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  1. Cokefish added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    The blue gear for the ships has been broken for a MONTH!!!!!
    Problem in the cash shop "Immediately shut down all servers and hotfix it"
    Problem with an in game mechanic that doesn't affect the cash shop "who cares, they'll still give us their money, leave it broken for a couple mnths"
    Whoever is making decisions over @ Pearl Abyss should be fired. 
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  2. Cokefish added a post in a topic Confirmed Kuno and Ninja THE WEAKEST!!   

    Who cares, I think Kuno is fun to play
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  3. Cokefish added a post in a topic Guild history not updating   

    Try turning off Daylight Savings on your PC. This is a known issue that they have ignored for a yr now.
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  4. Cokefish added a post in a topic Cant see other peoples pets?   

    This is correct.
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  5. Cokefish added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    New Sailboat Gear Is A Scam!
    The new Blue gear for the sailboat is a total scam. Major amount of hours farming & Multi-Millions of silver for NOTHING. The new stats don't actually affect the boat. Got +5 Prow, +5 Armour Plating & +6 Cannons. The ship does / takes the exact same amount of Damage from sea monsters as it does without the blue gear. Total Scam. 
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  6. Cokefish added a post in a topic Whale Hunting needs a fix.   

    Pearl Abyss doesn't care about anything that doesn't affect the Cash Shop. This problem has existed since day 1 of the Hunting Skill. 
    Just look at the Fishing Bot that has Existed / been abused since Day 1 of Release, It's Advertised Daily in Global Chat, The Owners of the Bot profit with Real World Money & Still they do nothing......Why?......Because it doesn't Affect their Cash Shop Sales.
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  7. Cokefish added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Horse Won't Sprint
    As of yesterday my main T7 horse no longer will sprint.
    It will sprint for about 0.5 or a second then be back at normal non-sprint run speed.
    I am not overweight
    The horse is not overweight
    The saddle is 100% durability
    I have had this horse since T7's came out, this is the first time this has happened.
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  8. Cokefish added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Beauty Contest Winners!   

    Of all the winners, yours is the only good one. The rest are just plain.
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  9. Cokefish added a post in a topic STOP COMPLAINING!   

    Get Bent!
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  10. Cokefish added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    Hands down THE WORST anniversary event I have ever seen in any game EVER!
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  11. Cokefish added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   


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  12. Cokefish added a post in a topic Valentines Day Popularity Event - Winners   

    your top prize is now everyone knows your a pedo.
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  13. Cokefish added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Can't Un-Flag quests
    Like the title states. Now I have quests in the quest log that can't be un-flagged. Why am I being forced to have quests in my on-screen quest log?
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  14. Cokefish added a post in a topic two guys that came back to BDO cuz Peon vid   

    So basically the OP made this post to let everyone know that He & his friends are suck Pathetic, Weak Minded Sheeple that they need someone else to tell them what games to play or not to play...........smfh.
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