena, and saying they are not OP makes the rest of the community just assume you're bad I sure as hell would. Coming here and claiming witches are op, as you say, is entirely valid as every witch I know (most in top tier Guilds or top tier geared) can admit their class is overpowered. Yes other classes have blocks and super armors, but witches (wizards as well) have insurmountable damage, combined with that super armor and block. A witch with the same gear score can kill me far faster than the classes you listed (warrior, zerker, ninja, Musa - actually maybe not zerker and warrior.. That's a separate can of worms though.) before I'm even able to cc them. 
    Also the lack of node war experience gives it away
    AND one more thing. Wizard 100% is a TAD too strong? ARGUABLY? yeah no you've clearly no idea what you're talking about there 
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  4. pineapplelover added a post in a topic It is time. Mutant Ogre/Troll Kill Today! 4/7   

    Added new head monsters 'King of Ogre Murakah' and 'Troll Wing of the beginning'.
    - Murakawa and Wits appear every Friday night at the Mansa forest and near the Gwynn Hill, and the World Alert is displayed 15 minutes before the emergence.
    - Murakawa and GyuT randomly appear on servers inside and outside ten. (However, Guyt and Muraka will appear on the same server at the same time and will not appear on Olivia servers.)
    - Murakawa and Gyutsu disappear if they are not attacked for 30 minutes, and even if they are killed by this monster, no disadvantage will occur.
    - Attacking certain areas of Murakawa and GyuT can lead to easier combat.
    KR bosses assumed to be the ogre and troll, added with their recent patch. 
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  5. pineapplelover added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Launcher suddenly not loading
    After exiting the game and leaving my computer on, I went to reopen it and had the little popup that showed it was loading, then the transition to the actual launcher ended in an error that was forcing it to close. Every attempt after that never made it to that screen again, only the popup(the one with the warrior, ranger, sorc, zerk and tamer) played, and the launcher itself never went through. Looked at the processes and saw the processes disappear after the popup. Any help?
    -After each every restart i can actually manage to get to the launcher, but it always ends up with launcher has stopped working and doesn't even make it afterwards
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  6. pineapplelover added a topic in General   

    10/10 Servers
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  7. pineapplelover added a post in a topic nouver or kutum??   

    Lol just get both m8. That Dok13 JB guy on YouTube has em both quickslotted, though he appears to primarily be using nouver. (I mean he has like 260ap anyway so). it can be situational so why not be rdy whenever. 
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  8. pineapplelover added a post in a topic When will the Dark Knight awakening come out?   

    No one knows for sure of course but one would assume. 
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  9. pineapplelover added a post in a topic DK gear?   

    Get full rocaba and put a carm in your wep to make up for att spd loss
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  10. pineapplelover added a post in a topic Nouver vs Kutum (Never gets old)   

    Id use kutum. I have a nouver and plan to keep till i can reach 210ap with a kutum. Kutum is considered best offhand all-around by most i think, Personally i think cc resists are a meme in this game. Ive yet to have a stun fail to land in my experience. Stiffens vary, but not enough to be a real problem. I only use bhegs and one rce and the only problem i may encounter is a 300dp full evasion ninja or sorc. 
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  11. pineapplelover added a post in a topic How "Wizard" like is Kunoichi?   

    I think the conclusion most of us can come to is:Forums are cancer, GamePoison is either a retard, a troll, or both, and I'm pretty sure this was a bait question. 
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  12. pineapplelover added a topic in Kunoichi   

    So apparently
    Any summon can see you in stealth. I'm probably late to the party but has anyone tried contacting... Well any developer to try and fix that shit?
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  13. pineapplelover added a post in a topic 04.Jan 2017 Patch Clarification   

    Lol well shit. 
    I thought they buffed the mobs, never considered that my damage was less. But yeah it feels a helluva lot like it me 
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  14. pineapplelover added a post in a topic Just remove the damn snow   

    Even if it didn't lag, someone said earlier the grass looks like literal mush. It's just God awful and unappealing to the eyes in an otherwise appealing looking game. 
    Can't cherry pick what you want to argue against out my friend 
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  15. pineapplelover added a post in a topic Just remove the damn snow   

    I'm really the only one damn. Tried putting texture and graphics on max yet the snow still looks like shit 
    Am I missing something??? 
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