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  1. Draciele added a post in a topic Player Trades: The Elephant in the Room v3.0   

    At work and too tired to read through everything, so if I repeat something said already, I apologize. Now, some trading needs to be allowed. My guildmates wanted to do what we did in archeage: one person specializes in one area, and then all those mats get sent to 1 or 2 people for crafting. This would especially be important for crafting things like fishing boats. It takes a lot of mats, and I think guildmates should be allowed to work together to get these built. Its completely unnecessary to require every person who wants a boat to level things like gathering to this extent, and it ruins a lot of aspects of guild cooperation that many people enjoy.
    If gold spam is a problem, find out how ncsoft stopped spam in blade and soul.
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  2. Draciele added a topic in General   

    change channel switch timer please
    24 hrs is horrible if your guild has to get split up for any reason, and now that mediah channel is shut down, i cant play right now. this really needs to be fixed.
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  3. Draciele added a post in a topic FIX CHANNEL SHIFT   

    shrug i see a cooldown on my login screen that says 20h right now
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  4. Draciele added a post in a topic Leveling is impossible   

    dj...oi man really? its cause you are doing all the non-combat quests. quests dont give xp for the most part
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  5. Draciele added a post in a topic FIX CHANNEL SHIFT   

    you cant change channel because you can only change channel once in 24 hrs from what i can tell. so even if they open more channels, it wont help. please fix mediah cash shop
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  6. Draciele added a post in a topic Abolish the karma system.   

    Actually i am 50% disabled with PTSD through my time in the military but thats not really the topic at hand. I asked for constructive comments. my examples from AA were simply due to it being the last game with a similar type of gameplay that i have had extensive experience with.I know there is history between us in AA DJ, please don't bring it to the topic at hand, 
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  7. Draciele added a post in a topic Abolish the karma system.   

    from what i've personally read so far, I would agree that there needs to be a fine-tuning of the system for sure, but utter removal is an absolute terrible idea. in my experiences playing games with open world PvP, there absolutely needs to be a higher reward for doing it, BUT at the same time, there needs to be a throttle to help lower level/new players.
    For example, I played Archeage for quite a while. The biggest problem that happened after a while was that some people, for no reason at all, would go around the lvl 30+ zones that had pvp enabled and would constantly kill them. over and over. I actually at one point had to bail out a new player in my guild that had been nui shrine camped for over an hour and a half, and the only way i could protect him at that point was to camp his camper in HIS shrine. this was red vs green so no criminal points of course, which would equate to a no karma system. 
    Now, on the flip side of this argument, we have an example of this: My guild wanted to do world bosses and they were all controlled by a fellow green guild and they didn't let other people kill the world bosses. They had scouts on the spots 24/7 for the spawns and as soon as anyone was spotted there would be an all call and they would stop it. They attacked us to protect their world boss and were successful. With this kind of system in place there, they would basically have to let us take the boss because any attempt at protecting what they felt was theirs would wind up giving so many people massive karma losses that they would be ruined for weeks. 
    you cant have either of these extremes in place. Do remember that things like node wars are a part of this game. There is no reason to say people cant try to defend the best farming areas. It would prevent other guilds from getting stronger, thus being able to secure nodes for themselves. 
    I would say something like this should exist:
    1.make wagons lootable (this also limits the amount of time one person can stay farming some of the more lucrative places and open them up for others, at least for a short time since they cant fill up a wagon).
    2. Stiff punishment for those that kill people 5+ levels lower than them, reducing the punishment per level from there until a very small punishment for killing same level players. (at same level or higher, this would equate to around 100 kills before you go red)
    3. give more options than farming to increase karma. make it take time, but give those that arent exactly fans of hours of grinding a choice in how to reduce it (but for gods sake no positive karma pots on the pearl store)
    i had other ideas but im extremely tired from work....retail during xmas season and such...ill post again if i can remember later.
    Also, I want to hear feedback from you guys on my suggestions. are they good? would you change it at all? how? And please, keep this civil. No mud slinging is needed. We are all from different regions of the world with different upbringings, viewpoints, and ideals. Lets keep this friendly, on topic, and maybe we can come up with ideas to present before the game goes live that could bring in positive change.
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  8. Draciele added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character name: Dracele
    Family name: Draciele
    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/6LGW6Lt
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