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  1. Avocados added a post in a topic So, this game is p2w?   

    This game is the laughing stock of the MMO community and the people who defend it every day and have been for the past miserable year of their lives are almost comical. I love coming back here to look at what it's become. Every week is a mistake and an attempt to patch things up yet they don't have to cause the community defends them anyway LOL
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  2. Avocados added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 14th   

    Tis the season to be milkedofallyourmoney, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!
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  3. Avocados added a post in a topic China to force online games to reveal loot drop rates   

    ? So you're saying if someone told you that you had a 1 in 2 chance of dying today if you went to work, you would still go? 
    knowing the chances is almost necessary in everything you do. Why would you waste time farming a 1/99999 chance when you could spend that time trying to buy it?
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  4. Avocados added a post in a topic This video explains everything I been ranting about   

    Tibia is 2 hrdc0re 4 u Kidz 2 und3rst4and ur not a tru g4m3r liek me
    Permad3th is 4 puss1es In tibia if u d1e they hunt down ur whole family girlfriend mom dad sister brither and kill them in front of you while feeding you a bucket of nails and making you cite Shakespeare 
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  5. Avocados added a post in a topic Guesses on when we'll get underwater gatherables?   

    maybe 2018
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  6. Avocados added a post in a topic So, I overclocked my CPU to 5.0GHz   

    Reminder that over clocking won't get rid of pop in
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  7. Avocados added a post in a topic So, I overclocked my CPU to 5.0GHz   

    "almost completely eliminated" is a pretty heavy statement which is why people want to see some evidence. The game is like 9 months old now, if nobody tried over clocking before to reduce pop in then id be dumbfounded, so you saying this is a pretty heavy statement with no video evidence.
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  8. Avocados added a post in a topic So, I overclocked my CPU to 5.0GHz   

    i have never heard of anyone reducing the pop in just from over clocking. Even in their promo vids there is pop in. Don't call people names for asking proof of something that is not really that believable.
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  9. Avocados added a post in a topic [Guest pass request] Scummy I know but it seriously can't be helped   

    check off topic theres a thread with 4 left 
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  10. Avocados added a post in a topic Check the patch notes, and you will see how the game falls   

    "uhh no less people use the forums now cause they're busy playing the game. In fact the game got MORE people, but it also just got so much better that nobody views patch notes cause the game is so immersive." -war/ plunge (rip)/etc 
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  11. Avocados added a topic in General   

    Wtf seriously daum!? You can't just add buffs like this to an already broken class. Ninjas can now moisten their tear ducts at a superior rate to other classes and this allows them to see more frames per second than any other class IN THE GAME.
    When will they figure this shit out?
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  12. Avocados added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    obviously you don't play the game if you think people will get only 100-200m from this and 20 days makes up for what 7-8 months of loyalty? Also how much free boss armor? Lol
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  13. Avocados added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    yeah ive seen multiple instances of gms or CMS saying they either wont merge servers or won't merge all items.
    not a bad idea. Better than the current one. Still a bit broken but better 
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  14. Avocados added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    Yay a mega thread so all our feedback will be lumped together and ignored as per usual
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  15. Avocados added a post in a topic Think of this as a megaserver, not a server merge   

    "think of it as a potato, not a potahto"
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