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  1. Crucifix added a post in a topic Exp scroll warning - Exp book incoming? Answer please!   

    Guys everything is okay! It will be easier to quit the game.
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  2. Crucifix added a post in a topic Greedy people   

    You haven't thought about that maybe they don't want to go negative karma but yet they want to get rid of you? And there's only a few ways to do it. You KS so bad that they don't get any loot and decide to leave or you annoy them enough to flag on you. 
    Secondly, nobody cares about you and your needs, there's no honor code or whatever. Everybody wants to profit themselves. It's a -----ing video game. 
    You don't have to be a colossal whining ----- on forums. Just use your brain next time.
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  3. Crucifix added a post in a topic Wish they wouldn't put 16-20 into game.   

    You should go play farmville or smth like that. 
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  4. Crucifix added a post in a topic Most unbalanced pvp ever?   

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  5. Crucifix added a post in a topic XignCode   

    Ban the OP. 100% cheat confirmed.
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  6. Crucifix added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    No. Why the hell would you encourage AFK? If you wanna progress - play the game.
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  7. Crucifix added a post in a topic lvl 55 Valk with with good gear , time for reroll it is depressing   

    Another whine thread of a guy who simply sucks.
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  8. Crucifix added a post in a topic FUtilez -[Do You Have What It Takes ?]   

    You almost forgot. http://s14.postimg.org/tlb3bz3td/Untitled.png
    But honestly... That ranking! I am proud of you guys. You ganked it real good!
    p.s. Let's keep stacking em screenshots.  
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  9. Crucifix added a post in a topic IF YOU PLAY MELEE, REROLL NOW!   

    If you are standing still and not doing anything of course you're going to die in a few seconds. Man truth is you're a stupid and butthurt guy that looks to put the blame and make excuses instead of realizing you're just a quitter.
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  10. Crucifix added a post in a topic lol this guy is crazy.   

    It's pretty clear this is normal speed. 
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  11. Crucifix added a post in a topic Is rolling warrior a big mistake?   

    Yes it's a mistake. Don't play it.
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  12. Crucifix added a post in a topic Berserker is broken FIX IT DAUM   

    I don't need vids. Don't have to prove anything to anyone. I am confident.
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  13. Crucifix added a post in a topic World Boss exploit.   

    You use the item thats available in the game and suddenly it's a cheat.
    You guys are -----ing pathetic whiners. I swear.
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  14. Crucifix added a post in a topic Berserker is broken FIX IT DAUM   

    Another Giant who sucks balls. 
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  15. Crucifix added a post in a topic Berserker is broken FIX IT DAUM   

    Giants are balanced and there are plenty of successful players. If you suck that's not a class problem. Reroll. 
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