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  1. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Please bring back the red cavaro outfit for Tamers
    As per title.  It was my favourite and my new Tamer needs an outfit
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  2. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    I will explain why I think it would change - not necessarily ruin, but not necessarily improve the atmosphere of the game.
    First, let me say that I do not object to the idea of progression solely through PvP per se. I can see the argument for it and I agree there is a huge barrier preventing those who just want to level exclusively through PvP from getting started. 
    Second, I have had to assume from the OP's numerous posts that he would like a way to level entirely through PvP - therefore whatever system in place would include the possibility of avoiding all other aspects of the game and therefore there would be a way to level, gain money, gain gear, the means to upgrade that gear and awaken your character all through PvP.
    However, I am going to look at the knock-on effect, and why that would end up changing the whole atmosphere of the game. The key thrust of the argument being that BDO is a game where PvP and PvE are intrinsically linked.
    To experience this game to the full, one must partake in a bit of both.  At the moment, there are several threads asking for a PvE only server.  This is because, and think combat and world exploration, advance life skills and awakening here - I will explain in a moment - in order to "complete" the game (fully open the map, level to soft cap and beyond, awaken etc) you have to open yourself to PvP.  Yes, one can level to soft cap and get gear via money purely through life skilling.  BUT, you must limit yourself to level 50 (just below) in order to avoid all PvP entirely.  You therefore cannot explore the full potential of your class as you can forget awakening, you can't open all the areas of the map and the amount of the world you miss out on is growing evermore as they add expansions etc.  Yes, you might level past the "safe" zone and never run into a PvP incident, but that is very unlikely.  If you want to be sure you will miss any PvP, you are forced to stay at 50 and miss out on story, exploration and general in-game experience.  People have been ok with this as it being a part of the game - game is about PvP and fighting for grind spots, the argument goes.  If you don't want that, fine, but there are limitations that the game will place on you and you must be ok with those or leave.
    Now, their requests for PvE servers, or even a way just to be unflaggable on (not a good phrase but my English is slipping!) in normal servers, have been hotly refuted by others, claiming this would ruin the game.  PvE only servers or nothing, and good luck with over-contested grind spots, is the general argument.
    Now, apply this to PvP only arguments.  Again, let me stat I don't particularly mind the idea in general - no, you aren't directly impacting my gameplay, but those who will see where this is going will see why you are still impacting it on a more general scale.  PvP to bypass - not all grind, but the current existing grind in such form as it is in - would absolutely open the floodgates.  There is a heck of a lot more to do PvE than PvP in this game and the argument will be that if PvP'ers get to bypass all of it, why can PvE'ers bypass all PvP without limiting themselves.  I refer you again to the assumption I must make about the OP's request for there to be a way to progress completely entirely through PvP.  I also do think that it would leave some people feeling like their time would be de-valued.  I don't necessarily hold much patience for that argument, because games change all the time and new and easier ways for newcomers to level are constantly being added.  But it would happen.
    Easiest solution for all would then be separate servers.  Heck, let's just go back to three servers per world (NA/EU) - Orwen as PvE, Uno staying the same the way it is, and Edan as PvP.  BEST way, would be to implement systems that worked within the world as it is (as mentioned above - a way for people to turn off the ability for flagging and an arena system for structured PvP or something), but it WOULD change the atmosphere of the game.  You suddenly have three different factions, the devs can't cater to all of them, you have people obstructing grind spots that can't be killed, but still some who can, you have people totally ignoring 80% of the game's content but who can still level in their entirety (or they complain because they still need to do some PvE grind) etc, etc.  The game would be even more divisive than it is already and that would change things for the worse.
    Going the separate servers route, that would undo the premise for merging them in the first place.  Back to empty worlds, struggling marketplaces etc.  Again, it affects the atmosphere of the game. On the PvE and PvP only servers, the whole premise of the game as an open world, potential PK, node wars etc space to challenge, you get nothing of that, and that, let me remind you, is what the game was sold on.
    Anyway, tl:dr, I believe it would change the atmosphere of the game.  I also believe that if you are going to let PvP'ers have it all, you have to cater for PvE'ers to have it all.  That then removes the need to have any of the game the way it is currently and totally affect the way the game is played.
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  3. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic Value Pack   

    What the people who "don't want to spend real money on the game but want the value pack benefits" are forgetting about, is that they don't exist for free.  SOMEONE has to spend real money for you to get your free Marketplace item, but instead of being thankful that some people are literally paying for your profit, you say that it's not fair because it's hard to buy them exactly when you want them all the while conveniently forgetting that someone's had to shell out for your lack of willingness to pay for advantage.  Don't get me wrong, I've sat and tried to purchase items from the Marketplace a bunch of times, but if I want something badly enough, I'll buy it instead of whining someone else should buy it for me because "principles".  If your principles are so strong, you shouldn't use any item purchased via Cash Shop at all because you wouldn't want someone else to have to purchase it for real money either.
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  4. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Loyalty/Explorer Events/Rewards
    Don't get me wrong, I love a good loyalty event, but I kind of feel as though we've had an awful lot of them recently which has caused many to say that the markets are in disorder, people have too much money, it's too easy to have boss gear etc.
    I never thought I'd be one of those people.  But this new round of loyal player/new adventurer/returning explorer events has got me rolling my eyes a bit.  I'm not one of those people who has hours to play each day - I rarely get a couple at the weekend, and I don't have good gear, or even close to good gear or fully levelled characters.  So I do benefit from these events, but I'm just tired of them now.  It's overkill.
    I do, however, think the game has reached a point where new players (completely new, not just measured by how much play time they have on their server - I think you can tell that as I know someone who got new player rewards last time, didn't log in since and can't collect new player rewards this time) deserve some kind of catch up mechanism.  I think this reward is great and I would like to suggest that it remains in the game permanently for any new player - provided they truly are new and pass all checks on that front.
    However, I think we need a break from the returning or loyal player events - or at least a change to the rewards they offer and whether or not you need to log in for half an hour or not.  It makes no difference how long you log in for - just have it on log in, but have far fewer events.  I'd like to see the rewards changed to everyday useful items - it was good to see more blackstones in this event, for instance - and fewer items like boss gear.  I think it's fair to have a really big event maybe once a year with this sort of thing, but people are right that it does really cheapen the achievement when you've farmed for yours previously.  And it removes incentive for others to go out and farm - I know I haven't considered boss farming again since the last event, and now I won't need to farm ogres, either.
    Returning players probably should have some incentive to return, so I wouldn't mind that being permanent, but again, only available once per account so as to stop abuse of the system - though it seems as though you've fixed that anyway with this set of events?
    TL;DR: I would suggest making the new player rewards a permanent thing, with proper checks in place so that once an account has completed the event once, it is flagged as done and cannot repeat the event.  Keep returning players rewards, but change what they are.  Massively reduce the number of loyal player events, change the rewards to ones that don't reduce incentive to play or cheapen other people's gametime.
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  5. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 23rd   

    Well, can't buy anything anyway.  Waited all week to have time to play this weekend, and a bunch of people I know were going to buy the starter pack at 50% discount ... no payments can be processed.  All card payments fail and all Paypal attempts hit some processing error.  I've tried 4 different credit cards and Paypal numerous times over the last 5 hours.  Oh well.  Sorry, Kakao, I don't like to complain much, but you knew your website would see very heavy traffic, the least you could have done was prepare.
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  6. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Well, my apologies - I did not mean to call you an ass, simply to say that you risk sounding like one if you insult when it is not necessary.  But I infer from your response that this was not your intention, nor was it mine to imply I was actually calling you an ass.
    In response to further discussion on this particular topic:
    As far as anyone knew at the time the events took place, no server merge was imminent.  A lot of us who play on other servers did so simply because it is the way we play the game.  I do not play to get to 60 on all my characters, nor to be competitive or the best at PvP etc.  I play simply because I like the game.  I like making alts, I like playing with the character creator and I like running my alts through different "imagined" stories that I plot out for them over the course of levelling them.  For me, each new character is like starting afresh and allows me to have different goals and achievements in mind.  And I'm indecisive.  For a few weeks I played a bit on all servers because I couldn't decide which server I wanted to properly call "home".
    I didn't participate in all events on all servers, and I started playing not all that long ago, so had missed several events anyway.  I do not consider myself to have missed out because of this, nor does the idea of "catching up" really concern me.  BDO has far too many other elements that take up my time and interest.  The RNG involved in levelling up and progressing my gear just doesn't interest me.
    I did benefit from the "new adventurer" rewards on more than one server.  To me, without knowing about any looming server merge, I took the fact that these rewards were available per server to mean that it was completely intended at the time the event was planned and implemented.  Starting on a new server was essentially as if you were a new player because like any new player, you begin with nothing.  Similarly, to those that benefitted from the returning player rewards - on that server, you were considered a returning player because each server was distinct and in all technical aspects, you were returning.
    Now that a server merge has appeared pretty much out of the blue (player predictions aside), with hindsight, it seems as though poor planning was involved on the part of Kakao.  But again, as far as any of us knew, a server merge was many, many moons away - in fact, I was still hoping it may never happen as it seemed to me as though the population had picked up.
    Still, we need to take everything as it was AT THE TIME.  And in that respect, no one exploited.  Sure, some people hedged a bet, but no one had certain information.  We don't know when Kakao received the news, so we should probably give them the benefit of the doubt that AT THE TIME, they did not know a merge was in the works, and therefore implemented the events with every intention that these rewards remain distinct.  It is an issue now, but to me, it seems as though they are doing the best they can in a horrible situation.  I have a friend who started the game only last week, who is similarly unconcerned, has no plans to quickly create more alts on other servers and in general is not bothered by the news.  I don't think all new players consider this a big issue.  Some may, some don't.  Some will complain, some will leave and some won't care.
    As I mentioned before, I'm more sad that I will have to delete some very much loved characters.
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  7. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    To be fair, I'd pay for them at the screen.  They could offer me the option to split my servers into accounts for €10 like the new gift accounts cost, and I'd pay it to keep my stuff the same.  They'd then make a further €60 off me, how nice for them, and technically get 6 new accounts because I'd keep playing and probably spending on each.
    But it's by the by, I doubt it's an option.
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  8. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Well, there's no need to be so rude about it.  That just makes you seem like an ass.
    And it wasn't my idea, it was just an alternative option some people came up with to see if there was a way to keep the rewards separate but not have people who did play on more than one server lose anything. If you read my earlier post you'll see that I pretty much say they won't do it.  So there's no need to just come in here and be sarcastic like that to someone you don't even know.
    Forums would be a nicer place if people were just a bit more civil straight off the bat.
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  9. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    *HUGS* It's gonna be a sad day for sure.  A small part of me really thought it wouldn't happen - or at least not for a much longer time than it has been.
    I would give up the rewards to be able to have 18 base free character slots, I think.  But that's not really going to happen.
    Best case scenario, they implement some sort of option at launch where you can choose to split off your servers into separate accounts (and create those accounts then and there with all your info from each individual server carried over) or collate your accounts, choosing to merge everything over into one account.  It won't happen, but it's nice to dream
    Failing that, I'm sure something can be worked out for a refund of sorts, though I doubt it will be for cash.
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  10. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic Game doesn't start   

    Good luck.
    I haven't yet started a full re-install because the first time I installed Black Desert (when it was new) it took all day, and it's a way bigger file now.  But I will do this in a few minutes if no one else has had the issue and managed to fix it.
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  11. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a topic in General   

    Game doesn't start
    Sorry to anyone that posted already with a similar issue - for some reason I can't find it in the search on the forum - keep getting error messages.
    Since the last patch (I assume, as I haven't been able to log in since Tuesday evening just before the patch and it's now the weekend), something has happened that means I cannot now start the game.  I double-click the icon on my desktop and nothing happens the majority of the time.  After about 5 tries, the launcher will sometimes pop up and let me login, then ... nothing.  Then I get a message to say Black Desert stopped working and needs to close.  Has anyone else solved a similar issue?  Otherwise, will submit a ticket.
    Thanks in advance!
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  12. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic Petition to split accounts for Server Merge   

    I like this option, and I have played on multiple servers.
    However, please excuse me for not signing the petition as I actually think that change.org site should be reserved for petitions for things like cleaner air, combating global warming, ending poverty, giving disadvantaged children education etc.  
    I did post here though, to express my support for this solution.
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  13. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Hmm, I don't know.  I'm personally gutted that there's a server merge.  I guess I knew deep down it might happen eventually, but I LIKE having different servers, and I LIKE having separate characters on all of them.  I've given each "world" a different theme, goal and story, and I enjoy the rewards on them but don't feel the need to have more.
    I personally didn't make characters on other servers in order to exploit anything.  I started because I am indecisive and an altoholic, two things that I need help with, clearly.  I ran out of space on my first server, but wasn't done experimenting, so I expanded onto another.  I didn't mind that there wasn't shared progress.  Would have been nice but it was also nice sometimes just starting afresh.
    Yes, it ended up that I got login rewards for a few events on more than one server, but I don't want these all merged.  Would it benefit me?  Maybe, strictly on paper.  But I actually would pick the new account route people have suggested here over that.  I want my acquired wealth on one server to stay with that server.  I want my Kunoichi on Alustin to be separate from my Kunoichi on Croxus to my Kunoichi on Uno, etc.  I play them as individual characters, I've got different skill combinations and profession training on each of them.  But I don't want or need 3 Kunoichis on one account, nor do I want to delete one with high cooking skill because I don't need a double, and nor do I want to delete any of them because I've spent real money on all of them kitting them out.  It is just a hassle to me.
    I don't care if I have 6 pieces of boss armor - I haven't got the resources to actually upgrade 6 pieces.  And I spent a lot of the rewards individually gearing different characters, only to find I could have just geared one on one server then swapped out their gear to an alt?  The total amount of monetary gain, even were I to sell everything doesn't even amount to billions really - I didn't catch every event and I am really unlucky in all RNG boxes.  Some guy rolled 20 golden backpacks from the Black Spirit board, huh?  Lucky.  I rolled one across 5 servers.
    Anyway, sorry to ramble.  I'd prefer no merge at all.  I choose not to play on certain servers and I choose to play on others for very particular reasons.  But it is what it is.  If given the choice, I would prefer to be given new accounts for each of my servers, even if that means having to juggle 5 accounts going forwards.  I would like to keep everything separate without losing anything.  The only issue with that is that I'd lose my family name on 4 accounts, which is sad but I would definitely get over that  But I doubt Kakao or PA would sanction the creation of multiple accounts suddenly.
    Anyway, here's one vote from someone who "gains" who would prefer things stay separate.  NO ONE loses that way.  Or, at least, loss is kept to a minimum.
    Did GM_Dew leave?  The option to tag doesn't appear anymore for me ...  I just wanted to thank Dew for being here and communicating.  It's a tough job, particularly when you aren't allowed to post anything opinionated and are limited with what you are allowed to say.  Thank you anyway, hope you see this.  And to the others, please do consider this - I know that ultimately, what you say goes, and I will continue to enjoy this beautiful game regardless, but I think there's a way to appease everyone here.
    P.S. My main gripe, if I have to really complain about the merge is that I think we should get 18 base free character slots.  I understand though, that this would make the use of alts and their energy benefits ridiculous, so 12 it is.  Sad, but there it is.  I shall have to delete some lovely characters.
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  14. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic November Attendance Rewards   

    I wouldn't like to have attendance rewards every month.  I already find it quite stressful feeling like I have to log on every day because I want a particular reward, even when I've got other (probably more important) things to do that evening after work, lol.
    However, what would be nice would be if the aspiring adventurer rewards was a permanent thing so all new players received them.  Would give them a nice boost towards catching up without overpowering anyone.  However, I just started from scratch on a new account "for the experience" and I in no way feel these rewards are necessary.
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  15. Pinkfoxxe7351 added a post in a topic Best European Server for new player GMT +2   

    English is generally the most spoken common language across all the servers (I have characters on all of them), so you should be all right.
    From my experience, I prefer the communities on Croxus and Alustin, which are lower population servers.  Jordine has a high population, but is more PvP orientated, so depends on whether you are PvE or PvP focused.  All of them are nice, however, and I doubt you'll struggle to find great people on any of them. 
    The bonus for Jordine would be a better marketplace and horse market than the other two, but again, depends on what you want.
    Enjoy the game
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