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  1. Kritas added a post in a topic Is it possible to only buy gear?   

    I think you can buy gear up to a point. I'm outfitted in TET armor and weapons with DUO accessories (NOT boss gear) that I've purchased on the market. However, buying TET or even TRI boss gear is much more difficult as is buying TRI and TET accessories. If you're comfortable not maximizing your AP/DP, you can do well buying your gear. However, at some point, you'll probably want to get into enchanting. I've reached that point-there's nothing else to do with the money I make and I want to keep upgrading.
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  2. Kritas added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    Grinding bores me and I've explored the content. I AFK fish/cook/process, build up my nodes, and make silver. If I feel like actively playing, I do so. To me, end game should be more than grinding and enhancing gear. Node wars are fun, but that's only twice a week.
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  3. Kritas added a post in a topic Opposite proposition for PVP server (World of Red)   

    Cool Idea. I miss the old Zek servers from EQ. Few people had much of value because a PK'r could take an item from the corpse of the defeated player. We wore chain armor and we liked it....
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  4. Kritas added a post in a topic When was active trading killed?   

    Agreed. I just sell my fish and crates now. No more trade runs.
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  5. Kritas added a post in a topic When was active trading killed?   

    I leveled mine by trading from Heidel, through Glish, Keplan, to Trent, up to Calpheon, over to Epheria, back to Florin, Olvia, then Velia. I had a big node network so I could spread it out. However, due to the constraints described above, it took a lot of runs to hit Master 2.
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  6. Kritas added a post in a topic Cant see other peoples pets?   

    Take a look in settings, there's an option to turn other people's pets off.
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  7. Kritas added a post in a topic Connecting nodes   

    A lot of my Trent > Valencia route covers the seas so I can fish and sell at full price. I link Sausans to the ocean nodes.
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  8. Kritas added a post in a topic Horses and cart in town   

    They could eliminate the AFK activities and beef up the in-game output.
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  9. Kritas added a post in a topic Horses and cart in town   

    Good point. There's almost always a sailboat parked over the Velia nets now where we AFK fish. I guess some maroon always has to have the prime parking space.
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  10. Kritas added a post in a topic Horses and cart in town   

    That's another topic-why not allow processing directly from our containers so the warehouse manager isn't overrun.
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  11. Kritas added a post in a topic Horses and cart in town   

    Great idea. I'm royally sick of people parking their wagons on top of the trade manager and then going afk.
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  12. Kritas added a post in a topic Sent in a support ticket over a week ago   

    I just checked the date on mine.... March 3. But I've always gotten great service from the staff here. As was posted earlier, they are a bit overwhelmed right now.
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  13. Kritas added a post in a topic Bounty - 6000 Pearls for ChoNations Head   

    This could get interesting.... 
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  14. Kritas added a post in a topic Why Pirates/Sausan when you can Bashim?   

    That's already started. I had to kill a pair of them twice the other day at Bashims. They insisted on continuing to take mobs despite being asked to group.
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  15. Kritas added a post in a topic Is this game pay per month or one time purchase?   

    It's both.  
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