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  1. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Cannot get beyond "Now processing” after latest patch   

    Nah it's a something new that is implemented , called channel swap rng . Seems you pulled the short straw on that one
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  2. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Ranger is officially the worst class in the game   

    Hoe durf je 'lul' zeggen !
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  3. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Ranger is officially the worst class in the game   

    If you don't have 220ap the class IS bad
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  4. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Extreme lag since 2 days   

    Recently i have this prob in mass pvp action . So bad i gaveup doing pvp at the moment. (Desync-Stuttering-Etc.................).Running on high end PC + 1Gbit Fiber connection (non shared)
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  5. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Weakest Class in BDO   

    All these different answers only gives one conclusion ............all classes are equal .............(sarcasm)
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  6. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Weakest Class in BDO   

    People who say tamer is weak don't know alot i think . If we do nodewars one of our tamers is always on top of kills and least times died , and no he is not uber geared. He says he does arena alot and learned his class inside out.
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  7. Fumanchi added a post in a topic We all roll Cresent ring   

    Me and my son both got crescent ring
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  8. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Just some witch pvp   

    Also turn the gfx to black and white
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  9. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Lvl 60   

    Coze you only grinded the beetles in olvia
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  10. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Instanced 3 vs 3 pvp   

    Guild Wars 1 pvp ' Heroes Ascent' best pvp type i'v ever seen.........................3 teams king of the hill style ( 8 person teams) ..........winning team goes to the next round till you go to the final map where the 'holding team' in the center map has to fight 3 other contestants. Best fun i ever had in pvp.
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  11. Fumanchi added a post in a topic DO IT NOW TET YOUR GEAR!   

  12. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Random Disconnects   

    I have the same prob ,and noticed most of the time it is when i ride form town to town. -> random DC
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  13. Fumanchi added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I hope Trump builds a wall around their US server . So much toxicity there..................................
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  14. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Cheat Software Developers sued for 10million   

    They are still free to script for other games . They are only banned for RIOT games ..................
    But it is a good start to get this scum out of our games
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  15. Fumanchi added a post in a topic Lost Grunil Gloves ;o   

    2 weeks ago i lost my Tree habitat armour after the weekly update . Made several tickets and never got any reply , beside the usual  ' we look into it'.
    Frustrating ...........................gg thx and no my value pack didn't end ................
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