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  1. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

  2. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic (Maintenance Game) How Old Is Your Character   

    (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚

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  3. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic Doing Some Free Character Sketches {{CLOSED}}   

    Yuppi-chan your character in-game look cute so much! I love it! ^__^)/
    You are very talented! I love drawing you make so much!!
    If not it is to much a bother, here is in-game my character. I also provide in-game my character from different game Final Fantasy 14 Online. If you have time and feel like it, I look forward your art in of those!


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  4. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic Spirit quest - DIM magical items   

    3 pages full of weapons, offhands, even guard uniform/costumes!!!
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  5. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic [Level 50] While Preparing For Mediah....   

    Worked sankyuu!
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  6. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

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  7. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic Lara best npc for event!!   

    She get my vote!!!
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  8. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic Shudad Costume Poll   

    Trinket is most beautiful of entire set , give for tamer ^__^)/ \(^__^
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  9. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic Post Pics of your couples! Spring is in the air!   

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  10. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    Tanaka Hitomi free guest pass for use your free \(^__^)/ enjoy hope will you!
    My Guest Passes for North AmerikaCode          Status  EH5ONDI-R9QJMUR-OQ3BOTT-H2MM          Unused  5OKMLGO-IANNDD3-HJL5VKI-2VT2U          Unused  6MLIDUE-J0D79VD-ERU3JJ3-DQ3VU          Unused  DO5R1LG-AK1R2JQ-K97PE1E-N6K7D          Unused  8FIUGJP-IRPTJN5-DK2V7NV-N0BAV          Unused  DLBMNN1-AGA5BMA-M7SJPND-TN3EC          Unused  JUV29MK-2IVA5MO-MOFGHCB-9TF0F          Unused  B2LAG4H-HGODD49-FG5KQRD-GLRRF          Unused  OMRJFDL-PCBFPGG-PCA61CH-45EK3          Unused  R1HOBD5-983M9QQ-UNGE1KP-GC1CQ          Unused  
    Bonus for North Amerika:
    Code 1 : 04FC-500E-8A48-4FC6-B94FCode 2 : 4531-DBC3-FE08-4159-B07FCode 3 : 8123-B0E9-3635-44CD-83F7Code 4 : 190A-8E57-D905-49BC-8ACDCode 5 : 0704-9AF9-23CB-44C8-A540 

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  11. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

    I like lot and lot! Pretty hair, eyes!!! Naisu job ^__^
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  12. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic Are there classes you would play, if not for present aesthetic limitations?   

    Tamer agree!!
    最高の遊びとかわいい! ^___^/ 

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  13. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic Screenshot Manipulations/Edits   

    彼女はとてもかわいい ~nyaaaa \^--^)/
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  14. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic Lauren coin box issue   

    Changing timezones , for example -5 US EST only manage to give the button to turn in the coins again. When click on button npc lady does not take the coins and give box back sadly. Even if you restart computer, relog, swap kyarakuta.
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  15. Hitomi_Tamer added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 16th   

    YES PLEASE ^__^)#
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