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  1. Atron added a post in a topic Máx inventory slots nerfed :(   

    So basically what you are saying when your value pack expired it ate away your invenotry slots?
    Could be a bug ... report it via support ticket ... 
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  2. Atron added a post in a topic Did the Buff to DP get reversed?   

    Really what is trully amazing is the communication between us and Kakao ... not a single world in any thread unless its a cash shop problem.
    As i said it before ... hidden stats are in this game for a reason ... its not for preventing min-maxing or give some sence of exploration to gamers but to cater developers .... they simply can hide behind "Discover it your self" and do not need to reply to a single question.
    Also DP patch was reverted 100% ... because there is no numbers ... no proof that can be given ... no hot fix requred right?
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  3. Atron added a post in a topic Why are there suddenly so many kzarka kriegsmesser in MP?   

    Awesome ... see ya in june when striker will be released.
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  4. Atron added a post in a topic Dear GM's, fix the NA servers   

    HAH can you guys imagine if one cash shop item wouldn't work?  
    When server stability is in question ... not even a "fu_ck you from a gm".
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  5. Atron added a post in a topic I don't know what you guys did..   

    Rigghht ... you mean last patch broke something again .... FPS slide show on Karanda  few hours ago.
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  6. Atron added a post in a topic EU Market   

    Kakao is like: *meh* no mem frags in 2017 lul
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  7. Atron added a post in a topic Lets create petitions for kr publisher/devs.   

    The only thing that could potentially help is some big MMO news site making an article about PAs bad management ... Daum as a publisher, sh_it servers and so on.
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  8. Atron added a post in a topic No party Dungeons/Raid forever...?   

    Yeah they aren't adding and its awesome!  Go play wow if you want to raid.
    Yeah they aren't adding and its awesome!  Go play wow if you want to raid.
    Yeah they aren't adding and its awesome!  Go play wow if you want to raid.
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  9. Atron added a post in a topic DK Nerf INC?   

    Was already applied.
    What will eventually be a problem for DK is DP rework.
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  10. Atron added a post in a topic PvP Class for Skill-less player   

    Class for PVP noobs?  Witch / Wizzard / Warrior(?) maybe DK(you need some kiting skills)
    Anyhow you cant go wrong with wizzard. 
    Go full hybrid dp/evasion build after you hit 59 and you will be basically a god to 80% of BDO population.
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  11. Atron added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    You cant share a rotation once your party is full ... .you cant inv more than 5 ppl in it.
    And what will you do if one dude comes to grief you .-... whole party will eventually break.
    So why would a PVE grifer come to a spot and get away with it while I can only get punished for killing him.
    PS  can't wait to see rework on PVPing and karma ... CAN'T WAIT!
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  12. Atron added a post in a topic meanwhile in Kakoa HQ   

    Crap publisher is crap.
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  13. Atron added a post in a topic PSA/Bug:Hold Button on Patrigo   

    He is posting for us so we don't get fu_ked by rolling like last time.
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  14. Atron added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    My spot/My mobs / My rotation what ever there should be a consequence for some di_ck whos is getting killed x times in a row ... if not experiance loss then respawn timer
    from ZERO seconds to XX MINUTES depends how many times he has been killed.
    End of story.
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  15. Atron added a post in a topic Why does Valencia suck?   

    Why valencia sucks?
    Water/tea to survive debuff.
    No map ... freaking long travel from one point to another and you can easly get lost.
    You can't afk travel ... basically you cant go afk for more than few minutes becasue random desert debuff can kill you.
    Experiance sucks compared to other spots big time ... there is just not enough monsters.
    Drops from mobs are pure crap. Rare drops are freaking myth at this point, trash loot is to cheap, black stones are scares .... its just awful.
    Bottom line ... not worth it ... anyone who is leveling/grinding there do it becasue its not as crowded and contested as lets say pirates and prefer to grind in peace for a fraction of money/exp.
    Also no random grind parties .... you are basically solo there 24/7.
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  16. Atron added a post in a topic Tired of server problems?   

    Replacing servers? Ha you wish.
    Get used to this crap for another 2 years or quit now.
    There is not one firm outther (gaming) that will replace basically brand new servers after a year.
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  17. Atron added a post in a topic If there would be new server would you play?   

    Why would i start on new server? I mean i do not see any logic behind this idea.  Reinvest into perls ... then what grind same class to 61 and battle from scratch with RNG to gear him up?
    I think new servers are for people that fu_ck it up somewhere after game launch and have an idea in their head that now that they have the knowledge of the game they could be somehow relevant in game by playing on fresh servers.
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  18. Atron added a post in a topic Open up Marketplace / Player Driven Economy   

    Oh no.  I like it as it is.
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  19. Atron added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    Well i dont know how broken Striker is but this video clearly doesn't show it.
    Most of the people you killed are what ... people that just started playing ... zero knowledge in PvP and ZERO interest in fighting you.
    I can go with Kuno right now to sausans and kill bunch of awakening classes with ease in my short sword form and it won't show how broken class is.
    I suggest you stop making sh_it promo videos and do a proper one once Striker is released here with some people willing to PvP.
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  20. Atron added a post in a topic sp pay to win finally came, but its the players fault!   

    If you are crazzy enough to:
    1) Pay someone real money to post an item
    2) Set up preorder for like 6x item market value
    3) Item actually have to hit preorder and you have to have highest bid on it.
    So to recap ... you pay real money ... hoping not to get scammed, dude posts item ... you have preorder in 600 mil ++ and pray to RNG jesus that item will preorder ??
    If you are stupid enough to do somehing like that than sorry my friend i have some bad news for you.
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  21. Atron added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    I totally get that. I am also working 8h per day + having a family .... i just do not understand what are your expectatins from this game ... its an MMO, its Grindy like all other Korean games.
    Gaming is like any other hobby other there more you get involved with it the more taxing on time consumption it gets. Imo FPS games and other type of non progress style games are for you if you have limited time.
    Of course it is. I am proud of my gear and i worked hard for it ... its expected that it will cary me to some extend. You can be more skilled in this game than me in PVP ... but you are not granted. You can't be because i play more ... i have more experiance in PVP than you do and given same gear i will still out perform you because simply i play more i have more practise and so on. You could only beat me if you have same level of game play experiance and worst gear than me because RNG fu_cked you one to many times.
    Do not hide behind "gear carried" and think that you are somehow more skilled and you loose only because of gear.
    Yes level ... but you didnt have gear for PVP ... epics were scares .... world drop epics were heavy grind for weeks without drops. And those few raid bosses out ther dropped maybe 1 per week (lock outs) for 20 man raids?  Or even 40 man has same crap loot. The one posted on auction house were so expensive you need like 3 chinese gold suppliers if you wanted to P2W it with buying gold.
    What the hell are you talking about?  PVP is enabled from what lvl 50 and up? Why do you need to level to 60?  You think being level 60 is somewhat relevant ... you want to do node wars ... slide show lag fest where the one with wider AOE takes the kill?
    You ain't getting to siege guilds that i can guarantee you.
    And for 1v1 you have Sausans if you really want to PVP fun
    What you want basically is free pass to try out all classes at max level ... play around or a month and quit for the next FOTM MMO/game released. 
    Sorry mate aint gona happen.
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  22. Atron added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    So we are playing MMOs like so e-Arena type of a game or something.
    You want to log in on saturday evening ... to your toon make it 61 in 2 hours in TET gear and off PVPing i go?
    This is MMO you work for your level / gear and in the process you can PVP with plebs if you want. I dont understand where is the problem.
    Want some casual PVPing o sausans
    Oh sweet summe child ... i will assume you are what 17? You know wow is out for about 14 years now?  Do you know that wow had same kind of grind as BDO has ... not for levels but money / gear ... holly crap it was also brutal .... the tone it down during years of development so they could get as many casuals in their game as possible ... those 12 mil subs at peak game had.
    So? Game is beautiful and combat is best out there ... whats your point?
    You play actively what 2-3h per week?  The system works then .. casuals like that shouldn't have any BiS gear anyway.
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  23. Atron added a post in a topic Striker PvP   

    I have a korean account and did test it out ... its not my thing. Movement animations are copy-paste of Zerkers.
    Whole class should be agile, fast with fluid combat ... but it really is not. I got the feeling his gloves and iron boots are 1ton each and he struggles to move them.
    Anyway i really hope awakening will not dissapoint. What i am not looking for is a 3-4 button class like we have now with OP damage on every skill and call it a day.
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  24. Atron added a post in a topic How much have you spent?   

    yea ... most of the money went for weight increase/custumes and pets to t4 alone costed me at least 400€ ....
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  25. Atron added a post in a topic How much have you spent?   

    Yeah just checking my purchase history. It makes me sick.
    (thinking: what about electricity bill .... sh.it i am over 2.4k deep in this.)
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