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  1. Draciele added a topic in Suggestions   

    GvG scores needed
    We need a feature in the guild panel so we can check individual kill/death numbers for each guild war, a lot like the conquest results for node/siege wars. it would be nice to see how each person individually is doing, that way you can better determine the value of each person in your guild. while the conquest one is nice for that, some guilds are not currently doing node wars for various reasons, so the ability to check this would be great
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  2. Draciele added a post in a topic Returning After a One Year Break, for better or worse!   

    The game hasnt been out for a year....
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  3. Draciele added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 22th   

    no...that has nothing to do with disconnections... 
    when you disconnect from a game, it is because of an interruption in communication between your pc and the server that was not negotiable (lag spikes on the flip side is where there is a disconnection, but the pc is able to negotiate a quick connection with the server)
    When this happens, you disconnect from the server, meaning hitting the play button is not possible. you must re-log every time this happens to establish a new connection. The fact that you claim you used to be able to is a complete lie.
    the only thing affected here by having a lower end PC is that the load time from clicking play on the launcher to clicking in game can be significantly longer than some people.
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  4. Draciele added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 22th   

    ...you DO understand how disconnections work right?
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  5. Draciele added a post in a topic VERY VERY ANGRY!! Gpu max load ! Fans full speed ! Temp 93 !   

    While this could be an unfortunate circumstance, it seems to only affect specific people. I myself have never run into this issue, but IF this is indeed happening, i do have a suggestion for you.
    ......................dont send game to tray.
    while this isnt the "best" solution, it is what you have to work with until PA looks at this issue and fixes it.
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  6. Draciele added a topic in Valkyrie   

    1v1 vs warriors
    im officially at a loss. what in the blue blazing hell am i supposed to do to fight warriors? how do you beat a class that has front guard on almost every single skill and can swap faster to grab, has a larger range to grab, and a faster cooldown, not to mention their q super armor bug.
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  7. Draciele added a post in a topic <TROY> recruiting!   

    as many guilds before us, Otaku was the shell guild we used, nothing more. We are not that guild, we are TROY.
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  8. Draciele added a topic in US Guild   

    <TROY> recruiting!
    Hello everyone, this is Draciele from <TROY>, here to let you know that we are a PvP guild that is recruiting. currently our force consists of around 20 people, with an average level of 59 and a gearscore of 460, with a good portion at lvl 60 and over 470 gs. our main focus until we get more people is mainly T1 nodes, but we do aspire to move up to T2 and T3 nodes, and possibly sieges.
    If you are looking for a guild that you can hide in and grind PvE, this is NOT the guild for you. we usually maintain about 6-8 active wars between those that dec on us and those we dec on. If you want to join a guild and just coast along, this is NOT the guild for you. While we were lucky enough that our GM had an old shell guild, it needs a lot of work, so guild mission participation will be required, and we need people who are excited about building the guild up, instead of starting at the top.
    Some general requirements we have for the guild right now stands at:
    LVL 59 or higher
    AP/DP of 450 or higher
    A trial by combat to gauge ability will also be required
    NOTE: These are GENERAL guidelines. If you do not meet these numbers yet, but are still interested in what we have to offer, please come to us. If we can gauge that you have some skill, or are teachable, and have a drive to get to 59/450, we are always willing to make exceptions.
    If you are interested, you can contact myself, Ellsca, Shmiggles, or Swordsman for an interview.
    Also, we are currently using Discord for VOIP, so please have that installed. A mic isnt completely necessary, but STRONGLY encouraged.

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  9. Draciele added a post in a topic PSA: broken OP Warrior Bug   

    as a valk, i fully support the nerfing of all of this crap. we have nothing like this, which is assinine, being that we actually still have a shield and yet seem to have the worst block out of all the classes.
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  10. Draciele added a post in a topic Every Patch, game says files corrupted   

    there is a post in technical issues from a GM that suggests not trying to patch immediately when the patch is available. that being said, you dont actually re-download the entire game if it is corrupted, its just a file check
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  11. Draciele added a topic in General   

    A request for the CM and GM team
    I have a simple request that i think would make patch day a bit easier for some. Can you please start posting the patch notes say an hour or so before maintenance should be over? It would be nice to have some time before the game opens to be able to look through what is changing and make plans beforehand if it is needed, especially for the really large patches.
    just a thought, please consider this.
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  12. Draciele added a post in a topic error code 2001   

    i actually was able to run file check after restarting PC, and when you said this, it just occured to me that i had minimized the game when i went to sleep. good call on that.
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  13. Draciele added a topic in Technical Issues   

    error code 2001
    so file corrupted during patch, now during file check 2 seconds into initiating i get an error 2001 "an error occured while downloading the file"
    do i have to redownload the entire freakin game????
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  14. Draciele added a post in a topic Golden Chests   

    yeah i just got my toon back after 30 mins....
    I understand that you are unable to enter the game. I have done some investigation and this has been caused due to an error with the great desert of Valencia. I have already teleport you to Valencia City and saved you from the unspeakable torment of never being able to move. Make sure to avoid the desert for the time being and keep an eye out on our forums for any updates on when this is resolved.
    that was part of the ticket response.
    let me point out the "hilariousness" of 2 things:
    1. i have moved you to valencia
    2. make sure to avoid the desert.
    ......how do i leave...
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  15. Draciele added a post in a topic "Client will be terminated due to lack of memory" on desert area.   

    no kidding, especially since i cant access the one toon that has all my gear and can do something
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  16. Draciele added a post in a topic "Client will be terminated due to lack of memory" on desert area.   

    very serious, this isnt the only thread that this is being talked about in
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  17. Draciele added a post in a topic "Client will be terminated due to lack of memory" on desert area.   

    the reason this is happening is because you got too close to a golden treasure chest location in the desert. they are bugged to hell.
    PS this is happening to me as well.
    ticket Request #252641
     please move my toon to sand grain and let me continue playing!
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  18. Draciele added a topic in General   

    please fix the bdo patcher
    i just did a speedtest, getting a result of 23.68 Mbps, yet im downloading the game at .1 mb/sec right now. what the hell is going on? @CM_Praballon @CM_Aethon @CM_Serenity
    UPDATE: alright, i guess if anyone else is having this issue just keep trying to restart it...35th download restart is the charm i guess?
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  19. Draciele added a post in a topic Now that Nouver is out, which shield would you go for end game?   

    i got both kutum and nouver to tri. after quite a bit of testing, i found that i was using kutum for just about everything. the stronger block, better cc pen, and slight accuracy boost made it better than nouver, especially for pvp. pve, dp matters, and it makes soloing places like pila ku extremely easy compared to nouver.
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  20. Draciele added a post in a topic Consistently Getting Disconnected   

    This has been a common problem over the last 2 months, and it just keeps getting worse
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  21. Draciele added a post in a topic I'm rolling Valk!   

    full dp? When did I do that? I'm 204/251 or 190/271 depending on offhand and have zero accessories that are even hybrid. A while back I DID say that a full DP valk CAN be viable, you just have to switch focus from killing to support, which IS a viable playstyle for valk
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  22. Draciele added a post in a topic I'm rolling Valk!   

    Valk becomes VERY competitive once you hit lvl 600 and break that 200 ap barrier, even more once you hit 210. I was stuck at 184 ap on my valk at lvl 59 for a long time. Got frustrated, leveled my maehwa to 59, went back, and now that I'm back and over 200ap it is like night and day.
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  23. Draciele added a post in a topic Valkyrie Buffs on KR 12/29/2016 :D   

    axion will never be viable. It is trash.
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  24. Draciele added a post in a topic Every male conterpart is stronger than female in this game   

    Maehwa is strides stronger than musa. PvP with equal gear and equal skill, the maehwa will demolish the musa. The only place that musa is stronger is that it is very easy to connect skills and much more aoe than the maehwa, who requires precision and thus has a MUCH higher skillcap.
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  25. Draciele added a post in a topic Screen flickering / blinking = Eye cancer⁹⁰⁰⁰   

    There has been an option in game to turn it off ever since the game was released, most people just don't seem to want to look for it.
    Go to settings and game, under the section where you can do stuff like turning off hit typinfo, the is an option to disable this effect. 
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