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  1. LokaiDraxmartis added a post in a topic 30$ for BDO is a hell of an awesome deal   

    The flip side of that arguement is that you are expecting people to pay you 30 bills for the game, and then fork over another what 500 bills to get all items to do anything at all? Idea behind making a market behind shop currency is so that EVERYONE has an equal chance at market items, rather then only the whales can do shit in game... i'm not above buying a costume i like, but when things like enhancement stones and such are sold on the market only... that's when i go " hmm so how does average player afford to do anything? " One way you allow whales to get to end faster, but give normal joes a chance, other way only the whales can do anything beyond basic play.
    Frankly i'm ok with whales getting to end faster, if it means everyone has a shot at getting to the end goal. If you are charging for a box are certain expectations...and one of those expectations is that i won't have to keep forking over cash every week to do basic tasks.... as it stands that's exactly what they expect...and well sorry but not gonna happen for a majority of players... aren't many who are gonna be willing to pay 30 for the box, then immediatly give you 100 more dollars for inventory slots, and other basic items... just not gonna fly in the states.
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  2. LokaiDraxmartis added a topic in Suggestions   

    Bionier NPC annoying repetively line....
    So i was doing convo with this npc and... she repeats this line ENDLESSLY
    " i heard humans call a beatiful lady a doe i never understood that ..."
    ok its fine if she says the line once... BUT CAN WE NOT HAVE IT REPEAT ENDLESSLY \
    i'm gonna go toss myself out a window now x,x
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  3. LokaiDraxmartis added a post in a topic 30$ for BDO is a hell of an awesome deal   

    EQ2: as far as i know that's still a sub based game, if you are referring to EQ2 no you are actually wrong, it WAS a 60 dollar game with a 15 dollar subscription fee, it however dropped the price on the box, and implemented a f2p model. It doesn't cost a dime to play now, just because you paid 60 bills for it when it FIRST came out, does not mean you can factor that into the price now. It's current model is free 2 play, meaning it costs you nothing to get into it. In fact those that bought the box were credited and given a sizeable amount of content for doing so. I won't comment on EQ1 i have zero experience with that title, but i'd wager its a similar system.
    SWTOR: again it has no box price, its free out of the gate now, and when it WAS p2p it had no cash shop at all, as a HUGE supporter of this title in its early days, and someone who RAILS against it now that its f2p (because locking UI elements behind a pay wall is unforgivable) i can tell you right now. That SWTOR has no box price at all, and no subscription fee thats mandatory. Yes it has a subscription OPTION but this effectively removes all barriers and makes the content available for the player with out an issue and even gives you a sizeable amount of item shop currency every month. So wrong again....
    Wildstar: again, this game is FREE 2 PLAY now, it had a box price at LAUNCH but doesn't have one now. They changed there model, and its a right fair model to. You get SO  much out of the gate in wildstar and things you buy are both reasonably priced, and last time i looked all of it was cosmetic based, so was no stats or power bought off the store.
    I dunno if you were just misinformed or factoring in price at launch, with the game itself because that's not entirely fair. Every title you mentioned was a subscription based game, launched as a subscription based title, that was eventually forced to go free  2 play. The difference between those titles and BDO is that they removed the barrier to entry, anyone can play and is no investment to get the game. The item shops are fair (even if i dont agree with all of them... fff--- Bioware why you so greedy!) because you arent paying them to play it, and so that is the source of there monetary gain.
    A better comparison would actually be GW2 or ESO which are both buy the box titles, with no subscription fee. I can't speak for ESO, as i've never played that title BUT as for GW2 last time i played that game. The item shop was full of cosmetics, and small boosters i don't recall any direct power being bought from the shop. Furthermore, item shop currency can be earned in game, i think from some quests and exchanged for gold( basically players buy it and put it up for auction and you exchange your gold for the currency) and the system is pretty fair all around, and i never felt like i was cheated in that game at all.
    As for BDO Because the costumes have stats attached to them, it is actually Pay to Win, what is Pay to Win? anytime you can DIRECTLY enhance your ability to fight THROUGH items shop items that does in fact make it a pay to win title. However that said, amount of benefit from those items is so small, i'd hardly call it unfair. But a 1% difference in power can be the difference between life and death for high end players, so people are warranted in the claim....
    The issue with BDO is and remains that its trying to pass off a f2p model with a buy 2 play game... item shop would actually be fine if they did 2 major things
    1: Make inventory buyable with in game currency no reason to lock it at this point behind a paywall
    2: Make item shop currency sellable via a special vender, effectively allowing you to place it on an auction house and exchange it for silver
    thats all they really need to do... this is pretty standard in most mmo's today... not even asking that much... i'd like to see costume prices dropped by about 50% as well but that's wishful thinking.
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  4. LokaiDraxmartis added a post in a topic 30$ for BDO is a hell of an awesome deal   

    The problem i have is that... in most other games, where you have to buy inventory slots, where you need to buy certain items from the shop is that those are FREE to play games. No cost to start playing, you can jump in and go and get a feel, so they EARN there money by making a good game, and then getting you to pay into it. The issue i have with BD is that it has a box price... so that means if its NOT a cosmetic item and i mean PURELY cosmetic... i should be able to get it in game in some way.
    Take GW2 for example, yea you can buy stuff in the shop and some of its nice, but i never found myself REQUIRED to buy anything from that shop. Incentive was there, and sometimes i felt compelled but never forced. Because 90% if not everything was offered was something in game could be earned anyway. BD is in this strange place where they WANT us to buy a box copy.... and yet... then are trying to shoe horn in a f2p market? yea that's not ok... if you want a buy 2 play game you gotta tailor it in that direction at this point i'd say... just needs to be a f2p game... then all issues i have sort of vanish because, you dont have any investment in the game to try it out.
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  5. LokaiDraxmartis added a post in a topic 30$ for BDO is a hell of an awesome deal   

    Because is no bullshit...that's why. Lemme explain something to you my friend, when a company offers a subscription you know 1 thing.... everything will ONLY be earned in game, and only in game. The moment you add micro transactions, you open up a flood gates... and BDO is no exception to this rule. Look at prices of a costume, look at cost of INVENTORY slots, look at all stuff you CAN'T get with the box price. The thing about BDO is that its 30 dollar buy to play game, that also tacks on a f2p market place on top of it... and while i think its not as bad as a pure f2p game like say perfect world, or swtor in its limitations. There are limitations none the less...
    on the flip side
    If i buy a game for 60 dollars, and it has 30 days free, and 15 dollar subscription fee say like FF14, i can rest easy knowing that i will never have content locked off from me because i don't wanna throw money at the developers. That my 15 bills each month insure that, i can with some time, effort and elbow grease get any and all items that are available in that game. That i will never hit a wall of " give us 30 dollars for a costume! " or " pay us for quality of life " items. Everything will be earned with my own efforts and not my wallet.
    So for all enjoyment i am having on BDO so far... i'd say its GREATEST flaw is its cash shop being ultra greedy... its effectively a buy 2 play game with a f2p cash shop and many of the same ideas and limitations... so uhh yea... i'd prefer a sub fee.
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  6. LokaiDraxmartis added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Conversation Question: Odd auto Failure?
    So i did my research, figured out how to win these, took note of special conditions of each match, and got all cards available for my area/npc annnnnnd still seems to fail about 50% of the time even when i meet all the conditions. Whats the deal is there some RNG deal going on? or is some stat i am missing/ not getting... also why is there a " fail " challenge? i swear those are impossible to succeed ...
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  7. LokaiDraxmartis added a post in a topic Energy regeneration. Offline/Online   

    I'd look to Archeage for a better example of the regen, basically in that game you regained energy by being in game faster then offline, BUT if you had a bed and depending on quality of the bed logging of IN that bed would BOOST your energy gained. That's best solution i can think of but yea... i feel like afking alot to regain energy is almost required... which is annoying.
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