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  1. KissyKissy added a topic in Warrior   

    new Costume for Warrior
    Hey guys, I see a warrior wearing an arabic outfit on the frontpage(he's waving).
    I don't see it on the store page.
    Does anyone have any information about this costume? I would like to acquire it for roleplaying purposes.

    EDIT: I made a screenshot of the outfit from the homepage.

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  2. KissyKissy added a post in a topic Best place   

    Pirates main spot in a group. Just go there and ask for an invite. If they say no, change channel. Don't karmabomb.
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  3. KissyKissy added a topic in Classes   

    Wizard, Witch or Musa?(controller grinding)
    Hi folks, I enjoy grinding pirates during the late hours on my Warrior using an Xbox One controller. It works great for me aside from a few irritations. Switching from awakened to mainhand for mobility is very clunky, forward slashing while holding block is very difficult, etc. 
    My question to you guys is the following: Which class would be the easiest to grind with using a controller? 
    Currently I'm looking at the Musa or perhaps a Witch/Wizard. Anybody here have any experience controller grinding with these? Or could tell me why one would be better than the other?
    • 4 replies
  4. KissyKissy added a topic in Warrior   

    Serap's Necklace or Manos Diamond Necklace
    Hello my warrior-masterrace brothers,
    I'm currently using a duo scarla(7AP/7DP) necklace, and I've been looking into upgrading this next. I'm not really interested in grinding ogres all day and I'd prefer a cheaper alternative. The Serap's Neck and the Manos Diamond neck have caught my eye but they both have their own advantages and disadvantages.
    If they would both be on tri they would look like this.
    So the big difference between the two are 5 ap and 13 all resist at tri. I don't think the 50hp you get from the Serap's is really an important factor. At the moment I'm leaning towards the Manos Diamond Neck but I'm not that sure how much AP 13 all resistance is really worth. What would you guys pick?
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  5. KissyKissy added a post in a topic Daum, people seem to be voting with their feet.   

    No, it's actually just the one post you quoted and the two above that.
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  6. KissyKissy added a post in a topic Daum, people seem to be voting with their feet.   

    What? I think you skimmed over what I wrote and missed the reason why I'm using that phrase.
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  7. KissyKissy added a post in a topic Daum, people seem to be voting with their feet.   

    I don't consider casual a negative term I see it as simply a person that doesn't put a big emphasis on improving his character to be more competitive and has little interest in the harder pvp features of this game. They prefer the social aspect and just how pretty and vast the game looks.
    With "relevant" guild I mean a guild that is capable or has the potential of doing tier 3 nodewars/castle sieges and not fall apart in the first 10 minutes of the match.
    It seems I have triggered you, my apologies. Feel free to replace the word "casuals" with "cool people" if you so desire.
    I completely stand by this. People that are competitive tend to have a personality that makes them more upset when they are getting screwed over.  They will try to resist it much harder than the "cool people". They respect "themselves and their time" too much to stay in a game that was advertised as a competitive game(PvP) with no pay-to-win features which then all of the sudden goes P2W. 
    You see "uncool people" find pleasure in competition. In BDO that competition can be simplified as the combination of skill, teamwork and dedication. Sure, you can make the argument that skill isn't as important as the other 2 but that's a different discussion.  With this change a fourth aspect has come into the competition they enjoy so much. Your wallet. So now we have this
    The first 3 were things you could improve upon in-game. The one that was added this patch has nothing to do with in-game efficiency, "uncool people" consider this cheating. This is unacceptable for them. I can easily make the analogy that P2W=PED's.
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  8. KissyKissy added a post in a topic Daum, people seem to be voting with their feet.   

    I don't know what you're talking about. What does that show? That Futilez is still the nr 1 guild in terms of activity? Yeah I'm not arguing that. I lost my guild, many others have as well. For you casuals it's not that big of a deal but atleast try not to pretend the exodus of everybody with self respect and a true competitive mindset hasn't happened. I don't know of a single "relevant" guild that hasn't had big problems resulting from this change. 
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  9. KissyKissy added a post in a topic How do you warriors make your income?   

    There is a way to stack weight over the limit on carts, just google it.
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  10. KissyKissy added a post in a topic Daum, people seem to be voting with their feet.   

    Jordine lost the number 1 ranked guild after this patch. I know many other relevant guilds are having issues. Saying the population is around the same is just completely wrong.
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  11. KissyKissy added a post in a topic Skill Point Farm Areas?   

    What is in your opinion a good AP level for soloing sausans? I'm at 128 I'm not sure my clear speed will be good enough.
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