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  1. Prototypemind added a post in a topic The Philosophy of BDO   

    Nope, doesn't offend my sensibilities. Just sucks that a game with so much potential is left to be middling because it's focused on grind rather than enjoyment. As massive is the world is already and as much more as there is to come it's really hard to convince me that the devs couldn't handle content a better way for PvE, PvP, and life skill focused players. If there were a car that looked amazing but that you had to get out and push uphill I wouldn't be wrong for pointing out that it's a flaw that's keeping it from being as enjoyable as it could be. You're free to enjoy the game as is, and I'm free to criticize it where I see fit and offer praise in the same way.
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  2. Prototypemind added a post in a topic The Philosophy of BDO   

    When you play another game where the RNG is even harsher and try to point out the simple fact that RNG in this game sucks and it does nothing for most to make the experience better and just get white knighted to no end all hope is lost. Games where the advantage goes to players who leave their computers on while they're out over players who seek to advance by doing content and actually playing aren't games, they're simulators. Players rail about these auto-play browser games that call themselves MMOs yet pay to participate in another and call its system wonderful.
    Grind for the sake of grind is poor design, as is gear-destroying RNG. I reached max tier on my weapon and am close on several other character's weapons on my main game. It was fun to do, but I still can't help but think it absolutely sucks for those who have put in the same amount of time I have or more and will never, ever reach the pinnacle simply because of RNG. It's utterly silly. A game is supposed to be a way of enjoying free time, not something that requires the same effort as part-time employment to succeed. BDO's philosophy is the same as that of other Eastern grinders: get players hooked with flashiness, get them to invest time and money, then get them to keep doing it.
    It's interesting that so many players go for the sunk cost fallacy rather than seeing a game as it is. The outcome isn't much different for people or businesses, though, in terms of dealing with unnecessary pain by not knowing when to cut one's losses. I also can't understand the drive to give so much energy to a system that requires PvE grind when the game is supposed to be PvP-centric. Poor balance and that kind of forced work to stay relevant don't exactly scream player-friendly PvP.
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  3. Prototypemind added a post in a topic The Philosophy of BDO   

    Yep, here I am keeping up with what's going on in the game. I frequent a few different MMO forums, and I'm hoping that one day BDO will change for the better, but it doesn't seem that's going to happen. If you think I'm giving my time or money to this RNG factory though? Nah.
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  4. Prototypemind added a post in a topic The Philosophy of BDO   

    You have got to be kidding. The best way to progress in this game is to leave your computer on and let the in game systems mint money for you, by which you can then buy the items you need from players who have cried themselves to sleep over the RNG that it took them to get the gear to sell in the first place. Who has what is zero indication of exhaustive effort or skill. What you're claiming is akin to saying that a lottery is a game where you get what you put in, and it shows what kind of person you are; a game of willpower. Not even.
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  5. Prototypemind added a post in a topic Toxic Chat   

    Not 100% sure why there's so much apathy in a lot of these games as well. Players see the direction the game is headed, shrug, and let it go to crap. I guess part of it is that because of the nature of this game and games like Blade & Soul where for the most part all you need is your guild to get by there's almost nothing but incentive to only be concerned with your core group and no one else.  BDO & BnS are probably the most hateful communities I've come across and again, seems that it stems from the game design and from there really being very few consequences for making things as vile as possible for others. In both games players are forced to compete for the same mobs/mission areas/grind spots and then forced to face off in faction/guild battles and PvP for the best rewards.
    You're right that it can't all be controlled, but it's interesting that so many player's answer to toxicity is to tell everyone it's here to stay and just let it go on.
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  6. Prototypemind added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I just can't understand players in games with this kind of RNG who tell everyone that their best bet is simply to buy what they want from other players; if everyone did that and no one messed with the RNG, then there would never be anything to buy. That really just speaks to how dumb these types of enhancement/enchant designs are, when someone is going to to have to bang his or herself into the wall again and again and again to ever advance or help others to. Maybe some day Devs will get that most people don't think that pain /= fun.
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  7. Prototypemind added a post in a topic First time getting trolled so hard. (✿◡‿◡)   

    Kind of funny TBH. At least he didn't empty out the coffers or anything before leaving, happens in other games.
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  8. Prototypemind added a post in a topic Is BDO the prettiest game ever made?   

    Honestly what's shown in that vid is cool, but I really don't think most players are worried about all that. Having something with the graphic quality of even PS4 games or pretty good PC games would be fine, so long as it could render those things in real time even with a mass of players on screen. All those extra details will be wonderful to see one day in MMOs, but for now pretty and playable is the name of the game. I don't think that if you polled MMO peeps they'd say that seeing pores and sweat is at the top of their list for level of graphical fidelity, on top of which players with 10 fan, water-cooled rigs are not the norm and aren't going to keep you in business =p
    UR4 and Lumberyard level graphics that work would function smoothly even in more congested areas would be grand.
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  9. Prototypemind added a post in a topic Is BDO the prettiest game ever made?   

    Bless has the potential to surpass it from what I've seen, but I'm waiting on the combat revamp before I delve into it too much. There are a lot of things done really well with BDO graphically, and with some cleanup it could be even better. It's pretty well done overall, that's hard to deny, though the combat clutter takes away from a lot of that.
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  10. Prototypemind added a post in a topic [NODE WARS] HYPPPE watch this kr wrect   

    What do you mean? If he were playing here he would do the same: buy the max number of outfits to sell every week until he's a billionaire. He doesn't care, he just wants the best gear in an easymode fashion. Honestly if I were some rich kid with nothing better to do and it's nothing but throw away money to me, why would I care how I got the gear? Clearly by that admittedly awesome cackle, his joie de vivre when it comes to games is watching other people's dreams get shattered, and he gets that anytime he wants buy cash shopping it up. Whales could do the same here and some may be on the way to it, they just haven't gotten there yet.
    Even if someone just afks to riches, the fact still remains that gear > skill, which is why I don't understand the overgeared players in NA/EU thinking that they're gods when they're killing less decked out others in the game. I think like his laughter, the fact that anyone takes PvP seriously in BDO is quite hilarious.
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  11. Prototypemind added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I don't understand what's 'satisfying' about getting lucky. When you achieve simply because of RNG, it feels like relief that it's one less thing to deal with, but I never feel like I've accomplished anything. Worse still, if you work and work and work, continuing to put energy in to try and gear your character and you literally watch days or weeks of work destroyed, you feel demoralized. I mean, that's the key word to me: work is exactly what these 'games' become instead of something fun. If you're an outlier and get lucky again and again and again you ride high on a wave of unearned euphoria and even that can get old. If you're on the other end of the spectrum and you fail and fail and fail you feel like you've done nothing but grind and waste time for no return. I can't see there being ongoing, sustainable excitement for most in either situation.
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  12. Prototypemind added a post in a topic New hope for BDO engine ?   

    I'd never really looked into Star Citizen's Engine. Something that well-developed with support from Amazon as a whole and already tied into AWS? Yes please! I'm not sure how it will handle massive, massive player meetups/battles, but it seems to deal with large scale, player-effected maps pretty well from what I've seen. That's pretty sexy.
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  13. Prototypemind added a post in a topic After nearly one year, has the community stabilized?. How's the game doing?.   

    The new MMO meta: blame the players for not spending enough to fix the issues.

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  14. Prototypemind added a post in a topic Another Dark Steparu...errrm..i mean knight video   

    Indeed. Just sad to limit a game with so much potential to endless grind and forced PvP. Very much hampering whom it's going to appeal to and what players can do to mix things up. If I want to do something where I have to walk around wondering if I'm going to get attacked or killed just for hanging out I'll go play real life.
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  15. Prototypemind added a post in a topic Another Dark Steparu...errrm..i mean knight video   

    The design of the character is great. Love the attacks and movement, but the vids just remind me of the main problem for me with the game: killing mechanical bulls, killing a bunch of soldiers, yadda, yadda, yadda. Such amazing combat and a great engine wasted on grinding mobs. The Dark Knight certainly looks good doing it, though. Really wish the game had a real PvE side to itself, I'd love playing some of the classes in raids and dungeon crawls.
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