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  1. CaelumH added a post in a topic New Korean Pearl Shop Costumes for May (Conqueror Re-skin)   

    This I agree. Some might like it but its not my taste. Would had been nice with leg coverage though.
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  2. CaelumH added a post in a topic Why are there suddenly so many kzarka kriegsmesser in MP?   

    Because DK wasnt as op as they'd hope. 
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  3. CaelumH added a post in a topic Lacari stream   

    I don't get it
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  4. CaelumH added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    This event was a lied. No one win. Server went lived 2 hours early so its only fair that no one win, right?
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  5. CaelumH added a post in a topic So I hear DK has been nerfed on KR?   

    It's not a change, its a fix to one of her pre-awakening skill. The google translation is bad but what it mean is
    ● Fixed MP drain effect persisting upon reconnection after activating Vedir's Dogma.
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  6. CaelumH added a post in a topic [PvP] Very weak at 56?   

    What I meant is that most of her hard hitting skills has long cd. Im not saying that all other classes dont have cd and that they spam skills with no nullifies. 
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  7. CaelumH added a post in a topic So when do we get this? (PvE)   

    This is a new guild boss that was added recently. There are also a few video on YouTube that you can watch the whole fight. It hit pretty hard even with full tet gears and also have a few mechanic to deal with in order to damage the boss.
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  8. CaelumH added a post in a topic [PvP] Very weak at 56?   

    Dark Knight is a cd based class so you need to be at higher level to unlock the flows you need and the shorter cd on her skills. I say she get better in pvp starting at level 58.
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  9. CaelumH added a post in a topic Best class to win against DK ?   

    Watch some KR Dark Knight 1v1 video on YouTube and you will see how they are against other classes. As to who said that Dark Knight died as soon as they're caught but doesnt that apply to all classes? With enough ap and acc, one cc = dead. But, at the end it all come down to how well each player perform.
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  10. CaelumH added a post in a topic What would you take in this Gear combo DK   

    Take Saiyer. Oros isnt worth it. Tri Saiyer give you lots of accuracy, evasion and still give you a decent ap.
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  11. CaelumH added a post in a topic Is Striker going to be more OP than DK/Wiz/Witch?   

    Obviously, he will be op. P.A. cant just make the new class weak because then they wont make money. During the event the devs said that he will be highly defensive, evasive and excel in 1v1 so I think he will have lots of i frame, mobility and maybe tanky, too.
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  12. CaelumH added a post in a topic PSA; Bermuda Triangle in Al Halam Sea, near Ancado Harbour   

    So nice that the devs added the Bermuda Triangle into the game for more immersion. Ship turn into submarine, stuck and lost. Now we just need ufo in the game so cow and npc/player can be abducted.
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  13. CaelumH added a post in a topic New update?   

    Im not sure but it could be a bug. Also, you can flagged by pressing alt+c without clicking on the emblem.
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  14. CaelumH added a post in a topic New update?   

    Yea. In the picture you were flagging. Thats why they repeatedly killed you.
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  15. CaelumH added a post in a topic DK Dandelion Box   

    Awww yea. Cant wait to crack open that dandy chest as soon as awakening patch hit. Its gonna be glorious.
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