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  1. Azveki added a post in a topic Best Siege ever   

    Aldna i think that was my picture :thinking:
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  2. Azveki added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

    That wasn't that transparent... So basically 1: be careful with what you do, 2: if you can prove you got scammed you can get the other person banned, 3: you don't get anything back if you can prove it. 
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  3. Azveki added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    What does the sailor do?
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  4. Azveki added a post in a topic Processing speed with enchanted Craftman's Clothes   

    I wonder if processing time also varies with material. I was going to do this exact thing using ores, but things happened and my data wasn't good. It took me like 35min+ on +2 crafting and maid outfit for 1000 ores, which have the same ratio as fleece.
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  5. Azveki added a post in a topic Processing speed with enchanted Craftman's Clothes   

    Each process takes exactly 10 seconds. If you fail, then nothing happens and you wasted 10 seconds. Increasing success rate will increase process speed by not wasting those 10 seconds. We can probably calculate the success rate from the overall time taken, 10 seconds per proc, and number of procs total.
    Increasing processing level will increase the average number of procs per process, from .3 at Apprentice to .5 at Artisan. Beginner and Master don't seem to have differences, but Master might proc more advanced results (like copper ingots when melting copper ore). I haven't tested the secondary procs so I'm not sure about that. 
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  6. Azveki added a post in a topic AP VS Attack +   

    I thought the class selection infographics were just there and whatever the devs thought the class should be.
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  7. Azveki added a topic in Guides   

    Detailed 0 to 200 AP Gearing Guide
    A lot of new players have joined us and a lot of current players seem stuck on their gear. I've constantly heard requests on what to do for gear so I've put together a little guide. Let me know what you think and if anything should be changed!
    UPDATE GUIDE LINK: https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/updated-0-200-ap-guide-v4-for-na-eu-with-the-asula-set.46384/

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  8. Azveki added a post in a topic Remain online option when PC is off   

    It'd just make for a boring game. Imagine a log out window where you click which afk activity you want to do. That would just be another cookie clicker, while actually sitting to fish and stuff makes it more immersive. 
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  9. Azveki added a post in a topic PVE Damage tests   

    I think this is true. If you cast lightning strike, it has 3 hits, but did you account for all 3 hits? Missing 1 might look like all 3 landed, but you do obviously will do less damage. If you look at your single hit %s (magic arrow/staff attack), they are the same. When you move to multi hit, the difference is because you miss some of the 3 hits on the liverto but not on the kzarka. The difference is small because you have a high hit rate (0 complete misses), but if it was on a harder mob, the difference would be greater.
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  10. Azveki added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    Guildie just said if you really wanted your box now, log out, change your computer date to tomorrow, and log back in and it should work.
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