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  1. Draciele added a post in a topic Snowflake after December   

    there is no bug. Snowflake is a down attack, and you are trying to do a down attack after a float. Enemies in the air don't get hit by down attacks. Just pause forhalf a second until they hit the ground, and then do your snowflake.
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  2. Draciele added a post in a topic Snowflake after December   

    Snowflake is an animation cancel for moonrise, so when you want to use moonrise, slap a snowflake in front of it.
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  3. Draciele added a post in a topic Fame System   

    korea doesnt have it yet, why on earth would we?
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  4. Draciele added a post in a topic <Depth> PvP Guild. Small Scale at Large Odds. Happy Hunting, Doodles! (Season 2 of Depth has Concluded. Watch for Season 3.)   

    merc pvp guild = guild that cant even fight its own battles.
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  5. Draciele added a post in a topic Black Desert Tools(Failstack Calculator) Has A Webapp Now! Also, Important Notice to Windows Store App Users   

    the methods given in these programs is terrible. i tried 4 different permutations and it all said use +14 to 17 stacks then do duo armor pieces to 44/54 stacks. this isnt even in the realm of how to properly obtain failstacks.
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  6. Draciele added a post in a topic 2.5gb patch hmm   

    considering margolia was announced to release before the end of quarter 4, which is in 3 weeks, one would assume it is a pre-load so expansion day isnt too huge of a download
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  7. Draciele added a post in a topic Pure AP earring VS Red Coral Earrings   

    while that is true, generally you will never catch your 100% exactly when you get to 100%, so if you get to 120% and pop it, now you have 20% less to wait until you can hit them again.
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  8. Draciele added a post in a topic Pure AP earring VS Red Coral Earrings   

    i would disagree and say use 2 tungrades for earrings. Maehwa 100% is one of the strongest in the game, it would be a shame if you didnt take advantage of more 100%'s.
    You can get accuracy in enough places that you shold really avoid red corals unless you are really hurting for it (go for tet tree spirit instead, for instance)
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  9. Draciele added a post in a topic +15 Green failtack nerf\bug\scam? WTF?   

    oh, but it IS completely random. If it wasnt random, people would be dull pen armor weapons and accessories, because someone by now would have figured it out. You are creating drama and trying to find patterns in something that just isn't there.
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  10. Draciele added a post in a topic -BAGGEDMILK- Looking for individuals that love to PVP!!   

    i love how you guys advertise as you do considering your guild leader constantly causes problems for your guild by flagging on every single person he sees at crescents, and then proceeds to try to shit talk in chat for 15 minutes.
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  11. Draciele added a post in a topic Quality of life complaints   

    one of the top 3 features for my entire guild when we decided to move from archeage and BnS to BDO was the no fast travel option. We loved the idea that people cant call on their guildmates for help and have them swarm the area 2 minutes later with the entire guild because they went through a portal. It very much is a very good quality that should not be changed.
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  12. Draciele added a post in a topic servers are dying??   

    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo please look into this, we have almost constant 2-3 second lag when trying to loot mobs or use items, and some mobs aren't even dropping loot now.
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  13. Draciele added a post in a topic Korean Patch Dec. 29   

    since it was asked
    Snowflower-sticky snowflake
    Sleet dash - whatever shift+a/d is
    Blink thrust - tenatious stab
    Blooming moonfire - petal bloom
    Frost fire - petal drill
    Not absolutely sure on petal drill and sleet dash but the others are sure
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  14. Draciele added a post in a topic Temporarily Disabled Items - market place   

    the market adjusts every 15 minutes based on prices of items. More than likely, weapon blackstones got more expensive, and as a result, the items enhanced by those stones automatically adjust for this.
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  15. Draciele added a post in a topic Seems too many complaints going unadressed   

    most of these situations are un-fixable. Like server desync...the game was made initially fo koreans. It wasnt desiged to be played in a region as masive as na/EU. Low frame issues ar a pc problem. If you want good graphics, you cant play on a 1000 dollar rig and expect good performance when there are 150 people around all using abilities.
    There are plenty of good grinding areas. Uninterrupted farming will always be more productive than having to fight for a spot. RNG is a problem, but you can't expect good gear to always hit the market. You have to either work on doing it yourslf at some point or accept lower tier stuff.
    Really the only good complaints are class balance (zerkers anyone?) And communication. Those need to be worked on, but it is hard to take those complaints seriously when people constantly complain about stuff that isn't really an issue.
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  16. Draciele added a post in a topic Idea about Enhanceing Changes (please submit your thoughts)   

    Hey guys look, I had posts edited and deleted by a forum moderator with no notification given again.
    But in all seriousness, the enhancement system is fine. It WOULD be nice to have slightly higher % chance since we aren't being allowed to have valks cry, but it still works.
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  17. Draciele added a post in a topic Idea about Enhanceing Changes (please submit your thoughts)   

    why do you keep asking people to stay on topic? cron stones are a part of enhancing, and changing their cost WOULD make the system much more forgiving. some people would argue the ridiculousness of your idea. Ideas for better enhancing, good or bad, are always good. it gets the creative juices flowing and the ideas going. 
    They ARE on topic, so make a valid argument AGAINST their idea
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  18. Draciele added a post in a topic Kutum > Nouver - GG   

    i would say nouver is better if you can catch your opponent off-guard to delete them. once they are aware of you and turn to fight, i would switch to kutum
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  19. Draciele added a post in a topic Kutum > Nouver - GG   

    i dont have 1 gear set, as i said, pure AP offhands ARE better for PvE (minus maybe hysteria and kamasilvia). but you are making it sound like nouver is the end all be all of offhands, and that is completely 100% wrong.
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  20. Draciele added a post in a topic Kutum > Nouver - GG   

    KR people are fanatical about min/maxing your gear. they have also had over a year longer to play this game and learn how the mechanics work, so yeah, i would listen to KR, they probably know wtf they are doing a lot more than you do
    also @jarvs make sure you look at the edited post of the one you quoted, as i left some stuff out
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  21. Draciele added a post in a topic Kutum > Nouver - GG   

    the easiest way to figure this out is watch KR streamers that PvP. almost every single one of them uses kutum in a pvp fight, because you need to break through enemy resistances and CC to win a fight. kutum also gives accuracy, and when everyone starts shifting to evasion builds, every point in accuracy is going to help
    i will say however, for pve, nouver is the better offhand.
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  22. Draciele added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 28th **Update**   

    you obviously knownothing about business. The 4th quarter ends the last full week of january.
    seriously? Korea JUST got this 2 weeks ago. It takes quite a bit longer than that to translate an entire new region, not to mention only abut 5% of the current game population is even geared enough to do kamasilvia region.
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  23. Draciele added a post in a topic What Maehwa build should i use?   

    to say you wont need it at 58 plus is extremely short sighted. say you are in pvp and someone gets a good cc chain off on you and you are at 200 hp. what do you do? with divider you can chase away, find a group of 6 mobs, and be at full hp in a few swings. turn around and re-engage
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  24. Draciele added a post in a topic In Holiday Spirit   

    *shrug* the siege critical won the castle there was iconic support and one other guild there so there was plenty of action
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  25. Draciele added a post in a topic What Maehwa build should i use?   

    Everything in your awakening tree, red moon, divider, blooming, chase, passives, meditate, blind thrust. That's pretty much it
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