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  1. Exitious1 added a post in a topic 60 Maehwa vs Valk.   

    (shift + LMB) pause for a slight moment (s + a/d)
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  2. Exitious1 added a post in a topic 60 Maehwa vs Valk.   

    you never want to use Any petal ability vs grab classes. The desync grabs are real and also they can take advantage of the collision to keep you in place and Insta grab. Always confirm c.c. with TE, Stigma, or RR first.
    Fun Fact: if Chase is off cd (iframe is ready ) you can immediately recover from a grab if you attempt to Chase right when they grab you.
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  3. Exitious1 added a post in a topic What crystals are you running for node wars   

    500 ap lol Op >.<
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  4. Exitious1 added a post in a topic Maehwa (Lethal Skills) PvP "Legends of the Arena" Part 2 @1440p   

    They drop guild during the week to go to their NW guild.
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  5. Exitious1 added a post in a topic Best elixir pvp   

    forgot the stamina elixir
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  6. Exitious1 added a post in a topic Vertex vs LotD node war   

    Your NW play is much better than your 1 on 1 lol jk good vid. This gives good perspective to new players how Maehwa role is in NW/Sieges. 
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  7. Exitious1 added a post in a topic Alchemy stone worth it on a geared Maehwa?   

    The more attack speed the better. Less vulnerability time. Less time to full combo. Less time spent per kill = more kills overall. Blue sharp is good alternative till you can afford the investment into a sharp yellow.
    I have a sturdy yellow myself and love the attack speed. 
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  8. Exitious1 added a post in a topic Best Maewha pvp guides   

    @SterlingArcher understand that the combos in Lethals vid are not all practical in node wars and sieges. They are good for 1 on 1 type fights. A good portion of them will leave you vulnerable in group fights. Any combo with Moonrise, sticky snowflake, and tip of the iceberg could result in getting interrupted it you don't pick your targets away from others or catch the group off guard.
    It's not to say the combos are bad. Its just the nature of the class and how we have to approach group fights.
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  9. Exitious1 added a post in a topic Say something positive about our awakening buff   

    Attack speed op for us. The quicker we are the more deadly we are. Full combo in 1.5 secs yes please. Btw use this before using 100% for the ult dmg. You will notice a speed increase in the casting animation. If you use 100% for the absorb you will replace the awakening speed buff. If you use 100% absorb and then awakening you will waste it. 100% absorb is superior and replaces awakening speed but not the other way around. Regardless of the duration left. Ive watched myself waste a awakening buff cuz 100% absorb was at 1 sec..
    Crit Rate op for us. TE is only 50% Nat Crit, Drill, December, NYE, Bloom is 100% nat crit.
    What doesnt have 100% crit.. Snowflake, Moonrise, Frost Pillar, Tip of the Iceberg, Moonlight dash, Cloud stab (this is op for pvp. no reduced dmg in pvp ),  oppresion, stigma, royal rage... we can MORE CERTAINTLY benefit from more crit. Ill take Moonrise crit buff, stigma crit buff and awakening any day. btw only Moonrise addon crit buff and awakening or stigma and awakening can stack at the same time. Stigma is superior and replaces moonrise addon buff.
    Melee accuracy +15% absoluatelyneeded..  in a meta where dp and evasion are a thing, the more accuracy the easier it is to hit your target. Most of our abilities have 3-5 hits so missing even 1 hit dramatically reduces our damage.
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  10. Exitious1 added a post in a topic fighting warriors is suffering   

    Actually its possible to beat warriors of similar gear and skill.
    A few things you need to know...
    - Equal gear means their stronger due to buffs from block and other abilities
    - We dont trade well with them, specifically our Super Armor abilities. Our Frontal Guards are very useful against them.
    - Grave Digger is difficult to avoid unless you created significant distance so Frontal guard abilities or block are a must to counter it. The slow alone is devastating. The skill has a range farther than its animation, so dont get caught by that. Test with a warrior to get an idea of the range.
    - Dont get them initate. They will solar flare insta grab you and then its gg. Keep moving. Make yourself the most difficult target to use solar flare on.
    - dont stay in front of them. BACK ATTACK is the name of the game here. Even if they are CC immune they take full 100% dmg from back
    - CC immunity after a 1 or 2 secs of block means they will get a lingering cc immunity block buff for roughly 2-3 secs afterwards. This is similar to our Petal Drill. Petal drill you are cc immune for 3 secs about as long as you dont move. The warrior however can move (op).
    - They can only grab from pre-awaken stance so they will need to switch to sword and board.
    - Missed grabs = .5 - 1 sec opportunity to counter attack
    So how do you fight them...
    - You need to get used to camera spins and utilize Petal drill and back attack stigma alot in this fight. At 60 with third add on that dot tick will apply pressure and negate pot heals a little.
    - Keep moving and dont stand in from of them. If you arent chasing you better have block up. Solar flare is fast and their pierce is ranged.
    - Learn how to bait their abilities and know their cds. Such as grave digger, slashing the dead and grab.
    - If grab is down initate and do as much dmg as you can with frontal guard abilities countering their attacks. 
    - #1 rule... DONT BE GREEDY. They are on the ground, they have 5% left but you just blew all ur combos.... back up and reposition for another engagement. I cant tell you how many fights i had so close and then get instantly murdered from a stand up grab into their combo.
    How do i fight them if they just turtle...
    - This style is a gear check tbh. So more ap will help you burst through their block. At 225 ap most warriors wont sit there and take my hits. This however is what you want.
    - by using the above strategy you can still bait their grab and other abilities to put them in a position to just tank the hits. thats when you can get through their guard.
    How do i fight warriors that move alot and dont tank my hits...
    - You can utilize the back attack strategy but very skilled warriors can reposition easily. This however is what you want. If they arent blocking much there is a likely hood that they will forget to block before engaging and they wont have their cc imunity up. Thats a window of opportunity to cc them using a counter back attack like stigma.
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  11. Exitious1 added a topic in Maehwa   

    Looking for a Maehwa Temp
    Can anyone make something close to this? The closest outfit is Charles Rene set im thinking.
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  12. Exitious1 added a post in a topic Sorc vs Maehwa O_O   

    Here's my question. Why you get caught so much by grim reaper? Use sleet step iframe to dodge it lol.
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  13. Exitious1 added a post in a topic Equilibrium 1v1 Finals: Maehwa vs Warrior ft. SwirvLive   

    i love when this happens. Cuz we depend on hit and run for poking for cc' on warrior. Just ruins it when this happens.
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  14. Exitious1 added a post in a topic My first Maehwa PvP Vid   

    Little tip for your fight with that zerker. You don't need to weapon swap anymore. Just use Forward Blind Thrust from awakening. W+C+Space at the same time.
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  15. Exitious1 added a post in a topic My first Maehwa PvP Vid   

    Nice vid. Teach me your editing skills! Lol
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