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  1. Vulp added a post in a topic Patch Note Errors and Unannouced Items   

    Gonna try again, thanks guys!
    EDIT: Ye, is working  
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  2. Vulp added a post in a topic Patch Note Errors and Unannouced Items   

    I cant either, and we are not the only ones  
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  3. Vulp added a post in a topic BYE kakao company   

  4. Vulp added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance September 21st   

    They aren't just cosmetic, they also have better stats, some items without prime are pretty useless while prime version is top tier.
    Dont really know what the discussion is about, just wanted to point that. 
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  5. Vulp added a post in a topic Ded?   

    Damn now you made me think. Do i even know who i am? Is this reality, or is just a game?  (i was kidding btw, also if i ever attack you probably i gonna get killed )
    Teach me how to do the @ thing please!! senpai?   
    edit: **** you!!! i cant lol
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  6. Vulp added a post in a topic Can we get awakenings now?   

    Stay strong, my buddy 
    Also OP, no, you cant get em 
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  7. Vulp added a post in a topic Ded?   

    For me, it's this.
    @Caduryn Now that i know who you are, and we are both in Jordine, i'm gonna hunt you (just to get my butt kicked ofc). Just saying, be careful  
    EDIT: Damn, how can i do that thingy of mentioning someone with the @? 
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  8. Vulp added a post in a topic Are you a hypocrite?   

    Thanks to you too  I completely agree with you, you make a very solid point here. We all make mistakes, so let's hope that for the next polemic, we get a better response from the high places. Also, i hope we dont see those overreactions again, for many reasons, but it must really suck to waste away all your hard earned stuff, was not a cool thing to see.
    I want to give you one of those tiny likes, but i ran out of them  
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  9. Vulp added a post in a topic How long until Hardcaps get increased?   

    Wanna fight with me? I think you are ugly, and i can prove it  
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  10. Vulp added a post in a topic A Sad day for those hoping for a toxic player purge   

    I agree with you on some points. Is true that those "i told you so" threads arent helpful at all. I think we gotta help to clean the mess up a bit, we should be able to do it in a proper way tho. Also, there could've been a better communication or better way to do the things, my thought to be honest is that people were still kinda sensitive with the Value Pack topic, so the approach could've been made more carefully or communicative with us. Still, they said time ago this would happen; they also stated they would make it in a way so people cant abuse it.
    The negative impact was noticeable, and you could see it in many areas. The community has been pretty tense lately fighting each other a lot. There were some people keeping it real, but didnt look like the general rule to me (i'm glad that i could have some civilised discussion about this with some people tho). That by itself is a negative impact on the enjoyment we get playing the game. About the youtube channels, if you want my opinion, im sure there are some people taking advantage of the situation to catch up followers and views (that's more shadowy that what we saw here, but well some people seem to praise it), but also people expressing their worries about the matter. I didnt check them up tho. Also, i was not refering only to that. I could see some reddits, and other kind of forums, with huge discussions about this that were not precisely civil, while we didnt know yet what was going to be the outcome of it. About the newcomers... well, i dont know how many people is joining, but this surely drawed some of them back. Hope they take a look again and decide to join us tho  I also hope your friends enjoy the game so you can play with em here  
    Short thing: Im not saying they dont have any responsability about the management of this situation. I said it in other threads, some more light about this would have been pretty much appreciated and helpful. What i'm saying is that both them, and us, have a part of responsability on this. We could have acted better too.
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  11. Vulp added a post in a topic Are you a hypocrite?   

    Hmm they allowed the outcry. Yet, we were getting censored. Just saying, it's not personal with you Flood, i didnt see you stating that and you seem reasonable   I gotta tell you tho, they made an statement in which they said they would balance this marketplace thing so people couldnt abuse it. It happened time ago and you could see this argument with the screenshot in more than one discussion. Personally, i was sticking to that.
    About people destroying their gear... well. Dont you think it was an exaggerated reaction? I honestly do, even if i can understand the frustration. You can't really blame the company for that, we are talking about people with a brain in their head that have the ability to make decisions and are responsible of them. Feels bad for the guys, but is only their own fault. Also, i gotta say, being a customer doesnt make you right on everything, neither gives you the right to be babysitted. I have to deal with this kind of situations at my work, and honestly is not worth it, i just move on to those people who keep it civil and will allow me to make it a better experience either for them, and for me. Happy money  
    Sorry if i dont get your point at all, i just wanted to state that, im not attacking you by any means. Is also true that i've seen other companies communicating better (gotta add that those were older companies too). Some words from them wouldnt have hurted anyone, or at least, not that we know  
    Im out of likes but... well i guess you know what i wanna say lol
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  12. Vulp added a post in a topic Do you know what is the funny thing out of all of this?   

    Hahahaha dont worry, all is good!  
    Have fun man  
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  13. Vulp added a post in a topic Do you know what is the funny thing out of all of this?   

    Alright you dont like it, is good. I dont mind, is a silly thing. I think is just a mmo slang. I never saw anyone using that term outside of a game. Is like the term PK, you probably never saw anyone saying that a killer is a PK  
    Why do you think valk cries gonna come? I mean, is your thought or you have any proof? Genuine question  
    Yeah, is kinda tricky for some, but i agree with you on this 
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  14. Vulp added a post in a topic Do you know what is the funny thing out of all of this?   

    Nah, it's not 
    I just wanted to be helpful tho 
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  15. Vulp added a post in a topic Do you know what is the funny thing out of all of this?   

    It's a matter of tradition, good old slangs cant be lost.
    Basically 1k is a thousand (1kilo = 1000 gr), so 1kk is thousand times thousand = 1 million.
    There you go, hope i explained it well 
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