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  1. Sparowe added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll Question
    I received this scroll from putting the five relic shards back together in my inventory. After summoning Black Spirit I had the option to choose this one (orange) or the Awakened Version which is just one of 5(?) pieces. Seeing as I'm only level 53 I figured it'd be best to do the orange version. 

    I noticed somebody LFM for the scroll I have, I double checked the item they linked in chat to make sure and it was the same as mine so I let them know I had it and that I also had no idea what I'd be doing since I've never joined a party before. I was told I needed 5 of them hence the (x5) they had next to the scroll in chat. I'm confused? 

    I had collected the 5 shards that you put together in your inventory which is where I got the quest from the BS. At least if I remember correctly that's where how I got it. I had also accepted a quest to summon the Imp Chief with an Orange Colored Scroll for the Boss at the same time from one of the available quests in my log. I soloed the chief and received 3 Giath Reward Bundles/Tokens (they looked like red crystals) which I opened for my lame rewards lol. 

    So do I need to collect more shards and put together another 4 scrolls worth of them and then start LFG? I've only got 4 days left on the timer for the scroll. Is it possible to just solo this boss as a Kuno? I only saw a few videos of Wizards doing it and without the ability to heal myself without the use of potions I don't know how I'd fare. 

    Sorry for my lengthy explanation of my question but I hope I made sense?
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  2. Sparowe added a post in a topic Ranger [Bern] Outfit   

    They mentioned in the April 5th patch notes they implemented a fix for the outfit. Something to do with the helmet displaying improperly? I think it's weird that they would even bother with the fix if they were taking it down anyways. Yea, it makes sense for the people that already purchased it but other than that?
    It would be really awesome if they would apply notices to certain outfits that are leaving the store, either for good or temporarily, like the ones that are applied to event related stuff. For example, next patch they add a notification to "Outfit A" saying something like "7 Days Left: After 7 Days this outfit will be retired / taking a break". Something like that LOL. It may sound like I'm being picky with this next statement, but I don't honestly know when I'll wind up leveling a Ranger now. At least until the Bern outfit makes a return or they add another outfit I happen to like. As of now there's only 1 maybe 2 that I would consider but they still seem more suited for other classes. To top that off it's one thing making us pay practically $30+ for an outfit that can't be used on another character. Outfits like the Lahr Larsen or Karlstein just as a few examples are no different for one character than they are for another character. Outfits like the [Kunoichi] Ayo and [Dark Knight] Sin Terrna make sense to have to be purchased just once because they are designed for one particular class in mind. Come to think of it now I have to decide what character I'll use for the fish and or shark outfits, cooking outfit, etc. This whole time I've done everything on one character and since I'd rather save money and have to deal with logging in and out of that character to cook, fish, craft something for another character instead of just forking over more cash for the same outfit I already have/had on it. 
    Whoops! this just turned into a semirant or maybe more of a suggestion to the DEVS...
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  3. Sparowe added a topic in Ranger   

    Ranger [Bern] Outfit
    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but when was this outfit removed from the Cash Shop? There was a mention of a bug fix for the helmet on April 5th 2017, same patch that Choppy was added in. Decided to start leveling my Ranger today and even loaded enough Daum (Damn) Cash onto my account to get the only outfit I wanted for Ranger just to feel utterly stupid seeing it found nowhere in the store. 
    Since I haven't been playing as long as a lot of others I don't have the knowledge of whether or not the Outfits and Costumes rotate or are removed forever. I know some are even themed or holiday specific so that's a no brainer when concerning their availability. Is it possible that this outfit is gone for good or just a temporary removal?
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  4. Sparowe added a post in a topic ERROR CODE 2001   

    I know how you feel lol. I went ahead and completely uninstalled the game and removed all BDO folders from "My Documents" and so far everything seems to be working just fine. Client is actually downloading the patch, along with the game files themselves. I've still got 8-9 minutes left according to progress bar, so hopefully the game actually launches after that. Nothing else worked, even tried booting up in "safe mode with networking" to avoid any instances of the game or related processes running in the background which was said to be the cause of the "2001" error code and that didn't help. 
    Hope you get it working for you too. 
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  5. Sparowe added a post in a topic ERROR CODE 2001   

    There is definitely nothing running in the background. Not a single task related to BDO after launcher crashes from error code. Unless there is a process I am unaware of but AFIK, blackdesert64.exe ; coherentUI ; xincode (these aren't the EXACT names of the processes but I'm sure it explains what I mean?) None of these processes are present. 
    Currently rebooted my system into "Safe Mode with Networking" to minimize the amount of processes being ran in the background and the error code still pops up immediately after attempting to patch the game.
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  6. Sparowe added a topic in Technical Issues   

    ERROR CODE 2001
    I've been trying to find a solution to this since the patch went live and have found no information regarding the error code "2001" that pops up when attempting to patch the game. When I first tried starting the game I got an error say I needed to do a file repair due to a corrupt file, then the launcher restarted itself and now gives the error code before even hitting "1%" on the download. 
    Restarting my computer, checking for Windows updates and reinstalling the launcher all failed to eliminate the error code. I'm about to reinstall the game completely but I'd hate to do it and still get the error code due to the error itself being unrelated to and or not needing a full reinstall of the game itself. 
    This is the first time that I've ever seen the "Error Code: 2001" 
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  7. Sparowe added a topic in Art & Media   

    Community Driven Pearl Shop Proposal
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  8. Sparowe added a post in a topic Error code 2001   

    ^ BUMP
    Same Issue.
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  9. Sparowe added a post in a topic Community Driven Pearl Shop Proposal   

    Well can't expect everyone to give any thought on it. Especially the ones who either don't have an imagination to consider any and all ideas, or ones who either don't know how to read, or don't have the attention span to read a paragraph. 
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  10. Sparowe added a post in a topic 7 Tips to Hopefully increase your FPS!   

    Why on earth would you explain the settings and programs AND THEN "Oh hey now everything you just did, you're going to have to do it all over again. Because now we're uninstalling the GPU drivers!" 
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