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  1. KarateKid added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    hey everyone! I wont be logging on for a while, getting ready to go back to uni for my final year. I'll probably hop on once in a while. Just wanted to get the message across in advance!
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  2. KarateKid added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    It's dope! Love what you did with the pink on the horse. Matches your golden outfit.
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  3. KarateKid added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    So, today our guild had a nice adventure through the oceans to different unexplored islands! We hunted down a whale, caught fish, relics, and even found an abandoned castle with a gate that we could use to lock ourselves in for defense, kinda like a secret defense base. Pretty awesome. 
    Here are some screenshots from many that we took! Enjoy!

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  4. KarateKid added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    Bern's recommendation of dyeing your armour using Keplanian soft yellow is the best. It truly looks like gold (or at least is the closest thing to it). 
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  5. KarateKid added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    Just finished dyeing my warrior all golden (I could do gold/black with the black on the non armour areas but I currently like the full gold).

    I used Keplanian Soft Yellow to dye my armour per Bern's suggestion. It truly is the closest thing to gold.
    Take a look at my baby Max! <3

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  6. KarateKid added a topic in New Adventurers   

    I am in love with this game
    Hey, just wanted to say that everyone in this game is friendly and helpful. I am in love with this gqame. It's so addictive and I absolutely love the quests, especially the one where you have to climb a tower and investigate the dragon statue. 
    IDK this game is like, everything I wanted.
    Thank you BDO developers and I wish you successful years to come!
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  7. KarateKid added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    Hey Tel! I just wanted to let you know you made the right and perfect choice of joining this guild! We're all super friendly and funny.
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  8. KarateKid added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    Hey Sixth! I'm glad you're apart of the guild.  We can go on adventures together now  
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  9. KarateKid added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    As a new guild member, I just wanted to say that this guild is beyond amazing. Truly, everyone in this guild has exceeded my expectations for a friendly, funny and knowledgeable community. And I have pretty high expectations (as you would see from my thread looking for a guild).
    I really enjoy getting on discord and chatting with everyone. Everyone is fun to hang around with. Very good mixture of players (males/females, Canadians/Americans, etc...) and everyone has their own niche personality, which is nice. Also, everyone knows how to have a good time and laugh. You become highly motivated to help the guild because the atmosphere is inclusive and vibrant. As a beginner who is learning the basics, the game can be overwhelming at times but this is where this guild truly shines in that they help you on the spot. I seriously cannot stress this enough, guild chat is always active, irrespective of the time and there is always someone on who will respond back to your "hey how's everyone doing?" or "hey mates, I dont know why I cant find XYZ? ". Everyone just jumps in and wants to help you out.
    Hah, just realized, this looks like a legit review. I guess it is!
    To make it complete there has to be a rating at the end right?
    Well, I give GoldenLegion an 11/10. Now I need to log back on the game to grind out my levels! Adios amigos!

    P.S: Join this guild, seriously, you won't regret it one bit.
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  10. KarateKid added a post in a topic New Player, looking to meet friends   

    Hi Remma! I have a level 13 warrior now on Orwen
    I found a very friendly guild that have taken me in, GoldenLegion. I definitely want to keep in touch with you. My family name is Elmankabady and my character's name is Backslashmax (level 13 warrior).
    Hope to see you in game and meet you  
    Taking a break atm for now, but ill probably be on later tonight or tomorrow morning
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  11. KarateKid added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    hey Naito! ty for the welcome!
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  12. KarateKid added a post in a topic Almost done downloading game, any PvE servers recommended?   

    Thanks everyone for your recommendations! Especially Cenkala and Clawgore. I found a guild though on Orwen that I really like (GoldenLegion) so I decided to make my character on that server. Everyone on Orwen is friendly too
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  13. KarateKid added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    Hey Hearty, likewise! My family name is Elmankabady and my character name is backslashmax.
    I pm'd Burning the details already as well :). Im still in the tutorial doing the quests :)
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  14. KarateKid added a post in a topic Any PvE guilds recruiting newcomers to BDO?   

    Hi BurningBern, I am definitely interested after having looked at your guild's thread. I posted in the thread as well.
    Currently going to start the process of creating my character!
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  15. KarateKid added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    I really like the idea to unify guild members through colours (gold in this case). Also, the ability to express yourself as well while wearing golden armour is something nice to add. I was only made aware of this guild because your guild leader posted in my thread looking for PvE oriented guilds. I was hesitant at first, but after taking the time to read through some comments it seems like a lot of players like you and that means you're a friendly guild.
    BDO just finished downloading and I am now at the first stages of creating my character (I will make sure to pick the same server as you guys), so it may be a while before I respond (i'm very picky about my character's looks), but for now, I am interested in joining.
    I also can download the voice software. I am quite shy though on voice chats so it may take a while for me to warm up to all of you and likewise it may take a while for you all to warm up to me. 
    Cheers everyone,
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