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Tobius the Grand

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  1. Tobius the Grand added a post in a topic <Crimson Wing> |Uno server| 20+ Years | Multi-National | PvEverything | Multi-Gaming | VoIP   

    You sound like a great group of people. I just applied so we'll have to see where that leads.
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  2. Tobius the Grand added a post in a topic Cannot collect on a Node that is currently connected to two other Nodes   

     I don't want to remove the node. I just want to collect my resources from my worker.
    I hired my worker in Velia, so even if my worker is closer to Heidel it will always go to the city that the worker was hired in?
    Thanks for the info! 
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  3. Tobius the Grand added a topic in General   

    Cannot collect on a Node that is currently connected to two other Nodes
    When clicking on one of the nodes I've contributed to (Northern Heidel Quarry) it displays the message "Cannot collect on a Node that is currently connected to two other Nodes." in green text below the Node Manager's name. Upon inspecting my other nodes, they all have the same message.

    I have a worker working the mine, and it says I have received iron ore but my store in Heidel is empty. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to remove some connections, or add some?
    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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  4. Tobius the Grand added a post in a topic Potion spamming   

    In a game like Black Desert, where the world is immersive and has depth and character.
    I hate spamming potions. The act of doing so makes me immediately feel like I'm playing some cheap knock-off mmo.I think its a cheap money-sink lazy approach to balancing combat for weaker players.I absolutely hate getting potions as a reward from quests. I think removing all potion rewards from quests would not only save me 30 minutes a day but giving some meaningful trinket or small item would be more immersive.It doesn't make sense physically in a game that has moderate realism.Upgrading potions 2 at a time is the most tedious and pointless thing I've ever seen in a game.It makes difficult encounters markedly easier because you can just run around and spam potions to heal with no real threat.My vote would be to completely remove potions from the game, rely more heavily on a healing skills and force players to play smarter, not just dump money into potions to overcome obstacles.
    Note, healing skills don't just have to be a heal spell, they could be life steal mechanics or other flat HP gain skills.
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  5. Tobius the Grand added a topic in Suggestions   

    Housing Tutorial Needed
    I think the contribution point and housing system needs more explanation for new players because the system appears complex and is overwhelming for some people.
    After playing up to level 10 I reached Velia in which I was able to put contribution points into a house. I did one question that in order to get a storage box you had to invest in the town. After doing so I felt like there was supposed to be more information on how to use the different types of housing, or what I'm suppose to do with my house now that I have one. Yet I didn't get any information on it.
    It was frustrating as a player because I have this resource of contribution points I feel like I should be using, but I don't know what is the best way to use them given how I want to play the game.
    Granted, I may not have read the quests close enough, and I certainly can go look up information online, but I think the game should have a good quest / guide on how to use contribution points and suggestions for how best to use them given how you want to play the game.
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