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  1. Pannick added a post in a topic How could Daum make a comeback in bdo's popularity   

    Thanks, Cristiano.  Your encouragement, along with that of two others, gives me hope that this game will be worth trying.  So I'll be quietly making an entrance.  
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  2. Pannick added a post in a topic Is this the right game for me?   

    Jase, I'm glad you took the time to post your thoughts.  Some of my concerns have been exactly yours, although I've only researched the game and haven't bought it.  XkiviX, thank you for a realistic answer to Jase's post.  This gives me a better perspective of the game's feel.  Having read through this forum I have gotten a pretty bad mental picture of this game.  But now I'm beginning to think it MIGHT be worth a try.  Or, there's Vindictus.  LOL
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  3. Pannick added a post in a topic How could Daum make a comeback in bdo's popularity   

    Well, there you have it.  I've been reading this forum for days now, trying to convince myself that BDO should be my next MMO.  But, damn.  Reading player experiences and frustrations here is just crazy.  And, as Talizar points out, you really have to dig to find any worthwhile documentation on actually playing the game.  As an outsider looking for a reason to buy and play BDO, I can tell you there is nothing enticing.  Network problems, class OP, equipment discouragements, guild drama, money issues, PvP issues, and on and on.  So I guess I'll join the ranks of those leaving this game, even though I never actually got into it!  Now where do I go?  Damn.
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  4. Pannick added a post in a topic Why isnt BDO working???   

    Ya know, I've been watching the BDO forum for a while now, trying to decide if I really wanna buy the game.  I gotta say that, based solely on forum posts, it is really difficult to talk myself into going for it.  Damn, this forum is full of complaints about EVERY aspect of MMO gaming in regards to this game.  Now, I'm NOT a noob to MMOs.  I've been at it forever, seems like.  And, I know that the forums are mostly a -----ing hub.  But, damn, can this game REALLY be as bad as it seems if you judge it by forum posts?  I was going to buy this game today, actually.  I came back to the forum just to look around once more before actually doing it.  And now with more and more complaining about everything from guild drama, game exploitation, bad connectivity, class OP, and just downright unfriendliness, I'm at a fence with a closed gate.  Do I do it, or not?  Are there no saving qualities for BDO and the people who inhabit it?
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  5. Pannick added a post in a topic Explorer's Package vs Traveler's Package   

    Isteria, thank you very much.  I greatly appreciate you taking the time to reply.  
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  6. Pannick added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Explorer's Package vs Traveler's Package
    Hi guys.  I'm about to buy the game.  Is the Explorer's Package worth the 20 bucks more than the Traveler's Package?  The Explorer's Package has these additions:
    2 more housing decor coupons
    2 more unknown dye boxes
    additional 4 inventory expansion
    1 more value package
    5 more Elion's blessing
    10 more bleach
    a Tier 3 horse
    a horse flute
    pet of choice
    Because I haven't been in the game yet, I'm not sure how to measure the worth of these extras.
    Thanks, everyone.  Hope to see some of you in game soon! 
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  7. Pannick added a post in a topic On the way in   

    Thanks, Hans 
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  8. Pannick added a topic in New Adventurers   

    On the way in
    Hi guys.  I've been away from MMOs for a while now and thought I'd get back in before summer is over.  I want a game that's new to me and looks good.  BDO looks like a good match for me.  So here's the question:  What class(es) are the most UNDER played?  I'm guessing that since the Ninja is new, there must be tons of them out there since everyone wants to try it out.  I don't know which server I'll be on, but I'll be a noob looking for some company after I get the basics down, anyway.  Any advice for a BDO noob would be greatly appreciated.  I'll be reading the wiki for a while and then I'll jump in.  You'll recognize me... I'll be the friendly guy that likes to have fun and make friends. 
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  9. Pannick added a post in a topic <SnoolBoys> [NA Orwen] PvX Guild   

    So did this guild last?  I'm looking at maybe getting into BDO in the next day or 2.  Sorta still on the fence, but will probably go for it.
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