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  1. Medra added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    I was referring to their overall decisionmaking, also yes Value Packs was the 1st strike, after that Pearl Shop Items in AH 2nd strike, then gifting available permanently 3rd strike. *shrugs* I guess there will be some more to fill the list.
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  2. Medra added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    Yeah... way to build up trust with their players/customers. But for the future we know not to give a sh't about any promises.
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  3. Medra added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    Fixed. Witch ult is utter garbage.
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  4. Medra added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    Sometimes I miss a downvote button. You calling him all sorts of names doesn't make you look very mature.
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  5. Medra added a post in a topic Sick and Tired of being sick and tired   

    Forums going crazy again huh?!
    Forums going crazy again huh?!
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  6. Medra added a post in a topic tri cadry guardian ring preorder   

    Must be old then. My preorder just worked with 3B.
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  7. Medra added a post in a topic why does witch do double damage again?   

    Tamer OP plz nerf.
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  8. Medra added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Just use a program that edits the registry to switch keys. It works for keys like "Alt" that can not be rebound to another key (inside the game) too. It's not a proper solution but may help you a little if it's just 1 key.
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  9. Medra added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    I guess he means silver price increase. Because compared to what you get per hour doing other things yes they are pretty cheap. Saying this as a consumer, who simply buys stuff from the AH, I'd be fine with double the price of costumes, pets, horse stuff and value packs.
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  10. Medra added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    14 eggs:
    3x cron stones (9 overall)
    2x some cheap black crystals
    1x hard shard
    1x sharp shard bundle (3 overall)
    2x bensho's necklace
    1x seal of the ancient guardian
    1x weapon core
    1x witch's earring
    1xblackstone armor (20 overall)
    1x ring of the crescent guardian
    Well nothing amazing, like these kzarka, nouver and dandy boxes.
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  11. Medra added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    Will the golden goose eggs be removed too?
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  12. Medra added a post in a topic killed while horse training   

    What? How? Inside save zones no skill works on other players.
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  13. Medra added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Why don't you just go red? The only thing you lose in PVP as a red player is exp and crystals. Ofc. you wouldn't be able to visit towns as an outlaw but that's the karma.
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  14. Medra added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    You know what, discussing things with you people that claim that they are OP leads nowhere. You have your opinion, I have my opinion (with reasons above in the thread) and that's how it is. And no, fighting a lot in the arena and saying that the class has weaknesses isn't the same as saying "I am bad", it's admitting that other classes are strong too. But anyway, peace out.
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  15. Medra added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    I can only repeat myself here. People that claim that Witche's are OP put them on the same level as Wizards. And Wiz's have only 1 thing that is arguably a tad too strong in mass pvp situations. That is their 100% ultimate which is a lot stronger than their 200% ultimate. I already said that you should look at other classes moves and what they do and you would see that each and every class has blocks and superarmor (yes, even a ranger has a short block), not to forget the animation cancels and invulnerability + super long combos witch Witche's can not do (except for freeze if it lands).
    But if you are not willing to learn about other classes strengths that'S not my problem. Simply coming here and claiming Witche's are OP is just lazy imo. play one against equally geared/skilled players in the arena and you'd change your opinion drastically. I wanna see how you fare against a warrior in perma superarmor, a Ninja that onecomboes you, a zerker that grabs you to death, a Musa that simply dodges all your spells etc.
    I've been playing my Witch for 8 months now since day one and have had a lot of matches in the arena to know that they are not OP in small scale pvp. Can't speak about large scale tho, since I don't have any nodewar experience. A good enemy will always give you trouble. In the end it's all about gear and knowledge about your own class and the enemy + good reactions ofc.
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  16. Medra added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    SA/Block on 4 out of 6 skills, not nearly as much mobility as other classes, 1 iframe on a 7-10 second cooldown, NO animation cancels at all in awakening form. Now compare that to other classes and their iframes, blocks, mobility, cancels. But you have your opinion formed already. You only came here to show your frustration.
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  17. Medra added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    Hm... weird. I understand the thing with Paralysis a bit tho, maybe it's to bring the skill in line with the wizard version. But if they wanted to bring everything up to par with Wizard they'd have to work on a lot of dmg modifiers, since he has more dmg on most other skills and a flow on his long range skill which is Water Sphere. I'm mostly fine with the witch how she is except for the shitty ult and the super close range + downhill problems of Fissure Wave.
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  18. Medra added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    Yes.. I just set the ingame language to english and now the numbers are alright... so it seems like it's just a translation error, phew. Case closed
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  19. Medra added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    I took this screen from the german BDO version and the english descriptions from bd database earlier today: http://imgur.com/a/Vg7he
    Not trolling. I'm seeing the same dmg numbers on equilibrium break and detonative flow on all skills, at least in the german version.
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  20. Medra added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    bd database still has the old values.
    Detonative Flow: Level 1: 764% dmg x5 hits, 10% accuracy // Level2: 821% dmg x5 hits, 20% accuracy // Level3: 878% dmg x5 hits, 30% accuracy.
    Equilibrium Break: Level 1: 583% dmg x9 hits , Level 2: 649% dmg x9 hits, Level 3: 714% dmg x9 hits, Level 4: 780% dmg x9 hits; 20% accuracy on all skill levels.
    Detonative Flow: 764% dmg x5 hits, 10% accuracy on all 3 skill levels.
    Equlibrium Break: 583% dmg x9 hits, 20% accuracy on all skill levels
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  21. Medra added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    Not anymore.
    Looks like Equilibrium Break got the same nerf as Detonative Flow. 583% (down from 780%) on all skill levels. This is a joke or?
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  22. Medra added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    It was 40% before the latest patch at least in the description, 100% sure. As for the detonative flow nerf.. ouch. It's really useless to skill that now. Other classes get additional damage on their spammable skill with each level up, we don't apparantly.
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  23. Medra added a post in a topic No beer on eu   

    What's with these kinds of statements "if you're not playing at max efficiency you're doing it wrong". Dude the game's supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Everyone should play how they want to play, not how they are "supposed" to by some kinda wannabe ideology.
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  24. Medra added a post in a topic Bug with latest patch? CoherentUI_Host.exe using extra 25% CPU now!   

    I wonder what takes so long to fix this problem... it's been months now. @PM_Jouska
    Can we get dev attention please?
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  25. Medra added a post in a topic Marketplace Notifications not working for items already stocked   

    How exactly is this relevant to his problem?
    On topic: I'm having the same problem since yesterday, no notice appearing on certain items when they are put into the marketplace (Red Coral Earring, Cadry Ring, to name a few).
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